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Should a guy decide he wants to pretend to be a girl, that’s generally fine by me.  Let him deal with the realities of that kind of pretense.  To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, his choice neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.  However, when he demands government funding and preferences, when he demands I accommodate him in thought, word and deed, when he demands to shower and eliminate waste in the same showers and bathrooms as my mother, wife and daughter, when he demands all of society adapt to his whims, and when he demands I praise his choice, call it normal, and call him brave and noble for infringing on my liberties…  Well.  Then I write articles like this.

By way of background before we consider new developments, consider this little dose or reality from Connecticut Trans: Mean Girls?

At the last Olympics, the gold medal winner in the women’s marathon ran in a time of 2:24:04. In contrast, the men’s gold medal winner ran 16 minutes faster, finishing in 2:08:44.  Interestingly both winners were from Kenya, born about a month apart in 1984, taking age and ethnicity out of the equation.  More instructive are the finishing times of the other men in the race. If the gold medal winning woman ran in the men’s event, her time would have placed her in 90th place, far away from the medal stand. Conversely, any of the top 89 finishing males would have won a gold medal if competing as a female in the women’s event.

To find most SMM articles on this topic, enter “trans” into the SMM homepage search bar.  As regular readers know, I’ve been following the fortunes of Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell and other young, genuinely female track athletes from Connecticut who filed suit against the state athletic authorities.  As I reported in Trans Athletes: The War On Women, 2021.  

A corrupt, leftist judge stalled the case until the girls graduated from high school and then dismissed it, claiming it was moot.  Take this link to an Alliance Defending Freedom submission to the Federal Office for Civil Rights of the Department of education.  It well lays out the issues, and provides accurate and compelling statistics that expand on those I provided in the last paragraph.

If we were to believe the trans cheerleaders among politicians and the media, we’d think trans people were being slaughtered in huge numbers.  We’d think it was every bit as bad as the fake police war on Black young men, who are being hunted and wantonly murdered by the thousands every day.  Both assertions, of course, are easily disproved lies.   While those who “identify” as trans are generally folded into the LGBTQWERTY “community,” in truth, they are a tiny portion of a very small portion of the population.  So how many trans victims of horrible, racist, white supremacist, anti-trans hatred are there?  Kevin Downey at PJ Media explains:

Fact-O-Rama! Gender bias crimes only make up 2.7% of all hate crimes.

Keep in mind statistics for “hate crimes” are generally as accurate as those for genuine Covid deaths.  A great many of incidents recorded as “hate crimes” are hoaxes or something else entirely.

A total of 45 transgendered people were “killed” last year, and that number includes six in Puerto Rico. (Out.com stated 44 were ‘killed violently,’ but they missed one. Weird how an evil, straight, white conservative man like me got it right, right?) It also includes 2 transgendered people killed by cops for brandishing knives, one of whom had just stabbed a man to death. It includes 1 person who OD’ed and one who died but was not considered a homicide. It includes a person who was killed when a black man plowed a car into a bunch of protesters in Seattle and one of them happened to be transgendered. It includes a trans prostitute killed by another trans prostitute over a wig. Another was killed by a jealous husband on meth. One OD’ed in jail after hitting another inmate with a brick. Another one was killed in a Puerto Rican prison, with little info reported. I won’t count those in the following data because they were clearly not bias crimes, and I will include a separate set of data for Puerto Rico. That leaves us 32 alleged trans-bias homicides in the 50 states.

By all means, take the link for a breakdown of the actual facts.   That “45” figure is far from the whole story.  By means of comparison of rarities, consider in 2019, 20 Americans were killed by lightning.  

In early June, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed into law The Fairness In Women’s Sports Act, which bans transgender “females” from competing in women’s sports.  Desantis said:

I can tell you this: in Florida, girls are going to play girls sports, and boys are going to play boy sports,’ declared DeSantis.

The school will resolve any issues by asking for the student’s birth certificate. The institution can also request a medical examination.

‘We believe in the state of Florida protecting the fairness and the integrity of women’s athletics,’ continued DeSantis. ‘We believe that it’s very important that the integrity of those competitions are preserved. That these opportunities are protected.’

States acting to protect women is an encouraging trend, because the current federal government is absolutely waging a real war on women.  One might even say we can tell which states are still American by how they support–or refuse to support–the rights of women.  Thus far, seven states—Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Tennessee and West Virginia–have passed similar laws, and many other states, as a matter of policy, do not allow such blatantly unfair competition.  Paul Mirengoff at Powerline reports on the DOJ’s latest outrage:

Kristen Clarke, now the head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, has filed a brief on behalf of the United States arguing that a West Virginia law barring boys from participating on girls’ sports teams violates Title VI and the Equal Protection Clause. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia cast a key vote confirming Clarke. Ed Whelan aptly calls this a case of no naïve deed going unpunished.

Clarke’s brief argues that the 11-year-old biological male who wants to try out for Bridgeport Middle School’s girls’ cross-country and track teams ‘is a girl.’ Therefore, the argument goes, the West Virginia law unlawfully ‘targets girls who are transgender.’

This, as Whelan says, is just wordplay. Biologically, the 11-year-old is a boy, not a girl. His inner sense of gender identity doesn’t alter this reality. Nor does it alter the stubborn fact that, as a boy, he would have an unfair advantage if allowed to compete against girls.

