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Credit where credit is due.  The Biden Meat Puppet Administration has truly had a number of firsts.  We now have the first black, immigrant, really stupid Press Secretary.  We have a cabinet full of the most unqualified, genuinely stupid people one could imagine.  Our Transportation Secretary thinks roads are racist.  Our Secretary of the Interior epitomizes the phrase: deer in the headlights.  Our Federal bureaucracy has been weaponized as never before, and for the first time in history, conducted an unnecessary, unlawful and plainly stupid raid on a former president and likely future presidential candidate.  And now, in a national, prime-time address, an American president has called his political opposition, and every opposition voter, enemies of the state.  Yes, he didn’t use that specific term, but the implication was more than clear.  To be fair he sort of alluded some Republicans might be sort of acceptable just because  they’re not “MAGA Republicans”—Liz Cheney, for example, I’m sure–but it was only a weak and grudging allusion, more implied than explicit.

Why is this old guy so angry?

We must be accurate.  Joe Biden is president in name only.  He is a meat puppet, barely able to read a teleprompter, and then only when pumped full of stimulants and other drugs.  He was suffering from dementia during the campaign, and his condition continues to decline.  We’re not hearing his words, but the words of his handlers, the real rulers of America, whoever they might be. Everyone, even the socialist/communist component of the D/S/C Party knows it, but he serves their purposes, and until he does not, they’ll continue to prop him up.

I will not go quite as far as saying that on September 1, 2022, standing in front of the birthplace of liberty—Independence Hall—Biden’s handlers declared war on Normal Americans and on our republic.  Here’s a transcript.  However, with that bizarre, angry and ugly political speech billed as not at all a political speech, they have moved far closer to a second civil war than ever before.  To save time, I’ll refer to Biden as the source of his comments, but you, gentle readers, understand what I mean.

The speech began with two Marines flanking the doors to Independence Hall.  The doors slowly opened, revealing a floor to ceiling American flag—I was surprised it wasn’t a BLM/Antifa/Pride flag—and Biden and Jill Biden walked, slowly and haltingly, out.  Jill had to hold onto Joe’s hand.  I’ve no doubt he would have had no idea what to do if she hadn’t led him by the hand.  He lurched with his stiff, unbalanced gait, his face slack, devoid of expression, until they reached the podium, where he tried once again to shake the hand of someone who wasn’t there, and she exited, stage right.

Behind Biden, Independence Hall was lit with eerily blood red spotlights.  Stage left, the Marine Band played, and waited.  The Marine Band, the band once directed by composer and patriot John Philip Sousa.  Somewhere, Sousa is turning in his grave. The two Marines who initially appeared remained, at attention, flanking the doors.

As always, Biden was angry, and had trouble with consonants, and at several points, flubbed his lines.  He was initially hoarse and frequently coughed.  Side effects of the heavy medication?  Progressive dementia?  Both?

The speech was the kind of thing one hears when a campaign is floundering and a corrupt politician desperately needs to distract voters from his record.  It was full of outright lies, but mostly, it was standard D/S/C projection.  Virtually all of what Biden accused Normal Americans of doing, D/S/Cs have done, it’s D/S/C policy, or D/S/Cs want to do it.  I’ll provide several quotes, and comment.  Keep in mind I was furiously copying these as I watched, so I may have a word or two wrong, but they do, in every case, accurately reflect Biden’s words.

The MAGA Republicans are… destroying American democracy.  There are dangers around us. We cannot allow them to prevail… I want to say this plain and simple. There is no place for political violence. In America period. Not ever.

Biden never defined “MAGA Republicans,” except to link them to Donald Trump and all manner of evil.  Keep in mind when I say “Normal American,” I’m not referring exclusively to Republicans or Conservatives, but to all Americans who honor the Constitution and want to live under the rule of law.  I know of no Normal American who believes in political violence or supports it.  Biden is the “leader” of the party that not only supported more than 500 riots in American cities, but continues to support criminals, racists and anarchists of all stripes.

