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Tragically, D/S/Cs, yet again, failed to overturn the 2016 election.  Yes, they’ve been trying to do that by erasing not only Donald Trump—they’re still working on that—and everyone who dared vote for him.  As this is written, Harriett Hageman has beaten Liz Cheney for Wyoming’s sole seat in the House of Representatives by a 30% margin, something like 63% to 31%.  Many political commentators observed there weren’t nearly enough D/S/Cs in the state to save Cheney, even if they all switched their party affiliation to Republican to vote for Cheney, and they were right.  Some precincts are still reporting, so I’ll add the final margin as a post-publication update.  To find every article in this series, enter “liz cheney” in the SMM homepage search bar.

The Wyoming crazies speak

Hageman delivered her victory speech in Cheyenne, in the right side of the state.  Cheney delivered her concession speech—of a sort; it was more a defiant, “curse you Hageman; we’ll still get the bastards” speech—in one of her exceedingly rare appearances in Wyoming.  Care to guess where Jackson Hole lies?  In the far left of the state, not that I’m trying to draw any parallels or anything like that.  In speaking of the mighty chore ahead of her, Cheney compared herself to Abraham Lincoln, who lost races for the Senate before being elected president.  I’d like to think Honest Abe would have a brief and pithy retort to Cheney’s invocation of him, and her claim to be a martyr for the Constitution:

I’ll not quote anything from either speech.  I’m sure you can look them up if you’re so inclined.  I do, however, have several observations.  One need not feel badly for Liz Cheney.  She’s no poor, self-sacrificing martyr.  She’ll continue to be invited to all the best DC parties, at least until her usefulness expires.  When she leaves the House on January 3, 2023, she’ll have to retire home to Virginia, to the kind of wretched hovel her net worth of $44 million bucks, and the millions in net worth of her lawyer husband whose firm serves Communist China–I hear they pay well–can afford.  She’s not exactly a Dickensian heroine holding up an empty bowl, begging for more gruel.  Perhaps that’s why inflation and its effect on Wyomingites was far from her mind?

One might think this race a referendum on Donald Trump, and in the narrowest sense, that might be true.  Trump is not the least fond of Liz or Dick Cheney, nor they him, and he did endorse Hageman.

Of the ten members of the House who voted to impeach Trump, eight have either seen the writing on the wall and retired, or have been defeated in their primaries.  Only two remain.  In his endorsements, Trump has attained a success rate of about 95%, an extraordinary measure of his political popularity and power by any measure.  It also helps explain Cheney’s Ahab-like obsession with destroying Trump by any means necessary.

If D/S/Cs didn‘t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.  When D/S/Cs vote in lockstep, it is lauded as the truest expression of “our democracy.”  Any D/S/C daring to do otherwise is working with evil Republicans, or even Russia, to destroy “our democracy.”  But when a republican votes against their party, they are lauded as brave and noble, defenders of “our democracy.”  Likewise, on the rare occasions when Republicans stand united, they are absolutely destroying “our democracy,” and of course, the Constitution Cheney is so nobly defending.

One thing D/S/Cs have unquestionably mastered is deception through theft of the language.  Thus are they always seeking just the right “messaging,” which is best described as “the right words to trick the rubes.”  As with all else, they do this in lockstep.  Their policies cannot possibly be wrong, so when they are, it must be faulty messaging, among other things.  The newest phrase or pronoun is disseminated, and they all use it.  Thus they, with very few exceptions, always speak of America as a “democracy” or “our democracy,” never as the constitutional, representative republic  it is.  Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution states in part:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government…

This is not semantic nitpicking—far from it.  The “democracy” of which they speak, which they desperately want, is a form of democracy: a tyranny of the majority, in which 50.000001% of the people exercise absolute power.  They can deprive the minority of property, liberty, even life.  It’s a dictatorship, but with at least one more or less honest election.  Thereafter, the majority will hold elections in the style of Russia, Iran, North Korea or China, and their majority will only, inexorably, increase.

This is precisely the kind of government the Founders rejected in the Constitution, because they knew it for what it is.  This is why we have a representative republic, as Benjamin Franklin said “if you can keep it.”  When D/S/Cs–and I include Liz Cheney among them because she has placed herself among them and labored for their cause—speak of “our democracy,” rather than “our republic,” they’re not merely exercising variety in terms.  They mean it, and Cheney virtually always speaks of “our democracy.”

Hageman actually campaigning in Wyoming. Who does a thing like that?  A winner?

