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Molly Tibbetts
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In August of 2018, I wrote Mollie Tibbetts: Forever 20.  In that article, I covered what was then known about the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, committed by a Mexican illegally in the country.  He was working at a nearby farm as “John Budd,” using a stolen Social Security identification.

The themes of that article were not only the disaster of illegal immigration, but the necessity for women, particularly those running alone, particularly in isolated areas, to have situational awareness, and to be armed and ready.  There is evidence Tibbetts tried to use her cell phone when accosted by her killer.  It wasn’t enough.  Cell phones never are.  I ended that article:

Progressives cry about the children of illegal immigrants temporarily separated from their arrested parents.  Perhaps they could shed a tear, even contribute to secure borders–choose the lives of Americans over potential future voters–and remember Mollie Tibbetts: forever separated from her family, forever a victim of an uncaring self-imagined elite, forever 20.

As we all now know, illegal immigration, and the entirely predictable, horrific crime that comes with it, is out of control.  Under the Biden/Harris/Whoever Administration—Joe Biden, Temporary President and Creepy Groper—America has abandoned its borders, and with it, national sovereignty and public safety.  Far more children are being held, separated from their parents, in horrific conditions than was ever possible under Donald Trump, and the D/S/C media won’t report on it.  They’re far more interested in real stories, like what kind of ice cream Biden is eating.  

In a two-week trial, Cristhian Bahena Rivera, was found guilty of first degree murder, which in Iowa carries a mandatory sentence of life without parole.  These excerpts from The Demoines Register, give a sense of the testimony in the trial:

The DNA tests from the car trunk, though, provided clearer evidence, Scott said. The stain on the trunk liner tested positive for human blood, and a DNA profile from the blood was matched to that of Tibbetts. Scott said the odds of another human matching that profile would be 1 in 8.2 nonillion.

‘That’s a lot of zeroes’ prosecutor Scott Brown said. A nonillion is 1 followed by 30 zeros. [skip]

Prior to the break, the jury viewed photos of the body found partially covered with corn stalks in the field. The images, which were not retransmitted by the video pool, showed a partly decomposed body wearing brightly colored shoes and a pink sports bra. A pair of black shorts, underwear and fabric that might have been a headband were found in the nearby field.

The register story notes sperm was not found, which is hardly surprising as Tibbett’s body was badly decomposed, having been laying in a cornfield in mid-summer heat for a month before Bahena Rivera led police to her body and confessed to killing her.  The media has scrupulously avoided any mention of what seems a certain rape of Tibbetts, though it has glancingly described her body as laying face up, wearing only a sports bra and running shoes.  One news account spoke of her legs being parted.

No news story I’ve found spoke of any testimony about rape.  I would be amazed if Tibbetts were not raped.  Her murder was almost certainly done to cover her rape, which may even have occurred as she was drying from multiple stab wounds, or post mortem.  If there was no testimony about rape, this was likely because the prosecution was not able to find physical evidence due to decomposition, and didn’t mention it to avoid giving the defense a sensational issue.  Easier, and potentially tactically smarter, to concentrate on the murder charge.  Merely showing the jury the photos of Tibbett’s body and describing the scene would be enough for any jury to make its own connections.

But why would a media more than willing to lie about anything that supports its narrative, and which lives for sensational stories, fail to so much as speculate about rape?  Easy: Bahena Rivera is an illegal.  He should never have been in this country.  To add rape, which was likely the motive for Tibbett’s brutal murder, would damage the narrative, even tend to damage Joe Biden, who must be protected at all costs, even American lives.  The only true evil these days is white people, particularly white men, who are racist and white supremacist and domestic terrorists, one and all.

The Defense tried a bizarre and offensive defense, of the type of: “well your honor, I was just standing there admiring my knife, when this guy ran around the corner right into my knife—27 times.”  WHO13 in DesMoines reports:

In a surprise development, the defense called Cristhian Bahena Rivera as a witness at his first-degree murder trial. He admitted that his black car was the one seen on surveillance video circling Mollie Tibbetts while she was jogging in Brooklyn, Iowa, on July 18, 2018. He also acknowledged that she ended up in his car’s trunk, that he hid her body in a cornfield and told investigators where to find it a month later.

But the farm laborer presented a far different narrative about what happened than investigators and prosecutors have alleged, denying that he was responsible for the stab wounds to Tibbetts’ head, neck and chest that caused her death.

Bahena Rivera said two armed men who were wearing black and had their faces covered by stocking caps showed up at his trailer after he finished showering that evening. The men directed him to get in his car and drive, and they passed Tibbetts as she ran several times before directing him to stop, he s

Bahena Rivera, 26, said a man with a knife got out of the car and walked down the rural road. The man was gone for about 10 minutes as the second man in the back seat of the car grew nervous, saying, ‘Come on, Jack,’ he claimed.

