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I posted the original of this article on October of 2020, before the election.  An update is required.

When the Constitutional Convention ended, so the story goes, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin:

Well Dr. Franklin, what kind of government have you given us?

He replied:

A Republic—if you can keep it.

I’ve long known Americans, in far too many places, aren’t getting much actual history in school.  When D/S/C indoctrinators are spending class time telling kids how racist they are and how evil their country is, from before its founding to today, I suppose there’s not much time left for actual history.  There is particularly little time left for the nature of governments.

But that didn’t mean the night [the vice presidential debate] was free of a political firestorm. And the biggest one may have been lit by Utah Sen. Mike Lee.

Following the debate, Lee tweeted:

The tweet caused more than a few people to raise their eyebrows.

Lee and his camp later explained democracy alone isn’t sufficient, which is why there are checks and balances in a democratic constitutional republic. But in the meantime, many on Twitter expressed outrage.

Like this:

Chris Peterson—surprise!—is a D/S/C candidate for Utah’s Governor:

The “Scroller Of Doom” is dooming himself:

Steve Schmidt worked for George W. Bush and John McCain.  He’s—surprise—a never Trumper.

Lee’s spokesman replied:

When…Conn Carroll, was asked if the senator could explain the thinking behind his tweet, he said: ‘At a time when Democrats want to pack the Court, eliminate the Electoral College, and turn the Senate into the House, it is very good that Americans are re-reading The Federalist Papers to rediscover why the founders put these specific republican checks on democratic passion into the Constitution.’

When it comes to the Federalist Papers, Carroll pointed to a quote from James Madison that says: ‘Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.’

It’s always depressing to see so little understanding among one’s fellow Americans of the bounty America provides.  No wonder racist D/S/Cs have so little difficulty stirring up potentially nation-destroying conflict.  So, briefly, gentle readers, let’s review.  By the way, I’m sure pretty most everyone reading this scruffy little blog knows what I’m about to say, but perhaps you might pass it, and the URL of this scruffy little blog, on to others in need of the information.

Mike Lee is entirely correct: America is not a democracy, though we have some characteristics of democracy, and every rational American should be eternally grateful the Founders were among the most brilliant men of any age, and instead gave us the republic about which Franklin spoke.  Now, about 14 months after Joe Biden took office, whether we can keep the republic is an open question.  Having failed to achieve absolute and permanent power with the Covid “crisis,” D/S/Cs are now hitting on the Ukraine “crisis,” and actively pushing for war with Russia to allow them to do with emergency powers what they cannot do with legitimate legislation.  And why not?  Because even many D/S/C Americans don’t want what they’re pushing.  The Covid hoax response did enormous damage.  They want to do more.

Alex Leo, Chris Peterson, Steve Schmidt, the “Scroller of Doom” and innumerable others are either entirely unaware America is not a democracy but a republic, and its absolute necessity, or are ignoring it for nefarious political purposes, like those illuminated by Richard Fernandez:

However, with an epic electoral slaughter of D/S/Cs in the offing for the mid term elections, many D/S/Cs are suddenly referring to America as a republic.  In other words, they’re speaking the truth to conceal their greater lies and malign intentions.

As the title of this brief article noted, the Founders well understood the essential flaw of “pure” democracy—one man, one vote: the tyranny of the majority.  In such a system, 50.1% can do anything they please, including deprive the minority of property, liberty even life.  It is an utterly chaotic system where as soon as one faction gains the majority—even by fraud—they can set about to punish, even destroy, their political enemies, and ensure they will forever keep the majority.  The narrowest majority rules, and there is no restraint on what they can and will do to the minority.

After the Obama years, and 14+ months of the mummified meat puppet, Americans can be certain, should D/S/Cs retain power, they’ll set about to damage America as much as possible.

A democracy might be logistically possible in a small town of several hundred souls, particularly if all are willing to avoid the tyranny of the majority regardless, but in a nation of well over 300 million it’s quite impossible.  Even in our fictional town of several hundred, great evil lurks in human nature and power, as ever, corrupts.  The Founders knew this, and they designed our republic to restrain, to the greatest degree possible, the dark side of human nature, the tyranny of the majority, which they knew would inevitably destroy individual liberty and property rights.

So we have a constitutional republic with three co-equal branches of government.  It has some characteristics/ideals of a democracy, but with additional protections of the unalienable rights of individuals and significant limitations on the powers of government.  It is the latter contemporary D/S/Cs hate with a burning rage.  Virtually everything they do increases governmental power and diminishes life for individual Americans.  The Federalist Papers and other writings of the time clearly forecast the dangers inherent in even the republican scheme, and we’re seeing them manifest before our eyes.

The Legislative branch has, for a long time, given up much of its power to the unaccountable administrative/deep state, a faction nowhere authorized in the Constitution.  The Deep State, in turn, not only makes what amounts to law, it enforces it against the minority—the political enemies of the party in power—often without the barest due process or judicial review.  Much of our political turmoil is due to this extra-constitutional, fourth branch of government, created and sustained by abdication of authority and duty by congressmen and senators.

