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This well describes the mid terms of 2022:

Pennsylvania voters reelected a Democratic state representative who died last month, the latest anomaly in a state that has been under the national political spotlight since voting to put Donald Trump in the White House in the 2016 race.

‘While we’re incredibly saddened by the loss of Representative Tony DeLuca, we are proud to see the voters to continue to show their confidence in him and his commitment to Democratic values by re-electing him posthumously. A special election will follow soon,’ Pennsylvania House Democrats said in a tweet.

The dead always vote for live D/S/C candidates.  Pennsylvania is just ahead of the curve in returning the favor.

Imagine, gentle readers, you’re an excellent Republican candidate.  Not someone famous for being famous, but a solid citizen, smart, competent, perhaps a business owner/creator, a truly accomplished, decent human being, a person who has provided jobs for hundreds, a veteran, a person who contributes millions in taxes to your community and state.  You’re beyond concerned about the state of America and you want to serve, maybe even help restore obedience to the Constitution.  Before you take your place at the starting line of the campaign, you’re already a mile behind, particularly in blue states.  The media, with the exception of a cable channel or two and some blogs, will be solidly against you, to the tune of 15% or so of the vote.  Social media is solidly against you.  Out of state D/S/C donors will provided tens of millions to outspend you ten or more to one.  The educational system will ensure the young are almost entirely against you, and the state’s election machinery is a wholly owned subsidiary of the D/S/C Party and will maintain at least a 2% margin of fraud.  The entire federal government is organized against you and refuses to explain just how.  Your opponent is either brain damaged by a stroke, suffering from dementia, or a barking mad communist.  Are you sure you want to be a politician?

Much has already been written on this topic, gentle, readers, so I’ll just provide some of what I hope to be useful observations and questions.  I’ll also provide some links you might find equally useful.  First, Fetterman:

What kind of people would elect John Fetterman? Short answer: The kind of people who live in Philadelphia, a city that has become America’s Mos Eisley, a “wretched hive of scum and villainy.”


Fetterman (D) …. 2,638,537 (50%)
Oz (R) …………….. 2,458,756 (47%)

MARGIN: D+ 179,781


Fetterman (D) …. 364,007 (82%)
Oz (R) ………………. 74,738 (17%)

MARGIN: D+ 289,269

Do you see my point? Philadelphia controls the whole state.

Fetterman’s margin in Philadelphia alone was nearly 110,000 voters more than his statewide margin, so that in the rest of the state, 51% voted Republican and 48% voted Democrat — a margin effectively nullified because Democrats got 82% of the vote in Philadelphia.

*Joe Biden and John Fetterman are, if not necessarily the future of the D/S/C Party, defining factors.  Yes, some dimwits are already suggesting Fetterman should be the D/S/C presidential nominee in 2024(?!), and I’m tempted to say saner heads will prevail before then, but…

*Surely, many PA voters were unaware of Fetterman’s debilitating brain damage, but most were not.  They were voting for a place holder, a meat puppet who will vote as his handlers direct.  Some suggest Fetterman will soon resign and a mentally competent successor will be appointed.  Why?  D/S/Cs need only a body capable of following orders and voting.  Mental competence, as with horses, might mean resistance to the one true way, and they don’t need or want that.  So no, unlike a certain Roman emperor, D/S/Cs will not be nominating a horse.  They’re too unpredictable, strong-willed, and communicate nearly as well as Fetterman.

* There is great irony and karma in the loss of New York D/S/C Sean Patrick Maloney, he who told the peasants to eat Chef Boyardee.  One is tempted to think he’ll be reduced to that mean state, but that’s unlikely.

*Abortion: was it a definitive issue?  Perhaps in some places, but they were going to vote blue anyway.  It’s still legal pretty much everywhere, and even the few states that will more stridently restrict it will moderate to essentially Roe levels in a few years.  Ironically, inflation makes travel out of state for women seeking abortion far more expensive, which is why woke companies and states are funding such things.

*Inflation: it turns out inflation is not quite painful enough, at least in blue states, to force people to accurately place the blame and do something about it—yet.  Gropin’ Joe Biden has already bragged he’s not changing a thing, so the economy is not going to improve, and will most likely will worsen as he runs out of oil in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to give to China.  This assumes most Americans think there’s a dime’s worth of difference between the political parties.

*Never underestimate Republican’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

*Never underestimate Republican’s ability to turn on each other, support D/S/Cs, and accomplish nothing other than letting D/S/Cs run wild.

*Hochul in New York: what’s the threshold of thefts, burglaries, carjackings, assaults, mutilations, rapes and murders necessary for New Yorkers to vote for people who would actually put criminals in prison?  Obviously, that threshold is far higher there than in sane, free parts of America.

*The Border:  What’s the threshold there?  How much crime, how much control of our border by Mexican drug cartels, how many fentanyl deaths of Americans via the Chinese, and Mexican cartels, how many gang members and terrorists, how much child sex trafficking, how many illegal alien criminals in general, how much illegal immigration, how much willful refusal to enforce American immigration laws are Americans willing to take?  Apparently 5.5 million illegals in less than two years, and everything that goes with it, isn’t nearly enough.

*Election Fraud: what’s the threshold?  Mail in ballots and unlimited early voting are rife with fraud.  Driver’s licenses for illegals are too, yet D/S/Cs argue requiring photo ID is voter suppression, as is purging voter registration roles of the dead and those who don’t exist or no longer reside in a state.  Elections that are not decided on election day are rife with fraud; how could it be otherwise?  Florida counted 7.5 million ballots on election day, yet states with far smaller populations can’t do it in days, weeks or months?  How much more will Americans take?  How much longer can this go on without disastrous consequences?  Trust squandered may never be regained.

