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When I wrote Kavanaugh: Justice Or Social Justice just days ago, I did not intend to argue a non-existent criminal case.  Non-existent because not only has the statue of limitations on any possible crime expired decades ago, there would have been no crime because everyone involved was a juvenile.  Such matters are handled in the juvenile, not the criminal, justice system.  It was also self-evident that the complaint by Christine Blaesy Ford was not a sincere attempt to secure justice, but a political delay and smear tactic.

Ford, who said she did not want to come forward, but is now willing to come forward, but only if no one asks her any real questions other than “how can we help your deal with your pain?”  But that’s not all, as Fox New reports:  

Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor claiming Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her more than 35 years ago, late Tuesday demanded a ‘full investigation’ by the FBI before she attends any congressional hearing or ‘interrogation’ into her accusations.

I’ll observe, at this point, only that the FBI does not investigate local crimes, except for certain specific exceptions such as kidnapping, or violations of certain federal laws, none of which are alleged in this case.

In response, Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, who said Ford is still invited to speak to the committee, countered that ‘nothing the FBI or any other investigator does would have any bearing on what Dr. Ford tells the committee, so there is no reason for any further delay.

Mr. Grassley is quite correct.  Even if the FBI were stupid enough to deal with this issue, which is certainly possible these days, all they’d be able to do is repeat, second hand, what Ford would have to say.  There is no possibility of criminal charges, then and now.

Lisa Banks, one of Ford’s lawyers, told CNN that her client ‘will talk to the committee,’ but she is not prepared for the hearing on Monday.

Ford is very much playing the victim.  Her attorneys are arguing that she should not be subjected to questioning, and praising her bravery while arguing that it is she, who by making an accusation, is being subjected to unconscionable suffering.  Why doesn’t everyone just shut up, get rid of Kavanaugh already, and feel her pain?  And where’s her book deal with a multi-million dollar advance?

While Dr. Ford’s life was being turned upside down, you and your staff scheduled a public hearing for her to testify at the same table as Judge Kavanaugh in front of two dozen U.S. Senators on national television to relive this traumatic and harrowing incident,’ Ford’s attorneys wrote to Grassley.

Uh, not quite:

But Republicans on the Judiciary Committee directly disputed that claim Tuesday night, writing in a statement that Ford had been offered a chance to testify privately, and had never been told she would need to sit near Kavanaugh.

But, but…

In the letter, Ford’s lawyers went on to assert that Ford’s family ‘was forced to relocate out of their home’ and that ‘her email has been hacked, and she has been impersonated online.’

‘The hearing was scheduled for six short days from today and would include interrogation by Senators who appear to have made up their minds that she is ‘mistaken’ and ‘mixed up.’ While no sexual assault survivor should be subjected to such an ordeal, Dr. Ford wants to cooperate with the Committee and with law enforcement officials.

The Facts:

Sen. Diane Feinstein has had Ford’s information since at least July.  It is certain multiple other Democrats were also read in.  Why didn’t they bring this up in multiple opportunities to question Kavanaugh? Why didn’t they involve the FBI months ago, I mean, apart from the reality that the FBI doesn’t investigate such things?  Why did they wait until mere days before the committee’s scheduled vote on Cavanaugh’s confirmation?

Let’s review what we know about the case.  According to Ford, the incident happened sometime in the 1980s, somewhere in Maryland, in some house, at some time–maybe summer vacation, maybe not.  Ford has no idea at whose home it took place.  She was blind drunk, and has no idea how she got to the place she can’t identify, nor how she got home.  She remembers it was a party.

As Ford tells the story, only Brett Kavanaugh, then 17, and Mark Judge, also around that age, were present, and both were drunk.  Ford says she did not know them, but knew only they were from an “elitist boy’s school.” It was apparently only sometime, many years, perhaps decades, later, she somehow came to believe it was Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is said to have gotten on top of Ford on a bed, and fondled her through her clothes.  Kavanaugh and Judge, during this fondling, were “laughing maniacally” (cue Dr. Evil maniacal laughter soundtrack).  Ford, who remembers nothing else, is certain Kavanaugh was trying to disrobe and rape her, and might even kill her.  Judge jumped on both of them—was he trying to rape Kavanaugh?—everyone fell off the bed, and Ford “escaped.”  From there, everything about the story becomes ephemeral.

Kavanaugh has unambiguously noted this incident did not happen, and he has never done anything like it, in the 1980s or thereafter.  Judge also is adamant the incident never occurred.  To rational people, no amount of “investigation” will elicit a different story.  Even Diane Feinstein now appears confused:  

[Ford] is a woman that has been, I think, profoundly impacted. On this . . . I can’t say that everything is truthful. I don’t know,’ Feinstein told reporters on Capitol Hill when asked if she believed the allegation.

Feinstein can pretend to be circumspect now.  The accusation has had its intended effect of delay, and the damage continues to spread.

Ford has claimed this incident essentially destroyed her for many years, yet she told no one, including her husband, until 2012 when they engaged in couple’s therapy.  The therapist’s notes say Ford then said four people were present, which Ford now says is the therapist’s mistake.  Ford also says she worried that Kavanaugh would one day become a Supreme Court Justice, and though she did not want her accusation to go public, took a polygraph, which according to her attorneys, she “passed.”  Through her attorneys, Ford is now saying there was a fifth person present.  That person, Patrick J. Smyth, a classmate of Kavanaugh’s, is not helpful to Ford’s story or credibility:

I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.