We can’t let the integrity of our elections to be undermined.

Yes, by requiring photo ID, keeping the dead from voting, cleaning up the voter roles, not allowing people to vote more than once, preventing ballot harvesting and unattended ballot boxes, allowing only American citizens to vote and strictly limiting mail-in voting.  All of that would be un-American.  Biden often argued Normal Americans won’t accept the result of elections.  He also used the D/S/C narrative “our democracy,” rather than referring to America correctly as a republic.  There’s a reason for that.  Go here to discover it. 

You can’t love your country only when you win.

Perhaps someone should tell Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams and a variety of other D/S/Cs about that?  Those three have never accepted their clean losses, and it is D/S/Cs who always scream foul when they lose elections.  Someone should also tell Michelle Obama who had no caring whatever for America until Barack was elected.  Perhaps the most obvious bit of unintentional irony came when Joe exhorted the crowd to crush Normal Americans:

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Irony 1: D/S/Cs want people to vote early, vote often, and particularly vote when they’re dead.  There’s something mysterious about death that causes people to vote exclusively D/S/C.

Irony 2:  D/S/Cs control the White House, the House and the Senate.  Who’s to blame for all the problems Joe decries?  Which is why this is particularly, bizarrely ironic:

Too much of what’s happening in America today is not normal.

Joe also bragged a bit:

America’s economy is faster, stronger than any advanced nation in the world.

Yet millions of Americans can’t afford gas, food, can’t find baby food, and can’t pay their electric bills.  They absolutely can’t afford to buy electric vehicles they can’t charge anyway.  How does that work again?

We can create a clean energy future and save the planet.

Ah!  Like Europe which went loony green two decades ago, are going to freeze this winter and are backpedaling to fossil fuels as fast as they can?  Or California, the state that mandated electric vehicles, then told people not to charge them, because there was no electricity?  That “clean energy future?”

Today Covid no longer controls our lives.

Sorry Joe.  That was never Covid, just another virus that will always be with us, thanks to the Chinese and Anthony Fauci who funded their illegal gain of function research.  That was you and other D/S/C totalitarians who destroyed people’s lives and wrecked the economy.  But of course you’re taking credit.

We’re going to end cancer as we know it.

This is The Party of Science speaking.  We’re nowhere close to doing that.  Perhaps Biden needs to chat with science itself, Fauci, before he retires?

We are the United State of America!

Joe shouted as he proclaimed at least half the population “white supremacists,” “insurrectionists,” and “MAGA Republicans.”  He was very specific:

Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are a threat to our democracy.

To their “democracy,” yes.  To a representative, constitutional republic, no.  Still, he couldn’t stop trying:

MAGA Republicans don’t respect the Constitution.  They do not believe in the rule of law.

And of course, they’re “election deniers.”  Odd.  I don’t recall Normal Americans trying to pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College, refuse to prosecute rioters, arsonists, murderers and all manner of other thugs.  Is that the “rule of law” about which Biden speaks?

They fan the flames of political violence.

See what I mean by projection?  The blood red lighting behind Biden was a nice, subliminal “political violence,” touch, though.  Still, I remember all those Normal Americans during the “summer of love,” looting, burning, beating, murdering…wait…

Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of this republic.

Which was pretty much his sole reference to the republic.

They spread fear and lies.

Talk about a lack of self-awareness. 

We can’t be pro-insurrectionist and pro-America.

Uh-huh.  One example, please, of any Normal American in a position of power or influence who is advocating insurrection?  What’s he’s referring to is Jan. 6, which was the only “insurrection” in history where none of the “insurrectionists” remembered to bring a gun, or actually seized power of any sort.  Of course, refusing to call Jan. 6 an insurrection worse than Pearl Harbor—was it over when Vladimir Putin bombed Pearl Harbor?—is also anti-American.  This was particularly good:

I give you my word as a Biden I’ve never been more optimistic about America’s future.

