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Joe Biden is a doctrinaire, radical leftist only to the extent he has stumbled into such things in the past. While he has, over the years, embraced various racist, Marxist, anti-American principles and policies, such embrace was mostly a result of fleeting happenstance, riding the political winds of the moment rather than a to-the-bone deep philosophical certainty. Bernie Sanders he’s not–for the most part.

Of course, the Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party as a political entity has blown right past the “Democrat” part and mostly past the “Socialist” part—right into the “Communist” part, keeping in mind Communists are Socialists in a hurry. They share the same worldview, the same goal of domination, Communists are just not into the whole “long march” thing.   They prefer grinding their enemies beneath tank treads. It’s messier, but a lot quicker. With more than 100 million ground beneath those treads since the advent of Communism, humanity hasn’t yet cleaned up the mess. Socialists will slander you, put you on a no-fly list, send the FBI to spy on you, cancel you and put you in jail. Communists shoot you in the back of the head and bill your survivors for the cartridge. Messy but a lot quicker and less costly, which is important to frugal communists because their system just doesn’t work, economically speaking. Actually, it doesn’t work at all, except in producing untold human misery, degradation and death.

The eternal problem is not that “true communism” hasn’t been tried, but that it has, over and over again, and it always collapses in a hastily dug mass grave of bodies and blood. This sorry history does not disabuse true believers of the certainty they, unlike all before them, will, this time, get it right. They’re so much more intelligent and moral, real scientific communists in the Trofim Lysenko mold. Ignoring and rewriting history—a hallmark of “true communism” is helpful in this regard. See “the 1619 project.” 

Much electronic ink has been spilled speculating on who is actually running the country. His dementia is progressing so rapidly, even media outlets are beginning to snipe at him. No one sane, and/or outside the D/S/C Party, believes it’s Joe Biden, and certainly not Kamala Harris, who seems mostly to storm about her office, abusing her staff, and railing against the unfairness of Americans refusing to recognize and praise her greatness. It’s hard—being an unappreciated genius and yellow school bus cheerleader.

One must give Biden—actually his s/C handlers—credit. They’ve done an enormous amount of unconstitutional, anti-American damage, from inflation, revving up administrative state regulations, spying on law-abiding, innocent Americans, assiduously working to destroy the First and Second Amendments, defunding and hamstringing the police, throwing open our borders, helping China kill hundreds of thousands of Americans with Fentanyl, exalting criminals, making us the brokest nation in history, stirring up racial hatred not seen since the 1950s—actually probably worse than the racism that sparked the civil rights movement–destroying our military, funding our enemies and pissing on, and off, our allies, provoking WWIII and convincing our enemies they can win it, and the list never ends. All this in only two years. See what I mean about Socialists in a hurry?

Now, however, we have incontrovertible proof Joe Biden isn’t in charge. The s/C Party and its commissars and apparatchiks are. Rich Lowry at Jewish World Review explains:

It’s the most radical act President Joe Biden has undertaken that almost no one is talking about.

He issued an executive order last week to basically create a five-year plan for the implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion across a huge swath of government agencies.

In a push for so-called equity so shockingly far-reaching that, not so long ago, a woke diversity officer wouldn’t have attempted it at even the most progressive liberal-arts college, Biden is pushing to make the federal government a frank instrument of a racialized radicalism.

Joe Biden could never have dreamed up something this racist, this unabashedly Communist, this unconstitutional by himself, not even when he wasn’t senile. Sure, he’s always fumbled over the line of constitutional/unconstitutional, often on purpose, but this is so far into “C” territory, there’s barely a toe hold left in “s.”

Lest there be any mistake, Section 4 of the order is titled ‘Embedding Equity into Government-wide Processes.’ The administration’s policy, according to the mandate, is ‘to advance an ambitious, whole-of-government approach to racial equity and support for underserved communities.’

