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I have a puppy in my van; do you want to see him?

Oh dear, gentle readers. It’s a sad, and alarming, commentary on the state of our nation that there is an unlimited supply of presidential stupid these days…

Joe knows nothing:

President Joe Biden confirmed Thursday classified documents were discovered in his garage at his Delaware home, but did not explain why.

‘By the way, the Corvette is in a locked garage. OK? It’s not like they’re sitting out in the street,’ he said when asked by reporters about the revelation of a second group of classified documents found at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden responded to the news Tuesday by saying he was ‘surprised’ to learn about records that were in his office.

He also claimed ignorance about the details of the documents found in his private office in Washington, DC.

‘I don’t know what’s in the documents,’ he continued. ‘My lawyers have not suggested I not ask what documents they were.’

Sure, but have they not suggested you not ask about not asking about not asking?

Happy birthday dear muhnagruhlapzxsrmz, happy birthday to yooooou!

Take the link and view it for yourself. Ban the what? 

President Joe Biden spoke on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day and reiterated his belief that it is time to ‘ban the number of bullets that go in a magazine.’

Yeah, and get yourself an F-15:

Most people don’t brag about being arrested, particularly when it never happened…

Biden visited El Paso, which is sort of on the border…

I thought Potemkin villages were only in Russia…

Look in the dictionary under “stupid,” and you’ll find an illustrative photo of KJP. Suuuure it is:   

Not stupid:

The NYT knows nothing: 

CLAIM: The New York Times claimed Wednesday that Republicans have not ‘demonstrated’ evidence that President Joe Biden ‘was involved in his son’s business deals.’

VERDICT: FALSE. Republicans have submitted a recording of Joe Biden leaving a voicemail for Hunter Biden about a business deal with a Chinese energy company. Republicans have also highlighted whistleblowers who have stated Joe Biden was intimately involved in the Biden family business.

And they think we’re stupid…

He was born a poor, black child. In a recent speech to Al Sharpton’s organization, President Biden said, among many other extremely stupid and false things, this: 

We have to retrain cops as to why should you always shoot for that with deadly force? The fact is, if you need to use your weapon, you don’t have to do that,’ he said Monday.

This is an issue I’ve often addressed, most recently here.  Take the link to see why shooting to wound is not only a deadly dangerous tactical mistake, but will almost certainly send you to prison, whether you were justified in shooting or not. Anyone taking Joe Biden’s advice on deadly force encounters is, well, as stupid as Joe.

If he can’t identify his wife or sister, why should he remember her?

Yes, Mona Charen has gone stupid…

And in the annals of the epically self-destructive:

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex confessed to fantasizing about his late mother Princess Diana while applying cream to his penis in chapter 43 of his recently released memoir, Spare.

‘I found the tube, and the minute I opened it, the smell transported me through time. I thought as if my mother was right there in the room, and I took a smidge, and applied it down there,’ Prince Harry can be heard saying in an audiobook version of his memoir.

You didn’t think I’d provide a graphic for that, did you, gentle readers?

Joe thinks this is great:

Mexico’s President Andrés Lopez Obrador says 40 million Mexicans are living in the United States.

‘Just imagine: There are 40 million Mexicans in the United States — 40 million [including people] who were born here in Mexico, [or] who are the children of people who were born in Mexico,’ President Andrés Lopez Obrador gushed at a January 10 press conference with President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

There’s a new, multi-million dollar statue “honoring” Martin Luther King at the Boston Commons:

Uh, so what is that, exactly?

Hands lofting a giant, semi-turgid penis? Hands fending off the alien that tried to eat Sigourney Weaver? Hands holding a giant turd? And no, it doesn’t look better from other angles either.  Language, children:

On January 9, the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work sent an email to faculty, staff, and students notifying them that the department has new speech code guidelines in order to ensure “inclusive language and practice.”

‘Specifically, we have decided to remove the term ‘field,’ from our curriculum and practice and replace it with ‘practicum,’ the letter explained.

What is so egregious about the word ‘field’? Well, according to the brainiacs out on the West Coast, it is offensive to black and immigrants everywhere.

‘Language can be powerful, and phrases such as ‘going into the field’ or ‘fieldwork’ may have connotations for descendants of slavery and immigrant workers that are not benign,’ according to the letter.

Slaves worked under the “sun,” they “perspired,” they sang “spirituals.” Can we still say those words?

My word as a Biden…

Higher—as in seriously on drugs—education: 

On December 6, Penn State professor Sam Richards held a sociology class discussion titled ‘Trans Issues, TERFs, and The Binary.’ During class, he told students ‘we are all at some level nonbinary.’ We’re all, very much, easily bisexual.’ To prove we are all bisexual he instructed students to ‘watch gay and lesbian porn.’

Directed towards straight men in the class, he added, ‘If you feel that feeling, look in a mirror, and say huh, maybe I’m just feeling some things that I’m just afraid to release. And maybe you release that and maybe you’d be surprised that maybe you actually are fine being more bisexual.’

Speak for yourselves, Sam.  And where would any edition of TSTS be without Kuhmahla, or Kam-ahla?

Was that English?

Wouldn’t you love to know what those two people were thinking? Kamala Harris teaches geography:

I’ve convened and I’ve convened now at least three times a group that has their acronym CARICOM. It is the Caribbean nations. Island nations. In the Western Hemisphere. That is where the Caribbean is. We are also in the Western Hemisphere. They are our neighbors.

