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A “gaffe” is normally understood, in the political context, to occur when a politician accidently tells the truth.  Such a gaffe occurred recently during a debate between D/S/C Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin in Virginia’s government race, as Andrea Widberg at The American Thinker explains:

Americans think public education should prepare children to succeed in the modern world and to have general knowledge of their country and government.

Silly Americans.

Leftists, though, believe education is about indoctrination.  Lately, this has involved teaching children Critical Race Theory and pushing transgenderism.  Parents are appalled.  That’s why it mattered that, during the gubernatorial debate in Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe said the left’s quiet part out loud: ‘I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.’

McAuliffe also proclaimed if elected Governor, he wouldn’t allow parents to have any voice in the books students read.  These are gaffes because Democrats/Socialists/Communists, in recent decades have rejected the notion government derives its power solely from the consent of the governed.  It’s like the classic Monty Python sketch.  A mother is about to give birth and in a panic, asks the doctors “what do I do?”  “Nothing,” John Cleese relied: “you’re not qualified.”  Nowhere is this anti-republican—as in the very nature of our representative republic—hatred contemporaneously more on display that in the arrogance of some school boards and the racist, anti-American, socialist/Marxist “consultants” they hire to force the indoctrination rather than education of America’s children.  McAuliffe, apparently imagining their goals to be all but accomplished and eternal, merely said aloud what many have been working for so long under the radar to accomplish.

Widberg explains the underlying purpose of education:

America’s founders strongly supported education.  Here’s George Washington:

‘A primary object should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing … than … communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?’

That worked for a bit more than two centuries, and then:

Things changed in 2020.  COVID lockdowns meant that kids sat at the kitchen table and listened to their teachers — and, for the first time, parents heard those teachers.  What they heard horrified them because it had gone beyond ‘America bad’ and ‘we’re all going to die.’  The new classroom dialectic was that Blacks are perpetual victims and Whites are inherently evil.  Moreover, ‘White values,’ such as self-discipline, accuracy, ambition, and grammar, are also inherently evil.

And math and showing one’s work are also evil.  Don’t forget those.

Then there was the obsession with transgenderism. [take this link]  It’s one thing for children to be taught to be tolerant of differences.  It’s another thing to encourage children to abandon their biological sex or for pornographic books encouraging pedophilia to sit on the library shelves.

If anything, Widberg is restrained in explaining the lunacy in many school districts. As I noted in Kristi Noem: Woke Education, even the schools in red states are being increasingly pushed toward woke insanity.

No school districts have more prominently featured this aggressive cultural Marxism than two in Virginia: Loudoun and Fairfax.  Consequently, no parents have been more active than the ones in those counties in pushing back against the cultural Marxism being foisted on their innocent children.  So it happened that, in the increasingly close gubernatorial race in Virginia, with former governor Terry McAuliffe representing Democrats and Glenn Youngkin seeking the Republican vote, education came up during the candidates’ debate.

Youngkin decried it, in the context of schools making pornographic material available to students.  He raised the fact that when McAuliffe was governor, he vetoed legislation that would have sent a notice to parents when school materials were sexually explicit.

McAuliffe, instead of acknowledging that we’re not looking at the old ‘birds and the bees’ stuff, pushed back.  When he’s back in the governor’s mansion, he said, ‘I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions.’

And then McAuliffe uttered the magic leftist words: ‘I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.’

McAuliffe, as did Cleese, was explaining the American people simply aren’t qualified to have any role in the education of their children. Their so-called “rights” are as nothing compared to the powers of government. The difference is Cleese was making fun of people like McAuliffe.  McAuliffe and his like mind-damaged cohorts have no sense of humor, or of their place in the constitutional order, particularly where imposing their will on others is involved.  They do not, for a moment, believe in this “consent of the governed” nonsense.  They have the power, and they mean to use it to utterly destroy their political enemies and America.  And what of the counties Widberg mentioned?  The Daily Wire explains:

A Virginia mom [Stacy Langton] found that books graphically depicting pedophilia were in her child’s school as part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion — so she read from them, verbatim, to the school board.

The school board’s reaction was ironic: It silenced her, citing that there were children in the room.

Such people are clearly irony deficient:

‘After seeing a September 9th school board meeting in Texas on pornography in schools, I decided to check the titles at my child’s high school, Fairfax High School. The books were available, and we checked them out. Both of these books include pedophilia, sex between men and boys,’ Stacy Langton said, holding two books. ‘The illustrations include fellatio, sex toys, masturbation, and violent nudity.’