Currently, should the Deep State succeed, Americans will face a future without the power necessary for modern life.  Biden’s handlers have manifested climate lunacy in every governmental bureau, even our military.  This is an unprecedented danger, and it is being done by executive fiat, because even our current feckless Congress—approval rating 21%–would not embrace it.

Barack Obama helped push our republic down the slippery slope.  He initially said he couldn’t do many unconstitutional things because they were unconstitutional, but then he found a pen and a phone, and mirable dictu! The unconstitutional became the law of the land.

The Constitution was written in large part to prevent the tyranny of the majority.  A political party might control the White House, House and Senate, but the Constitution prevents them from depriving the minority of its fundamental human/constitutional rights.  Americans may not be legitimately deprived of property, liberty or life without due process of law.  The majority may levy unwise taxes, and enact a variety of other measures that ought to be odious to free Americans, but they may not run roughshod over the rights enumerated in the Constitution.

D/S/Cs are doing exactly that, and want to do oh so much more.

Many don’t know many of the Founders did not want a Bill of Rights, fearing future politicians would claim enumerated rights were the only rights possessed by Americans.  Others prevailed, and the Constitution was passed and ratified on the condition the Bill of Rights would soon follow.

Another deadly threat is the D/S/C imperative to turn the Supreme Court into a super legislature beholden to D/S/C philosophy.  This is what all the talk about “maintaining the [political] balance of the court” is about.  There should be no political considerations whatever in court membership or rulings. A prospective justice’s race or gender should have no bearing on their selection. The Supreme Court is not a representative, legislative body.  It cannot “look like America.”  When D/S/Cs can’t get what they want through the legitimate legislative process, they want the Supreme Court to ignore the Constitution and legislate from the bench.  They want the justices of the Supreme Court to ignore the limitations placed on them by the Constitution, and misconstrue, or simply ignore the Constitution when it suits their political purposes.

This is why they want to pack the court.  This is why Gropin’ Joe Biden did not admit this intention until after he won.

This is also why D/S/Cs plot to abolish the Electoral College.  Without it, there would have been no America; the Constitution would not have been ratified.  That’s another bit of history about which so many are unaware. Without it, the President, and federal policy, would always be decided by the major population centers on the coasts, and all other Americans, the Deplorables, would be ignored, a minority to be abused, deprived and ruled at whim.

That is also why they want to abolish the filibuster in the Senate, turning it into a more exclusive House, ignoring the constitutional design: the tyranny of the majority.

Do you see the pattern, gentle readers?  D/S/Cs are intent on tearing down the foundational constitutional protections of our representative republic, the protections that have made America, above all other nations, strong, prosperous and free.

But why would they do that?  Don’t they know they benefit from those same protections?  They know.  They believe if they get their way, the laws that apply to the little people will never apply to them, and thus far, they’re right.  It was the execrable Harry Reid that abolished the Senate filibuster for judicial nominees.  Senator Mitch McConnell warned D/S/Cs they would regret it, and sooner than they imagined, and so they have, as by the end of his term, Donald Trump seated about 300 federal judges and three Supreme Court justices dedicated to our republic, and to making decisions based on the Constitution, not D/S/C policy.

The difference is this time, as Richard Fernandez observed, after Biden’s “victory,” they believe they are not going to be vulnerable to their own unconstitutional designs.  They are going to do away with anything and everyone that might ever stand against them.  Oh, Americans will still get to vote—it will be a democracy after all—they just won’t get to elect anyone but an approved D/S/C.  As D/S/Cs often say, it doesn’t matter who votes, but who counts the votes.

Constitutional order, law and order, equal justice for all, all of it will be swept away.  The greatest governance document ever written by man will be abolished, or merely given lip service and ignored.  Americans who knew they were abused under Barack Obama are learning a new definition of “abuse.”

Or governor of Texas…

The dim-witted Beto O’Rourke was right: they are never going to stop trying to disarm Americans.  Tyranny doesn’t work if the peasants are allowed to keep weapons—or speak freely.  Though running for governor in Texas, Beto claimed he didn’t want to seize guns, then he did.  Once in the D/S/C cult, there is no escape, only temporary, tactical sidesteps.

Ignorant and malicious people are upset Senator Lee told the truth, the facts rather than the D/S/C “truth” about the very nature of our republic.  They don’t want the facts to get in the way of their truth, the “truth” Joe Biden told us they embrace rather than facts.  After 14+ months of Joe Biden—actually, his handlers—Americans are more than ready to embrace historical truth about the nature of our Republic, while they can still afford gas to drive to the polls.  They’re ready, as they haven’t been for a very long time, to ensure they never have to live under the tyranny of the majority.  They’ve seen the trailer, and they’re not going to buy that movie, even in the WalMart dollar bin.