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Note the header tweets, from a sissy who writes for Slate.  I don’t know him, so why do I call him “sissy?”  Because it is sissies—cowards and fools, if you will—who make faux-manly threats, particularly on Twitter, where as long as they threaten Normal Americans, they will be more than welcome, and entirely safe from harm.  Normal Americans are not allowed to so much as trigger people like Anderson with moderately firm words there.  He faces no threat of the violence he so blithely threatens.

NOTE:  As this topic is related to recent event, I thought I’d post it today,

In all my years of police work, among the lessons in human nature that made themselves terribly obvious is this: one need not fear most loudmouth threats, particularly not politically motivated threats from D/S/C pajama boys.  Not only do they not have the mentality to back them up—like all cowards, they shrink from confrontation with people who know what they’re about—they don’t have the training or ability.  There are, of course, always a small number of psychopaths who will follow up on their threats, or at least try, but they are, thankfully, rare.

How can I prove I’m right?  Consider, gentle readers, all the threats thrown about every day.  If even a small portion of those threats were followed up, would our nation not be a continual war zone?

Working the streets, one quickly develops a sense of who is dangerous and who is not.  Whose threats need to be taken seriously and who, having only a Tweety Bird ass, is running an alligator mouth.

You see, gentle readers, the people who are truly dangerous, who have the skills, the ability, and the willingness to do damage at any range from the end of an extended fist to hundreds of yards, also tend to have the maturity, intelligence and self-control to understand the true measure of a man is the recognition of the necessity of carefully controlling violence.  They use it only when it is truly necessary, and when they do, they unleash it with final speed, force, intent and violence, because they know that is necessary to end the threat as quickly, and if need be, as finally, as possible.

Part of that maturity, of that self-control is never uttering idle threats.  All the unfortunate fools that challenge such dangerous people may ever have the chance to observe—if they truly see it—is a slight shifting of body language, a dangerous glint in the eye, perhaps even a very slight smile, before they find themselves, more quickly than they ever believed possible, in a world of hurt.

Such people don’t get drunk and pick fights in bars.  They don’t insult other men’s wives or girlfriends.  They don’t pick fights or insult others at all.  They live their lives honorably and quietly, and they leave others alone unless others aren’t smart enough to leave them alone.  They expect no more, and no less, of others.

They are mostly men, but a growing number are women.

These are people who not only have the training, but more importantly, the mindset.  They are the people who in public places, sit so they can see everyone and everything.  They are the situationally aware.  They don’t live within a personal bubble but experience life fully.  They see everything and everyone around them.  In every public place, they know every potential exit, and they scan everyone, looking for potential trouble.  They have a smile, even a kind word, for everyone they meet, and a plan to kill them, and no one, except those stupid enough to attack them, will ever know the latter.

They live this way, they have this mindset, because they have seen violence, even done violence, not TV or movie violence, the real thing.  They know fights are fast, brutal, ugly and potentially crippling or deadly.  They know there are no rules in the application of violence except those that moral, capable people are willing to observe, and moral and capable people don’t stupidly threaten violence or attack others without just, lawful cause.

They will go out of their way to avoid trouble—if possible.

These are the people, not masked BLM/Antifa twerps, who will willingly give their lives to protect others, even strangers, if necessary.  They will, however, do all they can to make attackers give theirs lives first.

But what of the brave revolutionaries of Antifa and BLM, self-important dimwits in masks, wearing pseudo-tactical “black block” attire, harassing the productive, tearing down statutes that celebrate the accomplished and destroying the property of people who actually build things, contribute to the lives of others, and build America?  They are dangerous only in mobs, only in places where they know the police will not be allowed to use whatever force is necessary to arrest them, and if an officer accidently does, the charges will be dropped.  Such as they do not boldly venture where their revolutionary street theater will not be protected.

Several Antifa thugs tried that two years ago at the Sturgis Rally.  The crowd, an unusually large proportion of who are truly dangerous people, and are thus very polite around each other, laughed and briefly jeered in amusement as a great many police officers quickly escorted them away, thus saving their lives.  They did not return the next year, likely because the police took the time to explain the reality I’m explaining here, and noted next time, they wouldn’t protect them.

Should such think a sissy like Anderson a genuine deadly threat—they know the difference—should they believe it necessary someone like him disappear forever, to protect themselves or other innocents, they have the means to make them disappear, and no one will ever implicate them.  Should someone like Anderson be stupid enough to actually attack them, they will immediately end the threat within the boundaries of the law.

They don’t brag; they don’t posture; they don’t threaten.  When it’s necessary, they act.

And the best part, the very best part, is there is no real way, particularly for people like Anderson, to tell who they are.  They are not, by far, huge, hulking men with bulging Mr. Olympia muscles.  But be sure, gentle readers, whenever you’re out in public, there are such people, male and female, everywhere.  Thank God.

Such people are everywhere, but particularly in the free states, they are arguably a larger portion of the population.  There is a little of their mindset in the stereotypical Sheriff who, arriving at the scene of a homicide, asks: “well, did he need killing?”  They’re not excusing murder, which is quite different from justified, lawful killing, they’re merely asking in shorthand if the killing was lawful, and if they provoked and deserved it because they were running their alligator mouth and went beyond even that level of idiocy.

When the truly dangerous are told, in writing, by such as Anderson which words they may not say, or must say, when they’re lectured, and even threatened by such pathetic examples of pseudo-manhood, they grunt, perhaps slightly shake their heads, slightly smile, and immediately forget them, because they’re not worthy of notice, of a moment’s attention from a honorable, serious person.  When it’s in person, they’ll try to turn away, simply leave, unless and until…

And people like Anderson continue to push—until they, thinking themselves virtuous and invincible, meet the wrong person, someone who sees them for what they are, and the line for the application of lawful force is crossed.

The really funny thing is terribly simple: people like Anderson sometimes run across the wrong people who don’t care about that line.