As for our republic, whether we can keep it is up for grabs, and Wyoming crazies were sufficiently sane to realize Cheney is grabbing for those who don’t want to keep it.  Hageman campaigned on Wyoming issues, while pointing out Cheney’s chosen estrangement from Wyoming and Republicans.  She even appeared in public--in Wyoming!  This is often known as “smart politics.”

There can be no doubt Cheney lost by an incredibly large margin for modern elections because of her impeachment vote—and others–and because rather than run a campaign on issues of importance to the “crazies” of Wyoming, she chose to chase her great, orange whale, and like Ahab, it destroyed her.  One can’t win in Wyoming by refusing to campaign in the state, calling its residents “crazies,” and claiming she must remain outside the state—except for Jackson Hole of course—because the place is full of people who want to kill her.  They did, but only electorally.  Wyomingites, in their plain and blunt way, would not want to waste a bullet.  And no, that’s a pithy aphorism, not in any way an exhortation to violence.  It’s merely a non-obscene, Wyoming-like dismissal of someone unworthy of attention.

Cheney is very like D/S/Cs in another important way: D/S/Cs live in their own reality and reject actual reality.  They suffer from terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome, which notoriously warps reality, so believe everyone must be as twisted as they.  They cannot imagine anyone would not be obsessed with the destruction of Orange Man Bad.  Liz Cheney rejected reality and is even more determined to get Trump.  She has until January 3, 2023 to do it, and will redouble her efforts on the Jan. 6 Committee until then.  Watching people purposefully drive themselves insane is never pretty, so if you’re not of a mind to see that, it might be wise to limit your Cheney exposure between now and then.

In her speech, Cheney continued her theme of Trump as a man destroying the Constitution and “our democracy.”  As always, she—and D/S/Cs in general—never provide any examples of precisely how Trump has done, or is doing, this.  So long as we remain a constitutional republic and not a “democracy,” it’s entirely legal and appropriate to criticize elections and to question their integrity–D/S/Cs always do it when Republicans win–and since November of 2020, a lack of election integrity has been proved in many ways.  For example, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled the use of ballot drop boxes illegal.  Cheney constantly screaming any claim of 2020 election impropriety is a “big lie,” didn’t play so well with Wyoming voters.

Cheney and a variety of her D/S/Cs allies want her to run for President, and she has about half of her $15 million dollar campaign war chest remaining to do it.  Raising virtually all of that money from out of state D/S/C donors didn’t help her with the crazies either.  If she has not already entirely burned her Republican bridges, the next four months will turn them to ash.  She’ll likely earn a Kamala-like share of the primary vote and have to pull out before Iowa, or perhaps some other state.  D/S/Cs are trying to cut Iowa out of the early voting.  Perhaps she’ll just run for some Virginia office.  At least she lives there.

Cheney failed because she spoke entirely in the language of D/S/Cs, in pursuit of their goals:

Hannity and Ingraham have, from January 6 forward, always maintained the violence on January 6, and on any other occasion, is always unlawful and wrong.  Only a D/S/C, lost in their own manufactured reality, would think this kind of comment somehow telling or wise.  Ultimately, Cheney did not lose by an incredibly large margin because Wyomingites are in thrall to Donald Trump, but because Liz Cheney convinced the crazies they had absolutely no reason to be in thrall to her.

More, I’m sure, soon.

The crazies brought it

UPDATE, 08-17-22, 1030 MT: With all counties reporting, the final margin of victory for Harriett Hageman appears to be Hageman 69.6% of the vote to Cheney’s 39.3%, a gap of 30.3%.

Interesting, isn’t it, that Wyoming can manage to have this information within hours of the polls closing.  No votes mysteriously pulled from under tables, no trucks loaded with votes appearing in the wee morning hours, no poll watchers ejected, no voting mysteriously stopped, only to resume when no one was there to watch, no unattended ballot drop boxes, no mail-in ballots, no mules stuffing ballots, con tens of thousands of votes “found” for Cheney after D/S/Cs learned how many votes they’d need to win, just old-fashioned, secure voting.

It’s equally interesting to note how accurate polling in Wyoming was.  I’ve been reporting 70% of Wyoming voters were rejecting Cheney, and lo and behold, 69.6% did.

UPDATE 08-17-21, 2130 MT:  According to the Wyoming Secretary of State, as of 1510 MT, the vote count is: Hageman 69.6% and Cheney 30.3%, a margin of victory for Hageman of 39.3%.  One doesn’t see that kind of electoral brutality much these days, and Cheney earned it all.