Then she read from them:

‘I can’t wait to have your c*** in my mouth. I am going to give you the blowjob of your life, and then I want you inside me.’

‘What if I told you I touched another guy’s d***? What if I told you I sucked it? I was ten years old, but it’s true. I sucked Doug Goble’s d***, the real estate guy, and he sucked mine too.’

‘This is not an oversight at Fairfax High School—‘ she said, when one school member made a motion indicating that her mic should be cut, and another board member cut her off.

‘I’m sorry, there are children in the audience here,’ the board member said.

The mother did not back down. ‘Do not interrupt my time! I will stand here until my time is restored and my time is finished. These books are in stock and available in the libraries …’

The school board interrupted her again, saying ‘For high school students, ma’am!’

Virtually the entire crowd erupted in jeers at the school board’s efforts to silence a parent. Multiple attendees told The Daily Wire they did not see any children at the late-night board meeting.

By all means, take the link and read the entire article.  It’s a classic tale of cockroaches caught in the open when the kitchen lights come on.  That’s bad; this is worse:

Would that school boards have this much inherent decency…

Soon after The Daily Wire published an investigation that was unflattering to Democratic politician Terry McAuliffe and the Fairfax County Public Schools, FCPS filed legal action against the story’s source: the mother of a special-ed parent who relayed records that the school system provided to her under public records laws.

It also sued another mother of a special-needs student who runs a blog that published portions of the records. The documents are billing records showing how FCPS paid Hunton Andrews Kurth, a law firm that hired now-Virginia gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe as a top advisor, to do much of what parents say is the school system’s dirty work, including seeking to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed by special-ed parents who allege that their children were systematically physically abused by educators.

The school system said it ‘mistakenly’ released the records, and claimed they contained information that could violate federal law. Ironically, one of the services Hunton provided to FCPS is reviewing FOIAs, and these materials were largely Hunton’s own billing records.

Let’s pause for a moment to review: the school district refused to release records, which by law are the property of the public.  Forced to release them under FOIA—the Freedom of Information Act—they were badly embarrassed, so they sued the parent who requested, and disseminated, public records.

The unusual legal maneuver, highlighting questions about whether schools exist to serve parents or the other way around, came hours before McAuliffe – whose campaign has received nearly $1 million from teachers unions – said in a debate that ‘I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.’ It also came in the same district that cut off a mother during public comment when she raised questions about improper books.

In other words, the documents put the school district in a bad light because they’re doing shady, perhaps even illegal, things, so what did they do?  Sue the mother.  Take a look:

Mother Debra Tisler found the school system combative when it came to meeting her child’s special needs, as well as secretive. So she filed a Freedom of Information Act request for records showing payments to the attorneys who sometimes fought against parents. She paid the school system’s FOIA office $300 and it emailed her a link to the records.

She shared them with The Daily Wire, which reported Tuesday that more than 1,300 pages of billing records show Hunton charged $700 an hour representing the school system as it was found responsible for violating environmental regulations; apparently negotiating with foreign hackers after student data was stolen in a ransomware attack; and seeking to dismiss a lawsuit from special-ed parents who alleged that their children were dragged across the floor, kept in cardboard boxes, put in tiny isolation rooms hundreds of times, put in chokeholds, and struck in the head hard enough to receive a concussion.

On Tuesday afternoon, FCPS filed a ‘Complaint for Injunctive Relief and Damages’ against the mothers, saying that ‘Contrary to normal procedure, the FCPS Records had been provided to Defendant Tisler without a second-level review by counsel. Further review of the FCPS Records revealed that, although they contained redactions of some Confidential Information, the redactions were incomplete.’

And if there was no “second-level review”–which there is good reason to doubt–whose fault was that, exactly?  Oh, I’m sure “Counsel” would much have preferred the public have no idea how much they were being paid for apparently very bad advice.  If that sounds bad, and it is, consider this:

The School Board’s counsel also sent a letter to Defendant Tisler via hand delivery, email, and first class mail requesting a return call to discuss return of the FCPS Records. The letter instructed Defendant Tisler not to share of disseminate the FCPS Records.”

It says that when a letter was delivered, Tisler told the courier, ‘tell [them] to not send anything else to her home or come onto her property again.’ Other than this terse and hostile communication, Defendant Tisler has not responded to any of the School Board’s letters, emails, and phone calls.’

