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I’ve been thinking… Those who know me understand the danger inherent in that statement.  But in this case, I’ve been thinking about just that: danger.  Danger for us, individually, and danger for the existence of America, more particularly, the United States.

We are now ruled by a clique of self-imagined elites.  Indeed, most of them are Democrats/Socialists/Communists—heavy on the socialist/communist component–but they are aided and excused by a rabble of never trumpers, RINOS, faux conservatives, a drooling media, and other pretenders, all of whom are seeking to define not only what it means to be American, not only for what America stands, but who would destroy any who threaten their ever-changing definitions and intentions.

We must recognize, of course, their controlling intention is ultimate and permanent political power.  With the attainment of that goal comes wealth, power, and because man is inherently fallen, the ability to oppress lesser beings: Normal Americans.  They really like that.

Mr. Obama, striding resolutely into the bold, Marxist future, bringing salvation to us all. And he’s glowing! He’s better than mere mortals!

Beginning with the Age of Obama, their ultimate intention became increasingly clear.  Little by little, the rule of law was deconstructed.  Little by little, our foreign policy became support for our enemies–the enemies of civilization and mankind–and betrayal of our allies.  Language was increasingly coopted until hatred of America was the ultimate expression of a debased, unrecognizable patriotism.  Ignoring and tearing down the Constitution became saving the Constitution.  Free speech became hate speech, freedom became slavery and race hate became equity.  Our representative, constitutional republic became “democracy,” which was actually the tyranny of the majority.  

Back then, D/S/Cs still pretended–who you gonna believe? Us or your own lyin’ eyes?— to obey the law and the Constitution.  Obama wanted to do a great many unconstitutional things, but he said he didn’t have the power.  Then he discovered he had a pen and a phone, and the floodgates opened.  Obamites ran guns to Mexican drug cartels, Obama’s “wingman” Attorney General stonewalled congress and became the first AG in history to be held in contempt of Congress.  Surprisingly, he did not prosecute himself, and the two-tiered justice system leapt into the open.

Then came the Trump presidency.  The arrogance of the self-imagined elite did not allow them to see that one coming.  Caught by surprise, they took the next logical step: they completely weaponized the federal government against normal America.  As Donald Trump says, they really are after us; he’s just in the way.  Dogging Trump and his administration every step of the way, they no longer pretended to follow the law and the Constitution.

As Joe Biden ran his basement campaign, and mysteriously won the highest number of votes in history, D/S/Cs further distanced themselves from the rule of law.  January 6 provided a convenient club with which to beat anyone disagreeing with D/S/Cs.  Social media outlets went full D/S/C—never go full D/S/C—and the First Amendment began to vanish.  An attempt at establishing a Ministry of Truth was aborted only temporarily, and only because it was ultimately too stupid even for D/S/Cs.  The language evolved further as the party that has loudly claimed election fraud whenever they lose suddenly accused those daring to suggest the 2020 election was fraudulent “election deniers.”

Equally suddenly our new Attorney General, Merrick Garland, declared the deadliest danger facing America to be white supremacy. It used to be Climate Change, and is again when it’s convenient, but white supremacy is the greatest threat for sure–for now.  Unfortunately, the demand for white supremacists far exceeds the supply, so the DOJ and FBI have had to manufacture them, as when 15 stalwart FBI agents investigated a racist, NASCAR door pull, when the FBI manufactured a plot to kidnap the execrable Gretchen Whitmer or the terrible threat of racist highways.  As with Climate Change, where there is no condition, no natural phenomena or lack of one not attributable to Climate Change, everything and everyone is now racist, and therefore, a white supremacist.

Suddenly again, the “greatest threat” of domestic terrorism was discovered to be parents attending school board meetings, expressing their outrage over Critical Race Theory, woke in general, Trans lunacy, and overt political and sexual indoctrination of their children.  They aren’t terribly happy about their children learning next to nothing either.  At first, D/S/Cs angrily denied any such thing was happening, and when caught in their lies, demanded it all remain in schools because what was not happening was absolutely necessary.

