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09-01-22:  Led by the hand on—and later, off–a set the actual Nazis, and any Communist regime, would have recognized and coveted, Joe Biden conducted a teleprompter reading wherein he declared Normal Americans enemies of the state.  True, he called them “MAGA Republicans,” and didn’t use the term “enemies of the state,” but his angry and fiery rhetoric amounted to the same thing.  The only, final, step he did not take that night was to announce the noble guardians of the revolution would immediately begin to round up those enemies.

09-02-22:  When questioned by Fox New’s Peter Doocy, Biden walked back his attack on half or more of America:

‘I don’t consider any Trump supporter to be a threat to the country,’ Biden replied when asked by reporters at the White House about why he decided to say that Trump and his supporters were a threat to democracy.

‘When people voted for Donald Trump and support him now, they weren’t voting for attacking the Capitol, they weren’t voting for overruling an election,’ he said. ‘They were voting for a philosophy that he put forward.’

Biden said he was only talking about people in the country who were violent election deniers.

‘So I am not talking about anything other than it is inappropriate and it’s not only happening here but in other parts of the world, where there’s a failure to recognize and condemn violence whenever it’s used for political purposes, failure to condemn the manipulation of electoral outcomes. Failure to acknowledge when elections were won or lost,’ he said.

09-04-22: Once more back on teleprompter track, Biden again attacked half or more of America:

09-05-22:  At a Labor Day speech, Biden tripled down: 

Biden added: ‘But the extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress have chosen to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate and division.’

He even accused a heckler of destroying democracy.  Obviously, any attempt to disagree with Biden or the D/S/C Party is an attack on Democracy.

There was a time in America when politicians didn’t get to say who was allowed to speak, who was allowed to hold opinions, and most of all, who was allowed to run for office or vote for them.  No more.  Our presidential meat puppet has pronounced “MAGA Republicans” “semi-fascist,” beyond the pale. American history reveals how we handle fascists—who by the way, are always leftists—we kill them and drive them into submission over the rubble of their cities.

As I noted in The Second Civil War #41: An Odd Definition Of Unity, Biden went all in, declaring Normal Americans enemies of the state.  The SMM SCW archive is here.  As I also noted in that article, we may, or may not, be able to blame Biden for his words.  Joe Biden has always been a corrupt, cruel, mean-spirited, vindictive man, a serial liar who makes up for that by being a perverse troll, serially groping, sniffing and sexually harassing little girls and women, including the female members of his Secret Service detail.  And now, he’s clearly senile and his dementia is worsening daily, thus is he constantly “on vacation,” and allowed to speak in public only occasionally and under carefully controlled circumstances.

We are told his handlers did not want him to do the speech, but Joe insisted on being Joe.  This much we can believe.  When senility sets in, the cruel often become crueler as their internal governors are destroyed.  It’s a certainty Biden didn’t write that—or any—speech.  It’s equally likely he’s incapable of tweeting.  And which is worse?  A senile, corrupt pervert is POTUS and is actually running the country, or his handlers are working their own will on the nation and the world, using Biden as a willing meat puppet to pedal their hatred of America and Americans?

But perhaps Biden is right.  Perhaps these “MAGA Republicans” really are an existential threat, violent and ready to go to war:

Eugene Robinson (R)

‘The speech last night, to me, sounded like a president delivering a wartime address. Indeed, Joe Biden sees this as, as he said, a battle for the soul of the country. It is a battle for the preservation of our democracy. To me, the significant thing was that he — yes, he called out Donald Trump, but he also called out the MAGA Republicans, the MAGA Republican officials and followers who, for whatever motive, every whatever delusion, are going down this authoritarian path, this undemocratic path, and trying to take the nation with them.’ [Washington Post Columnist Eugene] Robinson said.

‘He framed this as an emergency, as something that we as a nation need to bond together to stop and to reverse. To return to our democratic principles and our democratic practices. To me, it was — it was an urgent wartime address,’ Robinson added.