So let’s see: the parent, who had to pay $300 and go to extraordinary lengths to get documents that belong to the public told the School District never to darken her door or initiate unwanted communication with her in the future, and this is “terse and hostile?”  And she dared—dared!—not to respond to the School Board?  Who does she think she is?  A citizen?  One of the School Board’s employers?  How dare any mere parent refuse to do the bidding of the all-powerful Fairfax County School Board!

The attorneys also saw that Callie Oettinger, who conducts journalism serving the special-ed community, had posted about the records and uploaded small portions on her blog. It demanded that she ‘immediately remove the records from the website… refrain from disseminating the records by any means, contact counsel by no later than Sunday, September 24 at Noon to make arrangements to return (or destroy) the records, [and] provide contact information for anyone with whom she shared the records.’

Yeah!  That’ll fix her for daring to give public records to the public!  And why would they want names and contact information?  Why to harass and sue all of those people too!

It asks the court to enjoin ‘Defendants, and any persons acting on their behalf, from accessing, reproducing, or using the FCPS Records in any manner,’ order ‘Defendants to provide a full accounting to the School Board to include the identity of all persons to whom they provided any portion of the FCPS records or a link to the FCPS Records,’ and order ‘an award of such other and further relief as this Court deems just.’

A request for an emergency injunction says ‘the public interest favors’ concealing the records. It orders the defendants to appear in court Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

The “public interest” would best be served by any judge telling the School Board where to stick it, but this is Northern Virginia, and one can’t count on actual justice in those parts.

Oettinger responded defiantly on her blog, which is a resource serving parents who need help ensuring that their kids with special needs get adequate services.

She said she had applied additional redactions to the subset of the documents she posted, and that ‘FCPS asking us to return records that were legally obtained is essentially an improper prior restraint under First Amendment law. It is censorship. We have something called First Amendment Rights in this country, so keeping quiet about information we viewed to be a problem wasn’t an option.’

You go, girl!  Take this link to Oettinger’s well-written and informative blog. It has copies of the letters her arrogant tormentors sent.

The Daily Wire did not notice obvious security breaches impacting students in a quick review of the documents, though they contained plenty of material embarrassing to the school system, as well as showing that the politically-connected and high-priced law firm plays an unusually outsized role in the school system, down to helping write school newsletters and press releases.

The Daily Wire has also seen FCPS attempt to apply FOIA exemptions unusually aggressively in the past, including claiming “attorney-client privilege” as reason to redact a portion of an email that did not include any attorneys on it, where the redacted portion appeared to allude to an unpopular policy being pushed by school board members. It routinely attempts to charge vastly higher fees for record production than other agencies, and in one case simply did not respond to a FOIA request from this reporter at all, even to acknowledge receipt.

Take the link to this article too.  There is more, and it’s make-steam-shoot- from-one’s-ears enraging.  But surely this sort of thing, this complete misunderstanding of the relationship between elected school boards, which run the schools funded by parents with their consent, and the citizens of the communities they serve is restricted to only a few, insanely leftist part of the country, right?  Wrong:

What’s not so understandable (unless you’re a leftist) is the reaction to the pushback by those in the top echelons of our educational system. Case in point, on Thursday, National School Board Association (NSBA) president Viola Garcia sent out a hysterical—yet revealing—letter not to school board members or parents, but to the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

After fawning all over Biden’s ‘leadership to end the proliferation of COVID-19,’ Garcia proceeds to ask ‘for federal law enforcement and other assistance to deal with the growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation occurring across the nation.’ The letter cites several articles describing hostile behavior at school board meetings and other events as evidence of an ‘immediate threat.’ And who does Garcia and the NSBA say is perpetrating this nationwide ‘immediate threat’? Why America’s concerned right-wing parents, of course.

Stacy Langton

Got that, gentle readers?  Not only are Normal Americans domestic terrorists, white supremacists, systemically racist, and insurrectionists because they demand accountability from the federal government, accountability such as obeying the law, telling the truth, enforcing the law, etc.  Now they’re domestic terrorists because they’re demanding accountability of local school boards—their employees–and when those boards behave like petty tyrants, they don’t much appreciate it.  And they know just who to call to sic the federal government on people like Stacy Langton, Deb Tisler and Callie Oettinger.

Take the link to read Garcia’s letter, but be aware it’s impossible to download a copy; it has been scrubbed from SCRIBD.  I wonder why that happened?  Could it be the National School Board Association, an organization representing the elected employees of parents, doesn’t want Americans to know what it is doing on behalf of local school boards around the nation?

And D/S/Cs wonder why parents are pulling their kids out of public schools in ever-increasing numbers.