“My word as a Biden.”  Riiiight.  And that would be the future Trump and MAGA Republicans are destroying before our very eyes despite having no control of any of the levers of government?

Final Thoughts: Biden spoke in totalitarian language, on a totalitarian set, and used specifically totalitarian terms to declare Normal Americans enemies of the state.  Clearly, Biden’s handlers are trying to set up Normal Americans.  There’s a wise old aphorism that one has to know not to go too far when going too far.  Any bets on whether Biden’s handlers are that smart, or that sane?

It’s a not nearly clever enough set up.  Paint Normal Americans as insurrectionists, white supremacists, racists, election deniers, and any other dimwitted insult they can message, then step over the line and start acting, not just in word, but deed, as true totalitarians.  They’re actually trying to provoke violence.  When Normal Americans fight back to retain or restore the Constitution and the rule of law, scream: See!  We told you, and now we have to declare an emergency and arrest, even kill, them all, just to save “our democracy.  We don’t want to, but they made us!”  Biden’s speech was just another, more strident and disturbing, step in that set up.

It was also a very direct pandering to the Socialist/Communist faction of the D/S/C Party, the faction that rules the Party.  They have been complaining Biden isn’t nearly S/C enough.  This speech is an attempt to reassure his base.  Perhaps it will be enough to get them out there to vote early and often?  Or perhaps they’re going to demand blood?  All genuine revolutions need buckets and buckets of blood.

It’s also the establishment of a new narrative for the mid-terms.  D/S/Cs can’t run on crime, the economy, inflation, energy independence, what good things they did with their Covid response, national security, or anything else that really matters to Americans.  So now we have a new narrative, new messaging that all D/S/Cs are supposed to use to distract Americans, perhaps enough to mitigate a potential electoral blood bath.

But, gentle readers, above all, it’s really because they really do hate us—Normal Americans—and are afraid we’ll interfere with elections by actually running honest elections, and delaying or stopping the inevitable march of Socialist/Communist progress.

Biden, angry—always angry–confused and tired, ended his two minutes of hate for Normal Americans thus:

Jill returned and actually led him by the hand away from the podium.

On Thursday night, in front of the birthplace of liberty, we heard from America’s domestic enemies.  I fear, that after watching that, and other Biden utterances, our foreign enemies will ensure we hear from them, and soon.

In the meantime, Joe Biden demonstrated, once again, an odd definition of “unity.”

UPDATE, 09-02-22  1210 MT:  CNN altered the brightness and color of the “half the country are Nazis” set, making it a nice, light shade of magenta rather than blood red.  Apparently they’re not quite ready to go full communist, and settled for socialist–communist-lite–instead:

Here’s the actual, unfiltered imagery:

Here’s just one of innumerable responses to the most hateful and threatening speech ever given by an American Meat Puppet President:

‘Dark Brandon,’ flanked by Marines and backed by Hellish lighting, mumbled, shouted, and emoted his way through a Hitleresque scapegoating of large swaths of the population. And his call to arms has energized all the woke and virtuous defenders of democracy, who are now demanding a one-party system and the shunning of Republicans as lesser humans. Because, in the same way you sometimes have to destroy villages to save them, sometimes you have to become an unelected Administrative dictatorship to save democracy from the benighted and filthy MAGAts who so frustratingly vote incorrectly.

President Turnip’s speech — presented with the full backing of the Executive branch and its law enforcement and justice arms — was perhaps the most egregious speech ever given by a US president. It was more than simply divisive. It was tacit permission to treat those who don’t favor progressive governance as enemies of the State. It’s the summer of 2020 with presidential approval. It’s dangerous. It’s unconscionable.

It’s D/S/Cs, circa September, 2022.  They want permanent one-party rule, and they’re working up to it.  Oh, and I suspect the Marines ordered to be present are unhappy campers today.  I hope so, for all our sakes, anyway.