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On this day, this hallowed day of terror, genuine unity and triumph, we should remember, we must remember, there are those in this fallen world that would gladly kill us, each and every one, for no reason other than that we are American.

It is this remembrance, this understanding that must reunite us, and drive us on to preserve Mankind’s last, best hope.  It is our shared destiny as Americans that may lead the world and establish what peace may be. With the Abraham Accords, President Trump established peace between adversaries no one imagined could put aside ancient hatreds to embrace a better world for their children.

Sadly, the Biden Meat Puppet Administration has let that effort languish, and has chosen to arm our implacable terrorist enemy and give them freedom to recruit, practice, plan and execute attacks against us and the rest of western civilization.  Biden abandoned innumerable Americans and allies to the medieval horrors terrorists live to inflict on the innocent.  He is desperate to allow Iran to become a nuclear state.  Worse, he has declared half and more of Americans enemies of the state.

Even so, all is not lost—yet.

There is no white privilege, there is only American privilege, a privilege bestowed not by the color of one’s skin, but by being born American.  The priceless legacy of all Americans—if they accept it–goes far more deeply than skin color, than race.  All Americans, born here or lawfully naturalized, have won the lottery of life.  They are inheritors of the sacrifices, the energy, the determination, the brilliance of every American that came before them, that gave the last full measure of devotion that they might be born, give their contribution to the great work begun by the Founders, and in their turn, return home to the Father Of All.

This is the privilege, the sacred honor, the never ending quest to advance mankind, to vanquish disease, to raise those we can out of poverty, addiction and misery, to establish the leisure to recognize and enjoy the wonders of art that is the legacy of all Americans—if they are willing to accept it, if they are willing to put aside narcissism, unreasoning hatred, identity politics, tribalism, Marxism, the insane quest for a utopia that has never existed and never will exist, and the lust for transient political power.

No arrogance, no hubris is so great as to deny God’s existence, thinking oneself omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent.  No human failing is so destructive as the urge to perfect mankind, to seize by force the role of God without God’s wisdom, power and majesty.

Americans falling rather than burning alive

It was this urge that killed nearly 3000 Americans on 9-11.  It is this urge that kills countless human beings around the world today, and that pits American against American in our cities, on our streets, in our restaurants and in the halls of legislatures.  It is this urge that cries: “black lives matter,” while denying the inestimable value of all lives.  It is this urge that exalts and frees vicious criminals while persecuting and abolishing the police.  It is this urge that lays waste to our economy, that wastes American lives, all for transient, pathetic political power.

It is this urge that seeks to rewrite history, to downplay the horror and reality of 09-11.  This urge is best known by its true name: evil.

It is this urge that threatens a second civil war, that compels us to commit national suicide through vaccine mandates, the wearing of masks, through lockdowns, through destroying businesses built over decades, through indoctrinating rather than teaching our young, through destroying election integrity to establish a one-party, Marxist state, that accuses half of the country of being white supremacists, domestic terrorists and insurrectionists, and that exalts the mentally ill whims of tiny, temporarily favored victim groups over the necessities of a society based on equal justice for all.

An American

We face, this year, this September 11, unprecedented threats to liberty.  Our borders are wide open, and millions, including those who mean us harm, pour over them.  God grant us the wisdom to identify our actual enemies, domestic and foreign, and the will to forever crush them, that evil will not win.

On this day, this anniversary of 9-11, let us revel in the priceless privilege, the immeasurable pride of being American, of being a part not of a democracy, but of a representative republic, of being a part of the most noble and successful political experiment in history.  Let us see every citizen not as Black, White, Hispanic, gay, lesbian, male or female, but as American.

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Let us remember the sacrifice of the passengers and crew of Flight 93, the first American warriors in the War on Terror, who gave that last, full measure of devotion that other Americans, whose names and faces they knew not, might live.  Let us remember the warriors of our military of all races, male and female, who answered the call of liberty and gave their lives against our true enemies, enemies that still plot and wait their chance to kill all Americans, simply because they are Americans, because they are free women and men, and because tyranny does not reign over their minds and hearts.  Let us restore our military to its true purpose; to utterly destroy the enemies of liberty.

Finally, let us understand, once and for all, perfection is unattainable in this fallen world.  We will never have perfect equality, perfect justice or perfect peace.  War is the lot of mankind, peace the occasional, brief anomaly.  Liberty means we all have choices, and those choices sometimes lead to crime, poverty, addiction, insanity and hatred.  But liberty also leads to the greatest, most free, most prosperous, most just and advanced nation Mankind has ever produced.

We are not perfect, we can’t be, but no nation, no people have ever come so far toward perfection, and there is much yet to do.  Our political “leaders” call us racist, but America is the least racist, most free and equal nation ever conceived and established.  Will we honor the sacrifice of so many and continue our quest for liberty, equality and justice for all, or will we fall into the hatred and tyranny that has engulfed so much of the rest of the world, of mankind?  Will we once again embrace American constitutionalism, or fall into the all-consuming darkness of socialism and communism, the ideologies that have murdered hundreds of millions, enslaved more, the ideologies that have filled mass graves still to be discovered in the countries that suffered, died and are dying under their depredations?

Let this anniversary of 9-11, and the sacrifices of the citizens, first responders, warriors, the passengers of airliners thrown together by fate, inspire a rebirth of liberty, of pride in being American, a pride that overcomes gender, race, faction and hatred, a pride and privilege that ensure, as Abraham Lincoln said, that government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from this Earth.

As free men and women, it’s our legacy, and our choice.  May we never forget the attacks of 9-11 and who perpetrated them and why.  May God touch the hearts and minds of all Americans and help us to choose wisely.