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Just how much immunity from the consequences of one’s actions does being Black, gay, and a pal of the Obamas buy?

CNN—The two Trump supporting white supremacists picked out of a police lineup by Empire actor Jussie Smollett were sentenced to 25 years in prison Tuesday. Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx said. “It is a great day for social justice.  We will not tolerate white supremacy in Chigago.  Long live the resistance.”

Convicted felons John Jones and Sam Smith have maintained their innocence despite the overwhelming evidence provided by Smollett, who was seen to shed a tear as the sentence was handed down.  “I’m just glad they’ll never have the chance to do to another tuna sandwich carrying, gay, black actor what they did to me,” he said in an MSNBC interview.

Representative Maxine Waters, speaking at a resistance rally, blamed President Trump:  “White supremacy is on the march in this country, and it’s all Trump’s fault!  We are not going to let the racists win!”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, speaking to a group of supporters outside her House office noted, for the second time: “we’re going to impeach the mother f****r!”

That’s the way it could have gone—would have gone—if the Chicago police were less professional, if the Democrat machine got to them just a little earlier. Instead, it went this way:

Smollett, who posed with fans outside the courthouse, thanked his friends and family for standing by him. He also thanks the state of Illinois for ‘attempting to what’s right.’

‘Not for a moment was it in vain. I’ve been truthful and consistent on every level since day one,’ he said.  ‘I would not be my mother’s son if I was capable of one drop of what I was accused of.’

Smollett called the attack and the months that followed ‘an incredibly difficult time.’

‘Honestly, one of the worst of my entire life,’ he said.  ‘But I am a man of faith and I’m a man that has knowledge of my history and I would not bring my family our lives, or the movement into a fire like this. I just wouldn’t . Now I’d like nothing more than to just get back to work and move on with my life. But make no mistake I will always continue to fight for justice, equality and betterment of marginalized people everywhere.

A noble, noble fellow, this Jussie Smollett.  We can all rest easier knowing he is fighting the good fight for “marginalized people everywhere,” people like wealthy, gay black actor pals of the Obamas.

As regular readers know, I first wrote about this case in Jussie Smollett: It’s Hard Being Anti-LGBQWERTY, White Supremacist, MAGA, Trump Racists!   where I explained, from the point of view of experienced police officers, Smollett’s story was an obvious racialist hoax of the all too common kind.  President Trump has established such a climate of white supremacist, MAGA, racist hate that black people, including gay black actors, are forced to concoct outlandish racist hoaxes featuring the white supremacist, MAGA racist haters they just know are out there because Trump, but somehow don’t turn up to commit the hate crimes they just know they want to commit.

A short time later, in Jussie Smollett: Too Much To Ask Of Racist Haters  I reported on the results of the police investigation and Smollett’s arrest.  He was eventually charged with 16 felony counts. I wrote, in part:

Superintendent Johnson was involved because in Chicago, and in all cities controlled by Democrats, race is all consuming.  He has it partially wrong. Smollett didn’t take advantage of ‘the pain and anger of racism to promote his career.’   Smollett is just one of many who think their race, and the knee-jerk socialist political support it sparks, makes him invulnerable to consequences.  He was probably trying to promote his career, but that is only possible not because of the pain and anger of racism, but because of the racial grievance industry, willingly aided and abetted by a media driven not by the truth, but by favored socialist narratives, and for more than two years, a deranged desire to blame every purported ill of American life—and the world–on Donald Trump.

And now, as I’m sure you’re aware gentle readers, Smollett has walked.  Black Prosecutor—not prosecutor who happens to be Black—Kim Foxx, who recused herself, but didn’t actually recuse herself, has dropped all charges.  In exchange—sort of—Smollett forfeited his $10,000 dollar bond, and served 16 hours of “community service.”  And what was this community service?  He hung out at the headquarters of Jesse Jackson’s racialist shakedown racket for a couple of days.  But that’s not the best part, no.  All of the files have been purged and sealed, hiding all the machinations that led up to Smollett’s slide.  Nothing relating to the hoax will show up on his record.  Smollett has admitted nothing, and his attorneys and various other racialists have proclaimed him innocent and the victim of evil white racists.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, appeared before TV camera to proclaim themselves surprised and horrified by this miscarriage—actually noncarriage—of justice.  They were actually saying Smollett should have been prosecuted!  Or were they?  Only a few days later, Hizzhonor was blaming President Trump:

The mayor called Chicago a ‘Trump-free zone’…

‘Let me be clear about something. The only reason Jussie Smollett thought he could take advantage of a hoax about a hate crime is because of the environment, the toxic environment that Donald Trump created,’ Emanuel said.

