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The end was known from the beginning, but the players strutted the stage, making pratfall after pratfall, always oblivious to their own stupidity as they took innumerable pies to the face, sat on whoopee cushions, and pulled down their own pants.  To paraphrase Shakespeare, the impeachment was full of sound and fury, signifying nothing—mostly.

Yesterday, President Donald John Trump was acquitted in the Senate.  The only pseudo surprise was that not a single Democrat joined in acquitting him, but then, Democrats tend to stick together, particularly when they’re attacking any Republican or doing something detrimental to the nation.  It was no surprise useful idiot Mitt Romney behaved like a useful idiot.  As I’m sure you’re aware, gentle readers, Romney voted to convict on the “abuse of power” article, spouting nonsense about how Mr. Trump’s actions constituted a galactic-level threat to existence.

Full disclosure:  I voted for Mitt Romney when he ran against Barack Obama.  I wrote some complimentary things about him, primarily because he has done selfless and noble things, not because I thought him a statesman.  That year, I would have voted for a ham sandwich against Barack Obama, who was, and remains, a danger to liberty.

Romney has revealed himself to be a cheap, unskilled politician.  Begging for the Secretary of State job, he was turned down by President Trump, in what now, like the removal of James Comey, turns out to have been a smart move indeed.  But Romney apparently could not overcome his anger and envy.  Trump not only got he job he should have gotten, he failed to recognize Romney’s self-imagined brilliance, so Mr. Romney pulled down his pants and mooned the President, his party and the nation, and for what?

D/S/Cs—which always includes the Media—have always hated Mitt Romney, and have treated him with the utmost scorn.  Oh, some are praising him for his rectitude, for his faithfulness to the Constitution—for the next five minutes.  They’ll remember him in the future because he gave them the gift of being able to crow the Republicans weren’t united in acquitting Mr. Trump.  What a grand distinction, something to add to future resumes.  One rule of life should be embraced by all: when Adam Schiff—or The New York Times–praises your integrity and dedication to the Constitution you’ve sunk to the lowest reaches of Hell.

No doubt the voters of Utah, hardy, rational folk, though Romney a known quantity, a safe choice.  Romney is likely to have an unpleasant time in the halls of Congress in the future.  If the voters of Utah are as rational as they seem, Mr. Romney might want to take up residence in one of his many palatial estates elsewhere in the nation.  I hear California has nice weather.

One almost has to feel sorry for the D/S/Cs.  It all looked so easy.  They had the man; all they had to do was manufacture a crime.  Call Trump a Russian plant, whip up a phony dossier, engage the all-too-willing DOJ, FBI, CIA and every organ of the deep state, and not only would Trump be emasculated, they’d be able to drive him from office in short order.  Just to be safe, they got Robert Mueller and his posse of Clinton donors to wrap the impeachment package up in a neat little red bow.  Then the bow unraveled.

No matter how hard they tried—and they tried very hard—they couldn’t find any evidence Trump did anything wrong.  Whoda thunk it?  So Mueller’s flunkies wrote a report that essentially said “OK. so we didn’t find any evidence evidence, but Trump’s a poopyface.”  Oh, there was no joy in the Beltway that night; mighty Mueller had struck out.

What to do? What to do?  By George, they had it!  They’d bring Mueller before Congress and he’d spill the beans that hadn’t already drained out of the package.  They’d get Trump that way for sure, until it became embarrassingly clear Robert Mueller was far past his sell-by date.  Mueller was never in charge.  He was merely a doddering figurehead, obviously unfit for any intellectual pursuit, and there was wailing, gnashing of teeth and tearing of garments.

The call went out to Deep State operatives everywhere, and particularly in the National Insecurity Council: get Trump!  And Eric Ciaramella (Eric Ciaramella, Eric Ciaramella, Eric Ciaramella!) answered the siren call of Trump and America hatred.  The phone call to Ukraine would do it.  Why, Trump might just resign in fear!  And then he released the transcript, and another transcript, and D/S/Cs had no choice but to lay down on the impeachment bed even though they knew it had been on fire before Trump’s inauguration.

They hated Trump with a deranging passion, so they could not imagine that everyone else in America would not hate him.  They knew they’d never convict him, but at least they could damage him so much he’d never get reelected.  Rep. Al Green was right: they had to impeach him, because if they didn’t, he’d get reelected!  Daily “bombshells” exploded with all the force of a wet 4th of July firecracker, and Americans, hearing about the latest, daily scandalous Trump scandal—we’re not kidding this time, it’s a really scandalous scandal–changed to the Cooking Channel, anything to diminish the brain damage.

