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Buckhead, GA.  Once a nice and relatively well to do suburb of Atlanta.  Crime, for the last year and more, has become increasingly out of control.  A famous mall in the suburb of some 100,000 is all but shut down as shootings and lesser, but not less bloody, violence are daily events.  Atlanta police are, as in many D/S/C-ruled cities, prevented from doing their jobs, and the idiotic D/S/C mayor has recently admitted she had no idea how to ensure public safety and has asked for suggestions.  The citizens of Buckhead have one: separate from Atlanta and take 20% of Atlanta’s tax base with them.  The situation has become so bad, Buckhead residents are working with the state legislature to become an independent city so they can hire their own police force to actually enforce the law.

This story has become all too common in Buckhead, which is more than 25% Black, and throughout the Atlanta area:

ATLANTA (CBS46) – Police have released a 911 call connected to a Saturday incident involving a man accused of firing a gun at three joggers, injuring one, and later hitting a pedestrian with his car.

The injured jogger, 41-year-old Andrew Worrell, told a dispatcher during the call that someone just stopped and shot him in the upper thigh while he was out walking – then drove away. ‘Help! Help! Somebody just shot me!’ he cried.

Anne and Andrew Worrell

The story isn’t quite accurate.  Worrell’s wife, Anne appeared on the June 15 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight.  Andrew was jogging, on a route he’d run hundreds of times, when the shooter pulled up in a car, rolled down the window, and without a word, shot him twice.  Fortunately, his injuries didn’t prevent him from running a short distance away and taking shelter behind a tree, where he called the police.  The 911 call is chilling, but mostly because the dispatcher didn’t seem to have a clue what was happening or what to do.

This is far more common than law enforcement agencies like to admit.  Dispatchers are paid even less than police officers, and are often poorly trained.  Good dispatchers save lives every day.  Poor ones cost lives.

Every news story I reviewed failed to mention the race of the attacker.  This, of course, means only one thing: here he is, one Gaelen Newsom:

Newsom shot at two other joggers–he missed–and with his car, ran down and seriously injured another man before he was captured, and faces multiple felonies.  The media have ignored the races of Newsom’s other victims.  Care to bet what race his other victims were?  Who knows if he will actually be prosecuted, or if convicted, he’ll face any actual time?  It appears he’ll be employing an insanity defense.  Care to bet on the length of his criminal record?

Fortunately, Andrew survived, but he has a long road to recovery ahead.  Outrageous, to be sure, but this kind of thing only happens in places like Atlanta, cities where politicians attack the police and coddle criminals, right?  Sort of.  It’s more likely and common in places like that, which is why the populations of Texas, Florida and other states are swelling.  But evil exists.  It’s everywhere, and it’s always looking for a chance to destroy, as was the case with Molly Tibbetts, murdered while out running in rural Iowa. 

The only difference between living in a red or blue state is one is more likely to be the victim of a crime in a blue state.  Crimes happen in red states too, but the odds favoring the honest are much better.

Politicians don’t like to admit crime is out of control, because it reflects on them.  Their primary job is to ensure the public is protected, that the daily routines of life can go on because citizens don’t have to worry about being killed every minute of every day.  In many blue cities, they don’t care.  Through perversity, stupidity, racism, all three or more, they make life easy for criminals and difficult for the honest.  Even most animals are bright enough not to foul their nests.  Not D/S/C politicians.

But regardless of where one lives, the primary lesson remains unchanged: we’re on our own.  We are solely responsible for preserving our lives and the lives of those we love.  Anyone who gets in the way of that is the enemy of honest Americans, of America.  The police are few, we are many, and they are always—always–understaffed, even before D/S/Cs started trying to prosecute and abolish them.  Americans would be shocked to discover how few police officers are patrolling their towns at any time of the day or night.  Even in places where police officers have excellent response times to real emergencies—think about five minutes at least—those are the longest five minutes in the world when someone is trying to kill you.  In cities where the police have been defunded and otherwise prevented from doing their jobs, they may not be able to respond at all.  They want to, but they’ve learned it’s dangerous to their careers and liberty to actually catch criminals. or there are simply too few of them.  Criminals are like animals: they sense weakness and take advantage.

Take the case of Andrew Worrell.  By the time he was able to limp away and get behind a tree, his attacker drove away rather than trying to finish him off.  In other words, dumb luck; it could easily have gone the other way.  Figure at least two minutes before Andrew was able to make the 911 call, and with the apparent idiocy of the dispatcher, add at least two more before anyone got the call.  Figure five minutes—we’re being generous—for the nearest officer to arrive, and that’s nine minutes minimum, the longest nine minutes of Andrew Worrell’s life.

Self-defense is the most precious God-given right.  It is unalienable.  It cannot be granted by government, nor can it  be legitimately taken away.  It is why, in states that care more for the rights and lives of the innocent than the evil, murder carries the death penalty.  If there is no right to self-defense, what other right truly matters?  If honest citizens can’t carry the most usual and effective means of self-defense wherever they happen to be, do they have a right to self-defense at all?

Consider that in light of politicians that want to disarm the law-abiding, that do away with bail, that release even violent felons to harm the innocent, and that refuse to prosecute criminals.  Consider that in light of politicians that open our borders to criminals like the monster that stabbed and raped Mollie Tibbetts–yes, he was an illegal immigrant.

Professional police officers—that’s most–love catching bad guys in the act, and the badder the better.  But they seldom do.  Criminals work very hard not to get caught in the act, and considering how few police officers there are, it’s not hard for even dumb crooks.  Even worse for the honest, the police have no legal obligation to protect anyone.  Were that not true, who would be a police officer, knowing they would be continually sued for the harm that befalls innocents?  What city could afford a police force?

And so we return to today’s main lesson: We are solely responsible for preserving our lives and the lives of those we love. 

Carry a gun; for the love of God, carry a gun.  Become competent in its use.  Learn the law of self-defense, when you can use force and when you can’t.  Develop situational awareness.  This is, as I’ve written often, the ultimate women’s issue,  yet blue state politicians want to disarm women.  They know they can’t be sued for preventing the police from doing their jobs.  They know they’re letting criminals run wild, yet they want to disarm everyone, because above all, they know an armed citizenry is dangerous to them because of what they want to do to the honest. Armed citizens are also dangerous to criminals, one of their primary constituencies, people they honor and praise, just as the idiotic Nancy Pelosi thanked the violent felon, George Floyd, for giving his life for the D/S/C narrative.

By all means, take the link and read the women’s issue article.  Even if one is running, walking or bicycling, there are small and effective handguns that can be easily concealed.  And no, pepper spray, whistles, keys, and various other “self-defense” gadgets are no substitute.  In many ways, they’re dangerous, but not to criminals.  No criminal intent on mayhem is going to allow a victim to make a phone call.  Even a large, strong man is in real trouble when facing any gun, or merely multiple attackers.  Ask Andrew Worrell.  Women are in trouble facing virtually any unarmed man.

When evil sees its chance, when it suddenly, unexpectedly attacks, what’s your response?  The police aren’t going to be there.  They’re not going to save you.  They want to, but they can’t, and your survivors can’t sue them and win.  Government has no conscience.  It cares nothing for the life of any citizen, and often, when it cares at all, it cares far more for the lives of non-citizens, particularly criminals.

So when evil attacks, what are your options?  What are you prepared to do?  Is your life worth enough to you and those you love to take the steps necessary to preserve it?  How much are the lives of your loved ones worth?  Best to think this through now when injury or death isn’t seconds away, because we really are on our own.