*Lame Ducks: The D/S/C Congress, between now and January, will do as much damage as they possibly can.  That kind of damage, in America’s purposely weakened state, could be fatal.

*Dumb Ducks: Will the Republican high water mark ever be more than merely, occasionally, delaying America’s decline to a communist utopia, while badly managing that decline?

*Some are suggesting the D/S/Cs not getting crushed is actually a good thing.  That way, they won’t change their policies and will double down on stupid, which just might make enough Americans upset with no food, fuel or heat to vote for sanity.  Joe Biden has promised to double down on stupid already.  This, supposedly, will make a 2024 Republican sweep of the White House and Congress virtually a sure thing.  The problem is, America may very well no longer be sufficiently strong to survive the destruction they’ll wreak between now and then.  If America fails, the world won’t be far behind.

*Results:  As this is written, it appears Republicans will narrowly take the House, which gives them the ability to stall much of the damage Biden’s handlers—Biden is a meat puppet—can do.  Expect them to blow even that.  If Republicans win two of the remaining three Senate races—Nevada, Arizona and a December Run-off in Georgia—they’ll take bare control of the Senate.  If they do, there are always sufficient RINO senators to nullify that tentative state of affairs.

*Yes, there is vote fraud.  Yes, there is enough to overturn what would be honest elections.  Were this not true, why would D/S/Cs work so hard to enable fraud and to defeat every effort at eradicating it?  Yes, it will be active, more than ever before, in 2024.

*Demographics: millions of Americans are fleeing from blue to red states.  Some suggest this will change the face of the future electorate perhaps even save the republic.  We’re used to seeing electoral maps of a sea of red with blue islands on the coasts and here and there, but those islands hold sufficient population to make anything but an unprecedented mass migration insufficient to change vote totals.  Remember what I asked about thresholds…

This is a Normal American. People like him make America work. D/S/Cs want to put him–and them–out of work.

*Normal Americans (Republicans, mainly): They look at the man/woman, and judge character, reliability, accomplishment, merit and ability.  They want people who will honor an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and the rule of law.  They want people who see individuals with unalienable rights, not easily manipulable classes of favored victims.  They want representatives who love America and Americans.

*D/S/Cs (Democrats, Socialists, Communists, anarchists, race hustlers, etc.):  Their only concern is grabbing, keeping and amassing power.  They care not for character, accomplishment, merit and ability.  They care only for voting reliability.  They see the Constitution as an impediment to their power, and recognize individual rights only when they allow them to amass greater power.  They want candidates who will reliably vote for every one of their policies and who will speak only the approved narratives.  Sanity, mental stability, adult temperament, all are optional, and in many ways, to be avoided so long as a given meat puppet will do as it’s told.  They want people who hate America and Americans and seek the destruction of both on the way to an inevitable communist utopia, which only they, intellectually and morally superior beings, are fit to establish where all before them have failed.

*Lots of people, tens of millions, like woke.  They liked Covid restrictions.  They loved forcing them on their political enemies.  They love indoctrinating children in schools and cutting off their private parts.  They love feeding their political enemies to the angry climate god.  If it harms those they think inferior in any way, they’ll do it for the joy of causing them pain.  All of this, and more makes them feel good about themselves, they may not even be able to identify the part of speech of “virtue” or define it, but they know it when they feel it.

*When feelings matter over all, people willingly vote for crime, disorder and chaos and pat themselves on the back for freeing criminals because racism, diversity, equity and shut up you racists!  The old aphorism—“a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged”—may not be dead, but in blue states, it’s on life support, as are many victims of woke electoral policy and good feelings.

*For such people, wokeness is the outward manifestation of their political faith, which is for many, far more fanatical than the most evil, soul sucking religion.  We must continue the effort of conversion, but for some, perhaps too many, no amount of deprogramming will suffice.  A hundred million and more victims of communism, an allied, integral faith, attest to that.

*Did you know the Republican National Committee has, for 40 years, been under a consent decree that prevented them from acting in Republican interests in national politics?  Imposed by a thoroughly corrupt judge who kept it in place even in retirement, this is the first year in 40 years the RNC was free to act.  They have a great deal of catching up to do.  The invaluable Molly Hemingway at The Federalist, explains.

*Did you know Joe Biden ordered every federal agency to help rig the mid terms?  Did you know the federal government has stonewalled every legal attempt to reveal what they did?  Molly Hemingway explains that too.

*Not everything is gloom and doom.  A fourth member of the January 6th Committee was defeated this week. 

*Considering the level of vote fraud, the fraud D/S/Cs demand and retain by violently opposing every sane effort to eradicate it, the best we may ever be able to do—if Americans don’t rise up to deal with it extra-legally—is an eternal stalemate and badly managed decline.  Sara Hoyt explains the cancer.

*There may be valuable lessons to learn from Ron DeSantis’ Florida victory.

*Senator Mike Lee of Utah is a genuine constitutional scholar.  He was reelected.  Mitt Romney, hardest hit.

*The only real winners were the self-imagined elite, the entitled ruling, government class.

*The invaluable Andrea Widberg provides an election postmortem at The American Thinker.  Let’s hope the patient is only mostly dead.

*There are no political saviors, no one is “the one,” and the more we buy into that horrific, blasphemous politician worship, the more we embrace “our democracy,” and abandon our constitutional republic.

*Does all of this tell us blue states are so full of D/S/Cs, so overrun by the faithful, by true believers, it may be impossible for them to ever vote for our constitutional republic rather than “our democracy?”  How does this degrade America’s future?

*How soon, as the Founders once did, will it be necessary for a small core of patriots to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to preserve the last, best hope of mankind?