Anyone want to ride the school bus to the Caribbean?

This may be the peak stupid of 2023—already: 

A teacher in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, accidentally emailed sexually explicit photos to students, and the principal is asking students not to share them.

Oh yeah, that’s two stupids in a row. I’m sure the kids would never think of doing that.

In a letter Friday, Principal Taryn Washington told families of students enrolled at Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School what happened, Fox 5 reported.

The letter read:

A Wise employee inadvertently emailed a message that included sexually explicit photos to all students. Immediate action was taken by school administrators to retract the correspondence; however, many individuals saw the photos and have since shared them with others.

I am asking that all students, as responsible online citizens, not share the photos by email, social media or other avenues. Our Mental Health Clinician and Professional School Counselors are available to provide direct support as needed to any student.

OK, so maybe this one is peak stupid for 2023: 

On Friday’s edition of NBC’s ‘Now Tonight,’ White House Council of Economic Advisers member Jared Bernstein argued that America’s government debt doesn’t weaken the country.

Of course not. How could being financially insolvent weaken anyone or anything? More educational stupidity:

We need higher hiring standards for teachers.

How about conspiracy to be a dumb shit? 

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) introduced a House Bill criminalizing ‘conspiracy to commit white supremacy,’ which includes criticism of non-white people which influences an individual to commit a hate crime.

The legislation, H.R.61 ‘Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023,’ introduced last Monday by Democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, seeks to ‘prevent and prosecute white supremacy inspired hate crime and conspiracy to commit white supremacy inspired hate crime.’

You will not be surprised to learn the bill nowhere defines “white supremacy.” How about this one for peak stupid? 

San Francisco’s reparations committee has proposed paying each Black longtime resident $5 million and granting total debt forgiveness due to the decades of ‘systematic repression’ faced by the local Black community.

I know D/S/Cs have no idea from where electricity comes, but now it’s obvious they think money comes from fairy dust and unicorn farts too.

Menstruating by means of frozen tomato juice inserts? 

When it comes to gender follies, Minnesota Democrats are keeping up with their insane colleagues on the coasts. DFL state representative Sandra Feist has been pushing a bill ‘that would require school districts and charter schools to provide students in grades four through 12 with access to free menstrual products in student restrooms.’ Feist’s bill was approved in committee last year by a 12-4 vote. See Feist’s news clip.

Feist explains (video below): ‘[N]ot all students who menstruate are female. We need to make sure all students have access to these products. There are obviously less [sic] non-female menstruating students and therefore their usage will be much lower. That was actually calculated into the cost of this.’ She has thought it through. In a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest kind of way, it makes perfect sense.

“[N]ot all students who menstruate are female.” Ah, the party of SCIENCE!

I’m beginning to think the self-imagined elite don’t have my welfare at heart:

Owning nothing and having no privacy: now that’s progress.

Virtue signaling is easy until they move into the neighborhood: 

‘There is no room in New York,’ [NYC Mayor Eric] Adams said. ‘New York cannot take more. We can’t. No city deserves what is happening.’ To date, New York has received about 40,000 immigrants, coming in buses mostly from Texas and Colorado, where Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) and Gov. Jared Polis (D-CO) have adopted policies of sending some immigrants elsewhere in the country. Oscar Leeser, El Paso’s Democratic mayor and Adams’s host, has also sent immigrants to New York.

Adams’s statement that ‘there is no room in New York’ stood in stark contrast to the city’s policy as a sanctuary for immigrants, illegal or legal. The city prides itself on welcoming and providing support to immigrants without regard to their legal status. During the Trump presidency, in particular, New York officials sometimes heaped praise upon themselves for defying Trump’s efforts to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

Adams was part of that. In April 2019, when he was the borough president of Brooklyn, he tweeted: ‘Make no mistake, New York City will ALWAYS stand up to Donald Trump and call out his cynical plots to divide our country. To anyone in the world fleeing hatred and oppression, the ultimate city of immigrants wants you to remember: you’re ALWAYS welcome here.’

That was then. Now, after bearing a tiny fraction of the burden illegal border crossers impose on border cities and towns, Mayor Adams says, ‘There is no room in New York. New York cannot take more.’

What about all those noble-sounding words about sanctuary, about New York serving as a beacon to immigrants? It appears the arrival of 40,000 illegal border crossers has done some serious damage to those deeply held principles.

Hypocrisy? What Hypocrisy? Better late than never…I guess…

Swallwell: peak stupid. Cruz: trolling grand master.

They’re going to what?!

Transplanting uteruses into mentally ill men. Oh yeah, that’s going to work.

If this is true, why did the sexists make her a professor? 

Colorado College astrophysics professor Natalie Gosnell says her field is engrossed in ‘white supremacy’ and sexism, adding that language used to describe the cosmos is ‘very violent and hyper-masculine.’

Gosnell, who is dismayed over society separating ‘math’ and ‘creativity’ into two categories, says dichotomizing these two characteristics is rooted in systemic racism and sexism, according to a report by Colorado College News.

One can never go wrong with including Geraldo in any edition of TSTS:

And he illustrated his argument with video of jihadists with a truck-mounted, belt-fed, Russian heavy machine gun.

Too stupid to survive.