Oh, wait.  Robinson, Scarborough and MSNBC aren’t “MAGA Republicans,” are they?  My mistake.  Joe has me confused now.  What war are we fighting again?  Senator John Kennedy of Louisana has it right:

So who are these “MAGA Republicans,” the most serious threat to “our democracy,” well, ever?  We must keep in mind while most human beings occasionally engage in projection, Democrats/Socialists/Communists do it constantly, particularly when attacking their political/ideological enemies.  Whatever they accuse their enemies of being, of doing, they are being and doing, or want to.

“MAGA” is an acronym which simply means “Make America Great Again,” Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, which to D/S/Cs is akin to sunlight to a vampire.  But who—particularly any American President—would not want America to be great?  It loosely reflects a philosophy, and the policies that flow from it, that assert America has a unique place among all nations, in all of history, and is the shining city on a hill, the example of liberty, justice and equality under the law to which all mankind should look.  It is also the idea of peace through strength, that our enemies should fear and respect us, and our allies must be able to rely upon us, and that our strength and reliability should be such that few, if any, enemies would think to attack us, or our allies.  It is the surety that America and Americans stand for good and fight evil.  In short, it is what most Americans once believed, and Normal Americans still believe.  These beliefs are enshrined in the Constitution, which establishes the rule of law, without which, civilized life is not possible.

Perhaps that acronym best embodies two American principles: (1) strictly limited government and (2) individual liberty.

D/S/Cs hate the Constitution, because it codifies those principles, and because Normal Americans demand it be upheld, they hate Normal Americans.  They hate them because they think Normal Americans inferior, unsophisticated and backward–gun and God clingers and Deplorables as notable D/S/Cs have defined them–but I’m sure you get the point, gentle readers.  In Donald Trump, Normal Americans finally found a politician who said out loud what they were thinking.  Because he dared to put America first, D/S/Cs hate Trump most of all, and Trump Derangement Syndrome is a debilitating disease.  That some 95% of political candidates endorsed by Trump continue to win, has driven D/S/Cs to bay, naked and drooling, at the moon.

Normal Americans naively believe the Constitution requires the President of the United States, and all elected representatives, to put America first, to work, always, for the good of America and Americans.  Foolishly as it turns out, they take oaths and promises seriously and expect others to do the same.  They also believe it is the duty of the President of the United States to uphold and defend the Constitution and the law.  That’s not an option.  It’s not uphold and defend the Constitution and the law unless Climate Change, unless Trump, unless equity, unless diversity and inclusion, unless Trans, unless drag queens, unless Covid, unless Republicans might win an election, or just because we hate America and Americans.  It’s uphold and defend the Constitution and the Law first, last, and always.

The obligatory “Obama with halo” image. Note the Mussolini-like elevated nose, which oddly enough, D/S/Cs never see as arrogantly disturbing to normal, rational people.

Normal Americans do not worship politicians.  That’s for D/S/Cs, who declared Barack Obama “the One.”  Google “Obama halos.”  The photos are endless and sickening.  Google “Biden halos.”  There are fewer, for D/S/Cs don’t think him the savior Obama was/is.  Google “Trump halos,” and you’ll find the few that exist to be primarily attacking Trump, not equating him with salvation.  Normal Americans do not think Donald Trump a savior.  Many don’t think him a particularly good man, but they do appreciate his policies, that he kept his promises, and that he did put America first.  While they aren’t desperate for a second Trump term, they’d surely appreciate anyone like him who would restore America’s energy independence, enforce our immigration laws, fix the economy and bring socialist/communist federal bureaucrats to heel.

As the Bible says, by their fruits you shall know them, so let’s review just a few of the things Normal Americans have not done:

*They did not loot or burn many of America’s D/S/C ruled cities.

*They did not turn an entire police precinct building over to a D/S/C mob, who tried to burn it to the ground.

*They did not try to seal police officers in a building and burn that to the ground.

*They did not murder an innocent, tiny female veteran and cover for the incompetent federal cop who murdered her.

*They did not cause more than two billion dollars in damage to the aforementioned cities.

*They did not injure thousands of police officers in those riots.

*They never failed, and never fail, to condemn those who break the law.

*They did not harass Supreme Court Justices in their homes.