D/S/Cs tried out armed tyranny light with Covid submission.  They scammed the public, serially lied, forced children out of schools, forced Americans into isolation, tanked the economy, pumped up the profits of masks manufacturers and their useless products, destroyed thousands of businesses, and forced an untested vaccines that aren’t vaccines–and boosters that don’t work–on the public, vaccines with deadly side effects.  They arrested people for going to church, for paddleboarding alone on the ocean, and we suddenly discovered pot dispensaries, liquor stores, and big box stores were essential while everything else wasn’t.  We also discovered small Plexiglass screens at checkout counters magically project an anti-virus force field for miles around them.

What D/S/Cs did not learn—they refused to learn—is while Americans will voluntarily go along with what they believe to be necessary public health measures, they won’t go along with more when they discover it was all a lie.  The next attempt at using a pandemic for vote fraud and general public oppression will be met with not only “no,” but “hell no,” and if necessary, whatever force is necessary.  Willing compliance, once, with a health bureaucracy that has proved itself devoid of decency, integrity and even a basic adherence to science does not translate to eternal submission.

D/S/Cs exalt mentally ill trans, demanding overweening “rights” for this tiny, pitiful and malicious portion of the population.  Do they actually care about them any more than they care about minorities?  Of course not.  They delight in spitting in the eyes of Normal Americans, of harming them because they can, and of wielding oppressive power for its own sake.  It, like so much else, is a threat: if we can make you pretend men are women, if we can force you to let men beat female athletes and parade, erect dicks proudly wagging, in their showers, there is nothing we can’t do to you, no degradation we can’t force upon you.

Through all of this, D/S/Cs, the historic party of racism, segregation, lynching, bombing, arson and virulent race hate, the party that caused the first civil war, has turned up the racial volume, turning loose its BLM and Antifa militia on the citizens of its own major cities, resulting, thus far, in more than 2 billion dollars in damage, dozens of murders, and innumerable injuries, virtually all, under our two-tiered system of justice, unpunished.  As always, they destroy the “underserved communities” they most claim to champion.  Their thugs have not done well elsewhere.  An attempt by Antifa to disrupt the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ended in farce when police surrounded them and hustled them out of town, lest they end up seriously dead.  Even racist, D/S/C thugs–except for that Sturgis bunch–know red America won’t put up with their anarchy theater.

Dead and dying are those D/S/C ruled cities and states, as Soros prosecutors end the rule of law, abolishing bail, opening the jails and prisons, and loosing violent felons on the streets.  “Broken windows” policing is dead, and criminals have taken full advantage.  Innumerable businesses have closed and far more will, needles and feces litter urban streets and sidewalks, the insane homeless settle next to schools, and everyone that can is fleeing blue cities and states for the red.  In Chicago, the police are no longer allowed to pursue fleeing criminals, and everywhere, police officers are retiring, moving to sane states, or simply leaving the job entirely.  Those that remain do as little as possible and absolutely avoid enforcing the law against D/S/C preferred victim groups.  As most of the worst criminals are members of those groups, the results are as predictable as they are devastating.  As blue city police departments find it impossible to recruit qualified candidates, or any candidates, they are dramatically lowering standards, and the downward spiral continues.

Woke lunacy infects every facet of society, blatantly spitting in the face of the rule of law, substituting equity for equality under law.  Even medical schools have become bastions of woke, substituting racist, anti-American lunacy for medical knowledge, as have our universities and law schools, ensuring the continuing destruction of the Constitution, the rule of law and western civilization.