The defendant said he didn’t know the men’s identities, but his lawyers have tried to raise suspicions about Tibbetts’ boyfriend, Dalton Jack, who admitted to an affair with another woman and past anger problems. Police said they cleared Jack as a suspect after establishing he was out of town for work that day.

Bahena Rivera said the men loaded something into his trunk, directed him to drive several miles to a rural area, to turn off the car, wait a few minutes and leave. They said they knew his ex-girlfriend and young daughter, and that they would harm them if he ever told anyone what happened, he said.

Bahena Rivera said the men took off on foot down the road and he never saw them again. He said he opened the trunk a few minutes later and found Tibbetts’ body, which he said was heavy as he carried it to the cornfield.

He said he covered her body with corn stalks because ‘I didn’t want her to be too exposed to the sun,’ and that he then left and never planned to discuss what had happened again. Bahena Rivera said he left Tibbetts’ phone, Fitbit and earbuds on the side of the road.

Lawyers, as officers of the court, are not supposed to allow a client to lie, and if they believe their client is lying, must tell the judge.  Of course, that rule is routinely ignored, particularly where defense attorneys are concerned.  Thankfully, the jury saw though this incredible piece of bullshit.  Newsmax.com adds detail:

Tibbetts, who ran track and cross country in high school, never returned home after going for a routine run in her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa on the evening of July 18, 2018. She was reported missing the next day after she didn’t show up for her summer job at a daycare.

Her disappearance from the town of 1,700 was immediately deemed suspicious, and local, state and federal agencies joined hundreds of volunteers in a highly publicized search for her.

Investigators say they broke the case open nearly a month later after obtaining surveillance video from a homeowner that shows, for a split second, a shadowy figure that appears to be Tibbetts running in the distance. The video shows a black Chevy Malibu with chrome mirrors and door handles driving past 20 seconds later, and back and forth several times in the next 20 minutes.

A sheriff’s deputy spotted Bahena Rivera, who worked at a local dairy farm, driving the distinctive vehicle the next day. During a lengthy interrogation that began Aug. 20, 2018, Bahena Rivera said that he drove past Tibbetts while she was running and turned around to get another look because he found her attractive.

He eventually said that he approached Tibbetts and fought with her after she tried to get away and threatened to call police. He claimed that he then ‘blacked out’ but remembered driving with her body in the trunk of his car. He led investigators in the early morning hours of Aug. 21 to a remote cornfield where they found her badly decomposed body hidden under corn stalks.

An autopsy found that Tibbetts died of sharp force injuries from several stab wounds to her head, neck and chest [and hand—certainly a defensive wound]. DNA testing showed that her blood was found in the trunk of the Malibu, but investigators never found the murder weapon.

This is as close as any news account I’ve seen got to the probability of rape:

Prosecutor Scott Brown said in a closing argument that Bahena Rivera killed Tibbetts out of anger after she rebuked him. He said Bahena Rivera also had a sexual motive, noting that Tibbetts was found partially naked with her legs spread when her body was found.

There is no question Mollie Tibbetts would have not been killed that August day if Bahena Rivera had never been allowed into the United States.  While President Trump did a great deal to drain the swamp, greatly reducing illegal immigration, and actually enforcing our immigration laws, decades of neglect took its toll.  When Biden was “elected,” our borders were thrown wide open, and as The Washington Times has reported, sex offenders are streaming into the country:

Border Patrol agents in the San Diego area nabbed 25 illegal immigrant sex offenders in all of 2020. Now they have arrested 12 in just the past two months.

In Del Rio, a once-quiet part of the border in Texas, law enforcement said arrests of Border Patrol sex offenders are up a staggering 2,500% this year. On one day in March, agents nabbed three offenders in just three hours, part of a flurry of seven offenders in less than two weeks.

All along the U.S.-Mexico boundary, agents report an ‘alarming’ number of sex offenders attempting to sneak in, another grim reality of the border surge.

In the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, actual justice, not social justice, has been done, justice without the taint of mob rule or race.  The lessons we can learn from this vicious act are unchanged: our immigration laws must be rigorously enforced, and women must be tactically prepared and situationally aware.  Cell phones are no protection, and the police, more than ever before, no matter how much they would want to, can’t protect any individual citizen.

Mollie Tibbetts
Credit: Mollie Tibbetts/Facebook

Tragically, that innumerable D/S/Cs may keep our borders open so they can feel virtuous, there will be more deaths of innocent Americans, and Mollie Tibbetts remains, forever 20.