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The story goes that there was a corrupt Democrat (0f course) mayor of a Midwestern city, as land locked a place as one might imagine.  An enterprising reporter discovered the Mayor’s mother had, for a decade, held down a city job for $135,000 dollars a year, heading the “Office Of Tidal Wave Preparedness.”  Under questioning, the Mayor confirmed it, causing the reporter to exclaim:

“But we’ve never had a tidal wave!”

To which the Mayor replied:  “Don’t thank me; thank Mom.”

Which brings us to the New York City Council, a body very concerned about everything but their jobs, as The NY Post reports:

Between homelessness, classroom disorder and rising crime, it might seem like there is plenty for the City Council to do. But instead of dealing with such humdrum matters, the council’s tackling the threat of nuclear war — by reaffirming New York’s status as a nuclear weapons-free zone, and setting up a commission to oversee compliance with that directive.

In light of this, I’m sure our enemies are removing the targeting data for NYC from their missiles as this is written.

A hearing this week took on nuclear disarmament directly. Danny Dromm sponsored legislation to create an ‘advisory committee to examine nuclear disarmament and issues related to recognizing and reaffirming New York City as a nuclear-weapons-free zone.’ This, in a city that has zero nuclear weapons — or even military bases.

Who knew it was that easy?  Merely declare a city—even a country?—a “nuclear –weapons-free zone,” and no one would dare attack it?!  No wonder Democrat-ruled cities and Socialist/Communist ruled countries are such models of civilization, safety and efficiency.

Many New Yorkers may not know, but will surely be relieved to learn, that the city has banned the ‘production, transport, storage, placement or deployment of nuclear weapons’ since the passage of a resolution in April 1983, at the height of the Reagan-era ‘No Nukes’ movement.

Four decades later, the city wants to launch a committee of six members, led by the commissioner of the Mayor’s Office on International Affairs, to ‘establish a working definition for how a nuclear-weapons-free zone might be defined in New York’ and to ‘host discussions, public programs and other educational initiatives related to nuclear disarmament.’

Amazingly, there was actually one public official who actually seemed to realize, to at least some small degree, this isn’t the business of NYC:

The hearing quickly ran into difficulty when Commissioner Penny Abeywardena, though agreeing with the peacenik principle, insisted that the responsibility didn’t fall under the ambit of her office, which is focused on relations with the United Nations — mostly, public relations and handling parking-ticket complaints from scofflaw consulates.

‘The presence of nuclear weapons in New York City,’ she clarified, ‘is not an international issue.’ Moreover, since the deployment and use of nuclear weapons is a federal matter, ‘cities do not have jurisdiction or involvement in this decision-making process.’

The relative sanity didn’t last long:

Dromm countered Abeywardena’s objections by pointing out that no one ‘could survive a nuclear attack on New York City’ and that therefore his proposed legislation is properly an international issue.  He observed it was a ‘big issue in the United Nations.’

Next, Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, now running for Congress, implored Abeywardena to observe the faces of the audience, “the thousands of years of people advocating for peace, people organizing against nuclear weapons … against a war for oil.

And of course, no NYC Council meeting wouldn’t be complete without an attack on Donald Trump:

This time around, this guy who no doubt is crazy, disseminating fear in the nation by declaring war on Iran, and put [sic] the whole city, the whole nation, in danger.

Iran declared war on us in 1979, and has been waging it ever since, but never mind the facts.  Responding to acts of war puts cities and nations in danger—if done by a Republican.  Democrats mostly cower.  Oh, and anyone that doesn’t agree with the NYC City Council must, by definition, be crazy.  One might think this next bit from Rodriguez is almost sane, but no…

This conversation is not happening in the Midwest … Mayor de Blasio was part of the solidarity movement with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, was part of the movement organizing against nuclear weapons, so who will do this?

This conversation is not happening in the Midwest, because people there are, by and large, sane, and actually attend to their own business.  I’m not quite sure what supporting Nicaraguan Communists and “organizing against nuclear weapons,” has in common, but Rodriquez was upset that Mayor Bill de Blasio hasn’t taken the lead in this important initiative.

The kinds of lunatic initiatives, and intrusions on individual liberty, we see in every D/S/C-ruled city are a foretaste of what they have in mind for us should they ever gain control of every branch of government.  While this particular bit of political folly is primary idiotic rather than directly harmful, when people that hate you demonstrate their intention to act on that hatred, it’s always a good idea to believe them.

Reporter:  But there aren’t any nucs in NYC; there never have been!

Councilman:  Don’t thank me; thank the Advisory Committee.