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Let us, gentle readers, review the rationale for the Too Stupid To Survive series.  From the very first article in this series:  

This article begins a new, and I fear, continuing series here at SMM: revelation of the kind of amazing stupidity that has become all too common in this post-rational age. I’m sure you’ve felt it, gentle readers, examples of head-scratching behavior, not just in academia, but throughout our society. My personal favorite was Democrat Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia, who in a hearing about our military presence on Guam, actually said he feared if we put too many service members on the island, it would capsize and sink.  It is thinking of that quality that makes me fear America just might be on the verge of being too stupid to survive.

That first article was posted in October of 2017; things have not, since, improved (the SMM TSTS archive is here).  I’m sure you realized that by glancing at the header, from the invaluable Babylon Bee.  Our President-In-Waiting is one of the greatest electoral disasters our system has yet produced.  Famous for being famous, a woman who slept her way to the middle, anointed VP despite withdrawing from the D/S/C contest even before Iowa, she is clearly a legend in her own mind, as her Memorial Day message clearly reveals:

As you can also see, actual Americans, a people who she understands not at all and hates even more, were not amused:

Tammy Bruce, as always, got to the heart of the matter:

As did Laura Ingraham.  I’ve been wondering where the “dignity” was too:

Van Orden is a former Navy SEAL.  Asking Harris to “act like it,” is a forlorn hope indeed.  Harris has a personal story and “lived experiences.”  What’s all this representing America nonsense?

Hmmm.  There does seem to be quite a difference in appreciation for the sacrifice of Americans, doesn’t there?

Photos of Biden holding Ice cream with a young girl in sniffing and groping range may not be the brightest thing his handlers have allowed thus far…

Just how stupid is Harris?  This is what her handlers hastily rushed onto social media the day after her Memorial Day message so spectacularly bombed:

Yeah. I’m sure Americans understood this was her real intention all along—if she ever had any inkling of what Memorial Day meant in the first place.  And speaking of systemic racism and white supremacy, consider this from The Conservative Treehouse:

If there is one constant in an ever-changing universe it’s the violence at specific locations on Memorial Day weekend.  A pattern the politically correct media are not allowed to discuss…. Yet it happens, over, and over, and over, every Memorial Day weekend, also known as “Urban Beach Weekend.”

Crowds of young black people gather in two specific locations for the violence: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and North Miami (Fort Lauderdale), Florida.  It is so predictable it’s no longer even in the headlines…. unless it gets exceptionally serious, like last night.

Miami Gardens (former home of Trayvon Martin) held a rap concert at a local club venue to celebrate Urban Beach Weekend (aka Memorial Day):

‘Two people were killed and up to 25 people wounded in a mass shooting at a concert early Sunday morning in Northwest Miami-Dade, officials say. One of those injured is in critical condition, according to police.’

Apparently three gunmen got out of an SUV and fired into the crowd.  The article, of course, did not mention the race of the gunmen, or of the majority of the crowd, which means Black and Black.  I’m sure this is exactly the kind of thing systemically racist, white supremacist, domestic terrorist insurrectionists, which the Biden/Harris/Whoever Administration—Joe Biden, Temporary President—would tell you is the very worst and most dangerous kind, would be doing if they ever got around to it.  The supply of racism is lagging far, far behind demand these days.

And can The New York Times become any more stupid?

Apparently there are no limits to the depths to which they can sink.  I’m only surprised the headline didn’t read: “Republicans pounce.”  At least someone there had the pseudo sense to quickly do this:

The explanation is, actually, crazed hatred of Jews, and/or incredible stupidity.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the Army’s latest recruiting effort, a cartoonish depiction of a young soldier with two lesbian mothers, which of course makes her just the kind of warrior the contemporary Army wants.

Yeah.  Well, that one didn’t go over so well:

Apparently “Army values” now consist of not being able to take criticism for recruiting that has nothing to do with serving the nation, and which encourages our enemies to think we’re easily defeated weaklings and idiots.  And speaking of idiots, this one from USA Today in 2017 is a perennial classic:

When I first saw this four years ago, I reflexively asked myself:  “Self,” I asked, “what could they have been thinking?”  I quickly realized they weren’t.

David Chiu is a member of the California Legislature from San Francisco, which explains it all:

Yes.  It was the packaging of a BB gun.

As even the D/S/C media is now admitting, the Covid Virus did come from the Wuhan lab, financially supported by Dr. Fauci, yet another idiot.  This one is in the “how stupid can the NYT get” category:

“Badly phrased”?  Would that be the “racist” part?

I hope, one fine day, to live in an America where people like Michelle Obama are not oppressed:

Michelle Obama didn’t do or say anything that wasn’t lovingly covered by the D/S/C media, which tongue bathed her at every opportunity.  If there was ever the slightest hint of this, it would have been front page news for months.  They really do think we’re stupid.

On the anniversary of the death of holy social justice martyr George Floyd, the D/S/C media flocked to George Floyd Square in Minneapolis, yet another “autonomous zone,” where the solemn reporting was disrupted:

That’s right, gentle readers, someone fired some 30 shots, scattering those paying homage to the saintly Floyd.  Irony lives, not that people like that will acknowledge or understand it.  And speaking of race, catch this headline from The Nation:

That’s right.  Even the dirt, flowers, birds and the bees, presumably even sunlight is racist.  Isn’t “Nazi” about as worn out as “racist” these days?

This is only funny because of the extraordinary stupidity of the people The Bee is lampooning:

So let me see if I understand this… Teen Vogue is trying to convince girls to enact Satanic rituals with their menstrual blood.  Yup.  That’s pretty much the mindset of the Left in a nutshell.

And speaking of blinding stupidity, let’s get back to USA Today:

Good question:

USA Today’s only principles are to uphold each and every D/S/C narrative regardless of journalistic integrity or truth.

And finally, but of course!

Sure.  A protest that got a bit out of hand, where the only person killed was an innocent, female veteran, where the crowd left within a few hours, and where Congress finished its business of the day is just like 9-11 where thousands died.  Date is a White House Correspondent for The Huffington Post.  The only question is whether Date is contributing to this narrative at the White House or merely parroting what the White House is saying.

Too stupid to survive.