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Forget, for the moment, gentle readers that most federally classified documents are classified to protect corrupt politicians and bureaucrats from embarrassment and prosecution. If anything, America suffers from an over-classification plague. We also suffer from an over-abundance of “it’s Trump’s fault,” despite the fact he hasn’t been president for more than two years.

There are far more unanswered questions than answers in the latest Biden scandal in a—according to Biden spokesliars—scandal-free meat puppet administration. Some examples:

Why now?  Why have classified documents been found—so far—in some four separate locations in Biden’s possession after at least six years?

Why have all these documents been “found” by Biden’s lawyers rather than the FBI?

Why does the government do such an obviously bad job of keeping track of classified documents?  They had no idea these documents were missing?  For six+ years?  Or is this just another example of our two-tiered justice system: they knew Biden had them, but because he’s a D/S/C, no harm, no foul?

What caused them to search for such things in the first place, in those places, or were they looking for something else? This might explain things.

Why do these unnamed lawyers, none of whom presumably have top secret clearances, continue to search for documents, and how do they know where to search?

What kinds of secrets do the documents contain?

Why did the most corrupt, politicized Attorney General—I thought no one could outdo Obama’s wingman, Eric Holder—withhold information about the discovery until after the mid-terms?

Why did Garland, who has ruthlessly defended Biden, suddenly appoint a special prosecutor?

What did the Penn Biden Center for Chinese Espionage and Bribery actually do?

Who actually worked at the PBCCEB and what was the work they did?  Were these M-F, 8-5 jobs?

How many Chinese agents had access to the PBCCEB?

What did Biden do to earn nearly a million dollars from Penn, and where do I go to sign up?

Why did the Chinese give tens of millions to Penn after the establishment of the PBCCEB? What did they get in return?

The questions seem endless. Also endless is the D/S/C establishment and media’s pooh poohing of Biden’s acts. Whatever Biden did, Trump did more and worse! There’s no comparison between what Biden and Trump did! 

Let’s examine, gentle readers, just for the fun of it, the facts.

There is no question presidents, and not a few lesser political lights, have taken home classified documents in the past. It’s actually common. The sole legal authority involved is the Presidential Records Act, which is not a criminal statute. Any dispute between presidents and the National Archives under that act are a civil matter, to be decided by the courts. There is also no question there is only one person in the USA who has the authority to declassify anything: the President.

There also appears to be no Federal Form 12-478/TSQ-3482(a) a president must fill out to declassify a given document, no central registry or anything like that. If a POTUS says he declassified a document, he did, and it no longer falls under classification procedures and protections. There is also a good case to be made that a president merely removing documents from their normal repositories declassifies them. In the case of Trump, he has said he declassified all the documents found in the unprecedented and unlawful raid on Mar-A-Lago. The government is hiding the search warrant affidavit for that search, no doubt because it contains no probable cause, and would be maximally embarrassing, revealing yet again the complete corruption and political weaponization of the Department of Justice and FBI.

No Vice President, no other person, has declassification authority, therefore no power to remove any sensitive/classified document. Removing such documents without authority is a crime. But Trump obstructed! He wouldn’t give documents back!

The crack team of SMM fact checkers rate that “false.” Trump, through his attorneys, was in constant contact with the government, negotiating. They returned some 15 boxes of documents, the FBI and NA visited Mar-A-Lago, inspected the documents in the secure place where the remaining documents were kept. They knew what Trump had and knew it was in a single, Secret Service secured, place.  Trump personally spoke with them and told them to let him know if they needed anything else. They left the remaining documents there, suggested an additional security measure, which Trump implemented, and then, two months later, without speaking to Trump’s attorneys during that period, raided the secure, Secret Service protected, residence.

But they had to do that! Trump was obstructing—or something! That too is false.  Trump, through his attorneys, was negotiating with the NA, and any disagreement was a civil matter.  It was up to the government to initiate a civil action if they disagreed.  The government, knowing the Presidential Records Act is a civil, not a criminal statute, had to come up with some crime to justify a search, so they latched onto obstruction, but Trump was engaging in the kinds of negotiations past presidents have done with the NA. He was fully cooperating, and obstructing nothing. That’s why the affidavit is still hidden.

The White House is now pushing the “we cooperated and Trump didn’t so we’re home free” narrative.  That’s false and irrelevant.

But he had nuclear secrets! He was giving them to the Russians! Yeah, that one didn’t last long. There is no evidence any of that is true. The best evidence for the falsity of that proposition is the government and media almost immediately dropped that line of attack.

But what about Biden? Again, because he was not the President, he had no authority to remove any sensitive/classified documents, and doing so was unquestionably a crime. The documents—if we can believe Biden’s lawyers and the government—were found in an unlocked closet in the PBCCEB, in Biden’s garage, and in various places in his Wilmington, Delaware home.

But Joe had a home security system! Yeah, about that…the government has admitted the system was so buggy the Secret Service, who were apparently only present when Joe was present, turned it off. They have also admitted there was no visitor’s log  for the residence, so no one knows who had access to the unsecured, classified documents. Even if the Secret Service was there, they apparently had no idea classified documents were present–wouldn’t they have told someone?–so no ability to protect them.