In the meantime, Trump did not fall apart.  He did not meekly submit.  He did not sequester himself in the White House and do nothing.  Above all, he did not politely and meekly turn the other cheek. He fought back, pushed his agenda and achieved more in three years than most presidents achieve in eight.  He has rebuilt the military and the judiciary, and stands poised to transmogrify the Supreme Court into a solidly constitutional rather than political institution.  Despite their best efforts to resist him at every turn, Trump racked up win after win.  Most galling, his achievements actually helped America, and exposed every D/S/C failing.  Who knew capitalism and liberty could produce such great results?  The most racist president in history had done more for minorities than any president since Lincoln.  Worst of all, he had all but totally dismantled everything Barack Obama did, which for Normal Americans is a very good thing.  He put more money in American’s bank accounts, dramatically reduced regulations, helped business, enhanced individual liberty, and in general, exposed D/S/Cs for the anti-America, anti-liberty, anti-sanity maroons they are.  America is not tired of all the winning, but D/S/Cs certainly are.

In his SOTU address Mr. Trump observed that the only victories in Washington that matter are the victories that deliver for the American people.  When he said that, it took little imagination to see congressional D/S/Cs burning and hissing like vampires exposed to sunlight.  For them, the only victories that matter are those that crush their political enemies, Normal Americans foremost among them.

From October until now, Mr. Trump’s favorability rating rose from 39% to 49%, an all time high—higher than that of Barack “the Messiah” Obama at the same time in his presidency—and that during the height of impeachment fervor.  Actually, Mr. Trump can thank Schiff and Nadler for that.  The more the public saw of them, and particularly of Schiff, the more they liked Donald Trump.  They wrote his tweets for him, and provided more campaign commercial footage than he could have bought in his wildest dreams.

D/S/Cs have earned their current plight.  The Iowa caucuses are a continuing disaster, and few have noticed Trump had the highest turnout for a candidate of any party in history in Iowa—the D/S/C media is certainly not going to mention that. No matter what happens, it’s clear the DNC is, once again, going to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the nomination.  They’re at least smart enough to know a Sanders nomination is electoral doom, even though the rest of their candidates are Sanders-lite at best.  A rancorous brokered convention is in their future, only this time, they’ll hate Trump more than God—quite the accomplishment. Nancy Pelosi behaved like a spoiled child at the SOTU, ripping up the bad orange man’s speech, Joe Biden is in a terminal tailspin (they know he’s mentally failing, and their mindless pursuit of Trump has dealt his candidacy a death blow), and even John Kerry and Hillary Clinton are thinking themselves the D/S/C’s saviors.  D/S/Cs are going to suck up as much of Michael Bloomberg’s money as they can, but when all is said and done, the nominee is probably going to be Michelle Obama.  Why do you think Barack the Messiah hasn’t endorsed anyone?  Perhaps I’m wrong, but hey, if it isn’t a gay mayor’s turn, isn’t it a Black woman’s turn?  After all, America has to prove it’s isn’t sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and every other ist and phobic imaginable.  Maybe Buttigieg can become trans and get a suntan?

Multiple IG reports have exposed at least part of the most destructive actual scandal in American history, and that cover is still being pulled back.  More than a few D/S/Cs are up to their necks in the coup attempt, and are desperate to hide their involvement.

What next?  D/S/Cs will continue to investigate everything they can.  They’ll get Deep State stooges to testify post-acquittal that Trump is bad, really, really bad, and they’ll scream “See! See!  We told you!  We told you!  We were right all along!  You’re all stupid Deplorables!”

They’ll continue to scream the acquittal wasn’t an acquittal because they said so, nanner nanner boo boo!  They’ll do all they can to smear Trump, mostly to distract the public from the results and revelations of the coming Durham investigation.  They just might be stupid enough to try to impeach Trump again.  If they keep the House in 2020, America will be an all impeachment, all the time, reality show.

But above it all, Donald Trump, the bad orange man, continues to make D/S/Cs praise terrorists and generally shoot themselves in the foot.  Holding up two newspapers at the National Prayer Breakfast, mere feet from Nancy Pelosi, was a particularly satisfying gesture.  

Trump even continues to make D/S/Cs promise to take away American’s medical insurance and spend the nation, and the world, into bankruptcy.  What’s not to like about that?  You have to break a few nations, and millions of lives, to make a socialist utopia.

Politics, particularly D/S/C politics, is a dirty business.  When it’s driven by hatred, it’s particularly stupid and ugly.  Americans, for the first time, are seeing the D/S/C portrait of Dorian Gray unfiltered, up close and personal, and it’s more ugly–and stupid–than imagined.