Equity, gentle readers, is nothing at all like equality. It demands unequal treatment of favored victim groups, and mandates equal outcomes, never equal opportunity. That’s right: do nothing, in fact, do damage, and you get the same things as those who obey the law, build our society and work hard. And yes, it’s blatantly unconstitutional, and it violates a variety of federal and state laws. Its obscene immorality is irrelevant to D/S/Cs. It’s a feature, not a bug.

It commands the heads of federal departments and agencies to establish Agency Equity Teams within 30 days. This edict runs all the way from the most prestigious and powerful departments, such as Treasury and Defense, to NASA and the National Science Foundation.

Biden does not actually call for five-year plans in his latest order — it’s more urgent than that.

They’re in a hurry, and suuuuure Joe Biden could have conceived and written something like this

Agency heads will have to submit an annual Equity Action Plan to a newly created White House Steering Committee on Equity, which, if we want to continue the Soviet analogy, will be the DEI equivalent of Gosplan.

It is to be led by the assistant to the president for domestic policy, who is none other than controversial former Barack Obama official Susan Rice.

Susan Rice
credit: zimblo.com

None other than the woman who blatantly lied to Americans about Benghazi, and was involved in all manner of other Obamite corruption.

Agency heads, by the way, are ordered to ‘prioritize and incorporate strategies to advance equity’ into ‘individual performance plans for senior executives.’

One wonders when anyone in the federal government will have the time to actually do their jobs? One also suspects that’s the point of the EO. It surely has nothing to do with making American’s lives better or preserving the Republic.

Indoctrination within the government will continue apace. The Agency Equity Teams ‘shall support continued equity training and equity leadership development for staff across all levels of the agency’s workforce.’

Lowry points out the executive order, like the old Soviet Constitution, blabs about treating everyone equally. And like the old Soviet Constitution, it’s all a lie:

It then goes on to list all the specific groups who deserve to be treated ‘equitably,’ beginning with ‘Black, Latino, Indigenous and Native American, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander persons and other persons of color.’

White people are noticeably absent from the list. Surely that’s a mere oversight?

Obviously, some of the departments and agencies involved are enormously powerful, and their workings shouldn’t be skewed by ideology. Is the Department of Justice, for instance, supposed to try to adjust the FBI’s arrests to achieve greater demographic balance?

Why not? They’re already doing just that. Schools are refusing to discipline favored victims groups, and education is so dumbed down and so rife with politico-sexual indoctrination, even reports that the students of entire big city schools can’t read or do math don’t faze D/S/Cs–feature, not bug.

This shouldn’t stand. Every Republican running for president should promise to tear up this ideological infrastructure root and branch on Day 1.

It’s bad enough the federal government is a blundering behemoth, but if Joe Biden gets his way, Leviathan is about to become thoroughly and determinedly woke.

Final Thoughts:

Yes, Republican presidential candidates should do just that, but they won’t. They’re determined to earn, every day in every way, the honorary title of: the stupid party.

D/S/Cs are doing everything they can to ensure they never again lose power, but just in case, they’re doing things like this. They fully expect honest, professional civil servants to become disgusted and leave, allowing them to fill their slots with true believers. They’ll continue to warp our republic, turning it into “our democracy,” so that in the unlikely event a Republican in the Trump mode becomes president, even if they don’t have Trumpian personality quirks and are determined to really drain the swamp, they’ll find every agency of the government filled with Marxists who will resist him, and the Constitution, overtly and stealthily.

This executive order—like so many others–surely violates the separation of powers, but they’re counting on running out the clock on Biden’s term before the Supreme Court can possibly overturn even part of it. And with enough true believers in place everywhere in the government, it doesn’t matter what the Supreme Court or Congress says or does. They don’t even have to openly refuse to obey court orders. They just need to subvert any attempt to undo the damage they’ve done.

Who knows?  Supreme Court justices that follow the law just might meet with “accidents,” or the Court might get packed, and hurrying to Communist utopia gets a lot easier and faster, at least on the surface.

If they get their way, they’re going to do a great deal more damage in the next two years.  If they get another four, they’ll do it until there is nothing left of America.