If Biden’s handlers are admitting that much, it’s a virtual certainty things are much worse. There are surely more documents, and in more places, than they’ve revealed. It’s a certainty those documents, whatever they are, were compromised, and the most likely culprits are the Chinese.

We also know Hunter Biden, for several years, lived in that home, even claimed he owned it. This was apparently during his coked up/prostitute patronizing days. He claimed to have paid nearly $50,000 a month in rent(?!) to live there, but Joe’s tax returns don’t reflect that rental income. Ooops. Those tax documents have just mysteriously disappeared from Biden’s website.  Double ooops. We also know Hunter and Joe have been deeply financially entangled with the Chinese—more than a billion entangled–likely for decades. Joe is compromised.  In a sane, non-communist country, that would be a national security issue.

Joe had claimed to have no idea about any documents. While Joe has no idea about a great many things, he’s responsible, just like Trump. Unlike Trump, Joe has no legal excuse. Returning documents, which Trump also did, is no legal excuse. Cooperating with the government, which Trump also did, is no legal excuse. But Trump doesn’t need an excuse; Joe does, but he doesn’t have any.

It’s not the first time Joe, who is very, very concerned about properly handling classified documents, mishandled classified documents.  The National Archives is not covering itself in glory either. Only a few weeks before Biden’s documents were “found,” the Archives claimed all Obama Administration documents were accounted for and secured.  Ooops.

What’s actually going on? Obviously, the raid on Trump was an attempt to keep him from running in 2024. Despite having no case, the DOJ may very well bring charges against Trump, hoping a DC jury will convict him of being Trump, and that would somehow keep him from running. They must be afraid Trump’s support will be outside the margin of election fraud they can generate. But with the exposure of Biden’s removal of classified documents, won’t they have to prosecute Biden too? But they won’t be able to do it until he is out of office…ooooh.

Why would the D/S/C establishment protect Biden, and suddenly turn on him? Maybe Biden’s “lawyers” knew he was going to get exposed and they wanted to get out in front of things, bend the narrative their way. But most likely it’s because they want him out of office. His usefulness has expired, and he’s so mentally impaired they can’t plausibly cover it anymore. Would they prosecute him? Unlikely, and while they now have an excuse to get rid of him, they’re also upset, because that makes prosecuting Trump almost impossible. But didn’t they expose Biden when they could have just covered it all up? Yes. Yes they did.

As I’ve previously written, I expect Michelle Obama, who just published a second “all about me and why I’m so wonderful” ghost-written autobiography, to be the 2024 nominee. Here’s how it might happen.

Joe resigns, making Kamala Harris POTUS. But that’s crazy! They have to know how bad she is!  She would be no less a willing meat puppet than Joe, and would certainly do no better in public, but probably wouldn’t do any worse. Her stupidity is different in degree, not in kind. This would open the door to Vice President Michelle Obama, the first black, female Vice President with arms to die for! Kamala Harris would graciously step aside for VP Obama to run in 2024, and who would not want the first black, female, former First Lady, President with arms to die for? Why, it would be a truckload of woke firsts! It would be diverse, equitable, inclusive, historic, organic and gluten free! It would fight climate change! It would also be a fourth, and possibly even a fifth Barack Obama term. As the Clintons used to say: two for the price of one!

And the Chinese laugh their asses off.

PRE-POSTING UPDATE: I trust the NY Post is being sarcastic here:

The Justice Department decided against having FBI agents watch over a search for classified documents conducted by President Biden’s lawyers at his Delaware homes — in part because the attorneys were deemed to be cooperating with the DOJ’s investigation, according to a report.

What the…?!

The Journal, citing current and former law enforcement officials, reported that by not utilizing the FBI at the early stage of the investigation, the DOJ can hold the bureau in reserve if Biden’s team is no longer deemed to be playing ball.

The FBI declined to comment to The Post about its role in the probe.

Let’s review: this is a criminal investigation. Unlike Trump, Biden had no authority to declassify and remove any classified documents, which removes this from the realm of the civil Presidential Records Act, and places it solidly in the criminal realm (18 USC  793 and 1924), so the DOJ is letting defense lawyers with no security clearances do the investigation, and trusting them not to conceal or destroy evidence.  Apparently the DOJ is unaware it is the job of any defense lawyer to zealously defend their client. Their role is to thwart justice to ensure their client gets off. Looking out for America is in direct conflict with their legal obligation to their client.  Sure, defense lawyers are officers of the court, and they’re supposed to play it straight, but anyone who has had any experience in the criminal courts knows that’s not the way the game is played. Defense lawyers generally can’t be forced to testify against their clients, so there goes the chain of evidence and any chance to learn the truth.

Thank goodness the FBI is being held “in reserve” and isn’t commenting. No professional, non-compromised law enforcement agency would ever allow defense lawyers to conduct their investigation.  This is particularly so for national security investigations, which–investigating national security issues–is supposedly one of the FBI’s primary reasons for being.  Unsecured classified materials implicate national security.  Are the super cops at the FBI incompetent, or have they been ordered to be unaware of that?

The DOJ is engaging in a cover up to protect Biden, the “special prosecutor” is a joke–part of that cover-up–and the Chinese are still laughing their asses off.

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