‘This is a president who drew a moral equivalency between people who are trying to perpetuate bigotry and those who are trying to fight bigotry.’

The mayor continued: ‘He’s created a toxic environment and now he’s created a toxic, vicious cycle in my view. The only reason Jussie Smollett thought he could get away with this hoax about a hate crime is because of the environment President Trump created.’

Since a particularly nasty and ruthless socialist/Democrat mayor of Chicago said it, it must be true!  What’s that you say?  Innumerable race hoaxes were perpetrated before Mr. Trump took office and created any “environment?”  They were done while Barack Obama was president?  Oh. Well that’s different because shut up and Trump.

We have also discovered that lawyer Tina Tchen, a former Michelle Obama bundler and chief of staff, directly intervened with Foxx:  

Public records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Timesshowed that Tchen sent Foxx an early-morning text on Feb. 1 saying she ‘wanted to give you a call on behalf of Jussie Smollett and family who I know. They have concerns about the investigation.’ Three days earlier, Smollett had said two men attacked him on the way home.

Later that day, the Sun-Times reported that a relative of Smollett sent Foxx a text, sparking a relationship that eventually led to Foxx recusing herself from the investigation and prosecution. Foxx also was shown to have emailed Tchen: ‘Spoke to [Chicago Police] Superintendent [Eddie] Johnson. I convinced him to reach out to FBI to ask that they take over the investigation. He is reaching out now and will get to me shortly.

The lovely and invaluable Michelle Malkin has more on this.  

What happened?  Let us get one issue out of the way: there is no way Emanuel was unaware of this.  Democrat Chicago mayors—is there any other kind? The last Republican left office in 1931 (88 years ago)—rule with an exceedingly corrupt and iron hand.  Foxx could not have done this without his knowledge and consent.

But what about Superintendent Johnson?  Well, he’s black.  You racist! What does that have to do with anything?  Quite a bit, actually.  Racial politics are always a potent factor in Chicago, and so is preventing the police from actually policing favored victim groups, like Black criminals.  No one is going to be appointed police superintendent these days unless he—or she—is politically reliable, which means ardent socialists.  Being Black, gay, or a member of some other favored victim group is also a major qualification.  Oh, like Johnson, they will pretend to be on the side of the officers that actually do the ever- decreasing work they’re allowed to do, and they’ll give speeches about the unconscionable murder and crime rates, but they’re allowed to do and say only what Hizzhonor approves.  Do not make the mistake of thinking Johnson has any power to do what the mayor does not want done, or to change the outcome of this case in any way.  Like Ms. Foxx, he is a black superintendent, not a superintendent who happens to be black.  Did he know what Foxx was going to do, even approve of it despite what he’s saying now?  That’s the smart bet.  It’s hard to imagine honest, independent cops could become Chicago Police Superintendents.

But what about the Police Union?

The president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police [Kevin Graham] said it’s ‘very hard’ for law enforcement officials to hear that charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett were dropped. He said this isn’t over. [skip]

Yes it is, at least in Chicago.

Chicago has experienced dramatic increases in violence over the last two years. Graham said law enforcement and Chicagoans are ‘upset.’

Perhaps they should stop electing Democrats then?  Actually, that’s not quite fair.  Democrats have always found enough votes to defeat any Republican since 1931.  In Chicago, the dead, illegal immigrants, and nonexistent people vote, early and often.  The fact is, Graham has less power than Johnson, and rank and file cops are very, very low on the list of any Democrat’s concerns.  In fact, the two Black female candidates vying to replace Emanuel are finding themselves in something of a pickle.  They have to promise justice and relief from rampant violence, while also appeasing the social justice warriors that live on violence and racial strife, and celebrate Smollett’s victory over the forces of normal Americans, deplorables small-minded enough to think a two-tiered justice system wrong.

Jussie Smollett, “elite” by virtue of being black, gay, well off, an actor, and a friend of the Obamas and other similar people famous for being famous has benefitted from his membership in multiple favored victim and political association groups. He, a poor human being in deed, has been steeped in social justice and come out dry and shining.

President Trump—and normal Americans–is not impressed. Supposedly the FBI is looking into the situation, and because Smollett mailed a fake threat to himself, mail fraud might be a possibility.  I’m sure there are other laws that might be applied.  If the feds want you, they’re going to get you. Smollett is likely legitimately guilty of multiple federal crimes.  Because prosecutors have broad discretion and immunity, it’s unlikely Foxx will face charges, but again, if the feds way you…  Now we wait and see if the federal system remains two-tiered or if President Trump and AG Barr can change the status quo.  Circa 2019, does social justice rule in America–it certainly does in Chicago–or the rule of law?