I speak now, gentle readers, as an experienced investigator who not only investigated many sexual crimes against women, but was more than willing to believe them—if the evidence supported their stories.  Unfortunately, in my experience, as many as 50% of rape claims I investigated, or which were known to me, were false, and I speak only of rape claims not clearly politically motivated.  They were false not because I was unwilling to “take their pain seriously,” but because they ultimately confessed to their deception, and the evidence, and lack of evidence, supported those confessions.  The cases that were true and provable were prosecuted, though not all were won.  Some people just make poor witnesses; they’re not believable.

Who, deciding they never want an incident like this to be known, sends information to the leakiest institution in the world–other than the DOJ or FBI–hires an attorney or two, and takes a polygraph prior to not testifying?

What girl or woman, subjected to an attempted rape, would say nothing?  Who would not be in an emotional state observable by people—girls—innately able to pick up on emotional states?  Who would not speak with her friends to at least try to find out where she had been, what they knew or saw, who was present and how she got home? Who would not ask around to try to discover who tried to rape her?  Who would not ask her friends what they knew and observed?  And whose female friends would not have noticed Ford’s terror and emotional state after she was attacked?  What kind of girls would say nothing about that ever after?  Ford was at a party?  How many other people were there?  Did none of them see, or later hear of, anything?  How would that be possible in any known teenage society?

The answer is it is not possible; none of that makes any sort of sense.  An event like that, even if Ford said nothing, would be noticed by other girls and would be the talk of the school for days, even weeks.  Yet we are expected to believe Ford made no attempt to fill in the blanks.  She did not drive around to find the house or ask anyone whose home it was.  She didn’t tell her parents.  She said nothing to girlfriends.  Nonsense.  Women talk about such things.  Women talk about significant feelings, and events, in their lives.  Ford has presented this as a very significant event in her life.

This was posted, and promptly taken down, but not before it went viral and its intended purpose was served.  What follows, as well as the disappearing tweet, would tend to tell a more credible story, and in Ford’s own words:

Any investigator would also review the elements of any potential crime, try to find evidence to fulfill those elements, each and every one being necessary to make an arrest and to secure a conviction.  In this case, even if it were promptly investigated, whenever it happened, there would have been no evidence.  There were, according to Ford–sort of–no witnesses other than Kavanaugh and Judge. There would be no physical evidence, no documentary evidence.  According to Ford, she told no one and no one noticed her emotional state, so there would not even be any second or third hand witnesses.  There would only be the drunken statement of a 15 year-old girl, who apparently did not know her attacker until some decades later.

Fast forward more than three decades into the future, and add in the fact that Ford is a Democrat activist, more than merely someone that votes for Democrats, who has recently scrubbed her social media presence.  Factor in too, that what would have been, at best, a juvenile matter, is off the table due to the statute of limitations.  The FBI does not investigate local matters, and absolutely not juvenile matters, nor should they ever investigate political matters, and they have intensively investigated Judge Kavanaugh no less than six times already. If they did such investigations, the FBI would need to be larger than the sum total of all police agencies. This is also not the kind of case even local police can handle.  There is nothing for them to investigate.  But handed such a case, they would at least try to determine the “victim’s” motives.

In this case, those motives are unambiguous.  Democrats are trying to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice. They have said so, and everything they have done reflects that intention. They are willing to use any tactic to accomplish it.  They, at the least, intend to delay any vote until after November in the hope they can seize the House and the Senate, and thereby prevent the seating of any judge willing to decide cases on the law and the Constitution.  In so doing, they will establish a precedent that makes it forever more impossible for any other than progressive judges—an oxymoron—to be seated on any court.

Did something happen to Ms. Ford more than 30 years ago, or was it merely a drunken delusion?  Is she lying, or does she actually believe what she says? Is this a false, “recovered” memory? Are her motives honorable or political?

We don’t know.  Given the circumstances, we can’t know.  This is so on purpose.

We do know the accusation, by chance or design, is so vague as to be fictional.  It cannot be so much as placed in a given year.  It cannot be proved or falsified.  For the purposes of Democrats, it need be neither.  We do know the effects of the accusation, and the intentions of Ford and Congressional Democrats.  What remains to be known is whether the United States Senate will be unable to confirm supremely qualified and honorable Supreme Court nominees upon any unsupportable, decades old accusation foisted upon us by Democrats, or whether adults are in charge in the supposed “greatest deliberative body.”

Any “victim” must tell the truth, and the whole truth, and more than once.  Their credibility must be assessed, and the accused afforded the rights to know the charges, to have the evidence for their defense and to confront the accuser.  This may not be foregone if we wish to retain the presumption of innocence and the rule of law.  Ford doesn’t want to tell her story without all manner of conditions designed to deny all of the rights of the accused, and at a time of her choosing?  That alone would lead any competent investigator to think her a fraud.  That would tell them Ford was not the victim of a crime, but a political operative.

Decent, honorable Americans would allow anyone that chooses to take Ford’s pain seriously, but they would not make public policy decisions on that basis.  Democrats, that’s another story.

UPDATE, 09-19-18 1930 CST:  Christina King Miranda, the woman who claimed to have contemporary knowledge about the Ford/Kavanaugh situation but almost immediately deleted her social media contribution, explains:

One might be excused for thinking “its purpose” was providing her with 15 minutes of fame.  It does, however, sound as though she has since discovered it’s more like 15 minutes of infamy:

So she doesn’t know anything about anything, but she supports Ford.  That would make her original statement what we in police work used to call a “lie.”  Of course these days, when an accusation against anyone Democrats hate is made, I’m sure such things are properly categorized as fake but accurate.

More support like that, and even Democrats might start turning on Ford…naaaaah.