*They did not refuse to arrest and prosecute people who broke a specific federal law in harassing those justices.

*They have not weaponized the federal government against Americans.

*They did not try to assassinate a Supreme Court Justice.

*They have not censored anyone.

*They have not canceled anyone or driven them from their jobs.

*They have not destroyed America’s energy independence.

*They did not destroy innumerable businesses over Covid.

*They did not destroy years of children’s educations.

*They have not destroyed the economy and driven it into recession.

*They have not lied about destroying the economy and driving it into recession.

*They have not defunded the police.

*They have not ambushed and murdered police officers, nor have they encouraged it.

*They have not ended bail and released thousands of violent felons.

*They have not refused to prosecute violent criminals.

*They have not caused crime rates to skyrocket.

*They don’t take advantage of the deaths of violent felons to loot and destroy.

*They have not serially violated the Constitution in enacting illegal and unconstitutional voting changes.

*They are not seeking to pack the Supreme Court.

*They are not seeking to eliminate the Electoral College.

*They have not loosed the FBI on parents concerned about the political and sexual indoctrination of their children.

*They have not divided America on racial lines, nor are they calling those who disagree with them racists.

They haven’t done any of these things, because they actually believe in the Constitution and the rule of law, hence they believe in actual tolerance.  They also have jobs, pay taxes, and contribute to, not destroy, their communities.  They simply want to be left alone to raise their families, perhaps to enjoy the occasional vacation, and to try to leave something for their children, perhaps a better world than they inherited when they started out in the adult world.  They’re more than willing to leave others alone to do the same, and they believe in equality of opportunity, never equality of outcome.  That’s why they know “equity” is racism.

Biden is running against the Constitution, the rule of law, sanity, reason, against success—individual and national.  He has no accomplishments, other than outrageous deficit spending, destroying the economy, betraying our allies and aiding our enemies, encouraging criminals and berating and punishing Normal Americans.  That’s not much of a record on which to run, so he’s using the primary tactic of every past or present dictator: invent an enemy and focus the people on that enemy.  Unfortunately, D/S/Cs see half or more of America as their enemy.  They embrace our foreign enemies, likely because the enemy of their enemy—Normal Americans and America–is their friend.

We wait to see if D/S/Cs are too stupid to know not to go too far when going too far.  Normal Americans are patient people.  As the founders noted, and as history has repeatedly proved, they will put up with a great deal, but once angered, once pushed too far, their wrath is terrible, and they won’t stop until the enemy that pushed them too far is destroyed and forever incapable of doing it again.

Is the Biden meat puppet’s hatred nothing more than heated political rhetoric pushed far beyond the boundaries of past American political rhetoric, or do D/S/Cs truly intend to push too too far, beyond the boundaries of rhetoric and into armed conflict, not to preserve the Constitution and the rule of law, but to destroy it, to establish an eternal one-party system under their enlightened rule, a democracy in place of a constitutional republic?

Remember, gentle readers, who actually wants to be left alone and to live, peacefully, under the Constitution and the rule of law.  Remember too what has happened to the dictators of the past who have pushed Americans beyond the breaking point.  When Americans reach that point, they, as did the Founders, will pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor in the eternal battle against evil.  I fear Biden’s handlers can’t and won’t remember those lessons, or worse, think themselves beyond, above, such trivial concerns.

UPDATE, 09-06-22, 2240 MT:  The Trafalger Group’s surveys tend to be the most accurate available.  This survey, among likely general election voters, is interesting:

The Question: 

[Biden’s ‘red’ speech] …represents a dangerous escalation in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amongst Americans:

Overall: 56.8%

Democrat: 18.7%

GOP: 89.1%

No Party/Other:  62.4%

Remember, KJP had this to say:  

And so, when you are not with where a majority of Americans are, then, you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking.

Two thoughts: (1)  Golly, KJP, looks like you and Biden’s handlers aren’t in the majority, so you’re extremists, aren’t you? (2) Notice the chasm between independents and republicans—Normal Americans—and D/S/Cs.  That doesn’t bode well for the “unity” that keeps appearing on Biden’s teleprompter screens.