D/S/Cs continue to set up America and Americans for forcible “transformation.”  Americans are declared domestic terrorists so when they protest, that Constitutionally protected protest is declared terrorism, and they are denied due process and the rest of their constitutional protections.  January 6th, a minor disturbance likely caused by the FBI, is worse then Pearl Harbor, an insurrection that featured no arms, no attempt to overthrow the government, and where everyone left after a few hours, and the Congress finished its electoral business and went home.  The point, of course, is to make examples of Normal Americans who dare object to the constant, grinding destruction of America, to set up legitimate protest for draconian punishment.  See?  We told you they were terrorists!  DC has become a wholly owned branch of the D/S/C party, and DC judges embrace the wholesale violation of American’s fundamental rights, go along with illegal incarceration, and impose abusive and excessive sentences for misdemeanor offenses, even incarcerating an elderly cancer patient for the crimes of walking in the Capital Building after being invited in by Capital Police.

D/S/Cs scream about Normal Americans breaking “norms,” while they obliterate every norm, empaneling the Jan. 6 Committee without a single actual Republican, and turning it into a criminal investigation for which they have no constitutional authority.  They pass gun control laws while admitting they’re unconstitutional, and pass an “Inflation Reduction Act” that exacerbates inflation, while admitting it won’t reduce inflation.  They want to pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College and federal elections.

They tried to impeach Donald Trump after he left office, and for the first time in history, served a search warrant on the home of a former President, surely in furtherance of a third impeachment, in a desperate flailing to deny Americans their choice of presidential candidates.

Putting American first has been unwelcome in self-imagined elite circles for decades, but in a two-tiered justice system, there is a third, viciously unlawful tier for Donald Trump, and anyone who would put America first.  It’s no longer just socially unacceptable, they’re making it impossible and unlawful.

As always, they engage in projection; whatever they accuse their enemies—half or more of America—of doing, they want to do or are themselves doing.

It is clear the DOJ and FBI are almost entirely lawless, and our military is being reduced to the woke remnants, led by pronouns whose rank is dependent on their willingness to turn their figurative, and perhaps one day literal, guns on D/S/C’s domestic enemies.  While our military technology is yet powerful, the will of those wielding it to oppose actual enemies of America is no longer respected or feared by our foreign enemies.  We’ll see the horrific wages of that sin shortly.

And of course, our borders are wide open, loosing millions of illegals with their refusal to assimilate, rampant crime, sex trafficking, drugs, and third world diseases long suppressed.  Mexican cartels run our southern border.  This is not a dereliction of duty on the part of the Biden Meat Puppet Administration, except by definition.  They’re doing it on purpose, perhaps the most obvious and damaging refusal to obey the law.  Is there a more egregious example of Constitutional destruction, of dismantling the rule of law, than tearing down our sovereignty?  A country without borders is no country at all.  And the cherry on top is they are knowingly allowing terrorists into the country.  Of course, after the Afghanistan debacle, what more can be expected?

D/S/Cs are now talking, loudly and angrily, of secession, of going on, building a socialist/communist utopia without the election deniers, climate deniers, vaccine deniers and science deniers.  They’re talking about starting a second civil war.  The smarter among them have to realize they’ll be doing without the people who actually know how to build and maintain things, without the people who grow and process the food, produce electricity, keep the water running and the lights on–you know: useful, capable people–but ideology wins out over reality, particularly for people who create their own reality.

The danger, gentle readers, is as our self-imagined elite continue to separate themselves from real reality, as they continue to tear down the constitutional edifice, as they fan the flames of racial, tribal hate, and escalate their use of unlawful violence against Americans who want no more than to be left alone to live under the Constitution and rule of law, they’ll come to believe themselves invulnerable, and they’ll let slip the dogs of war.

There are some encouraging signs, but they’re too stupid, and/or too arrogant to realize the people they want to conquer and destroy are Americans, people who will put up with much, but who finally provoked, are the most terrible foe imaginable.  They’re racing headlong toward the abyss, there are no calmer heads among them—relying on Joe Manchin for sanity turns out to have been an unwise last ditch hope–and it will not end well for them.