Note the misnomer: “…girls who are transgender.”  If they’re girls, they’re girls, regardless of whatever delusions bedevil them.  Clarke, as I’m sure you’re aware gentle readers, is a racist, America hating ideologue of the type filling the current Department of Justice.

At PJ Media, Tyler O’Neil reports on the first wave of the Trans invasion of the Olympics:

New Zealand will set a transgender first by sending a biological male to the Olympics to compete against women in weightlifting. Former Olympians have condemned the decision. Other males competing in women’s weightlifting have set new records, demonstrating the commonsense principle that sports are sex-segregated for a reason.

Laurel Hubbard, who set New Zealand junior records in weightlifting in 1998 before he transitioned to identify as a woman in 2013, qualified for the Olympics in women’s weightlifting due to a 2015 International Olympic Committee (IOC) rule change, CNN reported. According to the Olympics guidelines, males can compete in women’s divisions so long as their testosterone levels stay below 10 nano moles per liter for at least 12 months before their first competition.

By many measures, this is five times the testosterone level of the average woman.  Making testosterone the criteria for trans participation in women’s sports is a crude and insulting deception.  There is far more involved:

A study in Journal of Medical Ethics concluded that the IOC’s policies allow biological males who identify as female to maintain a key advantage that constitutes ‘intolerable unfairness.’ Even some suppression of testosterone does not erase a male’s advantages, which begin in the womb.

A study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism concluded that ‘even after 12 months of hormonal therapy,’ a man who identifies as a woman and is taking cross-sex hormones ‘had an absolute advantage’ over female athletes and ‘will still likely have performance benefits’ over women.

“Likely?”  They’re being very generous.  As I’ve previously written, this is very much a one sided and narcissistic war.  We do not see women pretending to be men compete in the highest levels of male sports, because there is no competitive advantage for women so pretending.  They know men are going to be bigger, faster, stronger and have greater endurance.  The opposite is true for men pretending to be women, which is why we’re dealing with these delusions.  A mediocre male athlete, relegated to “also ran” status at the top levels of a sport can suddenly vault to the winner’s stand by pretending to be female.  And yes, I’m saying that’s exactly what’s happening here: people who could not win in legitimate sports are taking advantage of our truly tolerant society, and of women, to dishonorably seize fame and fortune their natural genetic endowment cannot provide.

We’re not talking about a male pretending to be female so he can rise from 27th place in the state high school 100 meters to 19th place.  With the exception of high school, I’ve never been at the top in sports.  I’ve had my aging behind handed to me by many women over the years, but in none of those circumstances was even a 30th place finish on the line.  This is virtually exclusively an issue of blatant discrimination against women at the top of the pyramid in their respective athletic leagues/ages/sports.

So why is government supporting such obvious deception, and discrimination against women?  What has become of the Republican “War on Women,” when it is D/S/Cs destroying women’s sports and directly discriminating against girls and women to benefit an infinitesimally small portion of the population against more than 50% of the population?  How is it the woman-hating Republicans—and Normal Americans in general—are actually defending the women they’re supposed to hate and live to oppress?

There are several obvious reasons, and all are intertwined.  Part of it is Trump Derangement Syndrome.  The Trump Administration supported biological girls and women and did its best to maintain the fairness of their sports, so D/S/Cs must oppose it, as they oppose everything Trump did and Normal Americans support.  If Trump ever expressed unalloyed support for fire fighters, we could expect the Biden/Harris/Whoever Administration, Joe Biden, Temporary President, to do away with them and actually encourage arson.  Oh wait: they’ve been encouraging arson for more than a year now.

Part of it is D/S/C class ideology.  The tiny “class” of Trans athletes, which is virtually entirely men pretending to be women, is easy to embrace as an oppressed class, a favored victim group.  But if they’re so tiny, what’s the political advantage?  There really isn’t one in electoral terms, but this too allows D/S/Cs to virtue signal, to think themselves superior to Normals not nearly so enlightened and virtuous.  It also gives them yet another opportunity to figuratively spit on Normals, something in which they take perverse delight.

Part is the D/S/C Marxist urge to utterly upend “normal” American society, the better to build a Communist utopia on the ashes.  The more they can disrupt the lives of Americans, the more they can destroy the institutions that have made America the beacon of world liberty and prosperity, the more they can make people dependent on governments, the more they can, in any way possible, harm their political opponents, the happier they are.  Of course, such people are never truly happy.  They can never be appeased, and never, ever, satisfied.  Nothing can never be enough in building a totalitarian paradise.

One is tempted to hope genuinely female weight lifters will boycott the Olympics.  On one hand, that would make a useful political/moral statement, even though it would allow a fake woman to win, though he’s almost certainly going to win anyway—that’s the point.  On the other, why should actual women have to give up all they’ve worked for decades to achieve?  Why should they have to endure a rigged competition?  What’s wrong with us that we allow this to happen?  I won’t bother to ask what’s wrong with Joe Biden and the D/S/Cs.

Let people pretend to be whatever gender they please–so long as they don’t harm others with their pretense.  That’s actual tolerance.  That’s actual fairness.