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The Trayvon Martin the Media wants you to remember

In Update 52: Resting In Power, Episode 1, I concluded, in part, with this:

The first episode was nothing more than social justice agitprop.  It was the well-known Trayvon Martin narrative, having little to nothing to do with the facts of the case.  [skip]

There seems little doubt where this series is going. The only question is likely to be how far the directors go into social justice wonderland, how well they do their best to keep the racial pot stirred, and how badly they ignore the evidence that legitimately acquitted George Zimmerman in a court where everything, including the judge, was arrayed against him.

Trayvon Martin

There is now no doubt about the crockumentary.  The final episode wallowed in the social justice narrative: Trayvon Martin was murdered in cold blood by a white-Hispanic racist brute who profiled him because he was black, wore a hoodie and was carrying Skittles–what greater symbol of innocence and virtue could there be?– ruthlessly hunted him down and shot him in the heart.  The not guilty verdict was the result of a criminal justice system, and a country, that is entirely racist.  Black people cannot get justice in America.  It ignored fact, evidence, reality itself.  The imagery was almost entirely deceptive and manipulative, as was the commentary, much of which relied on the overtly dramatic Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin’s estranged parents, who are now operating the Trayvon Martin Foundation for their own profit.  Also figuring prominently were Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump, and other race hustlers, black and white.

Oh yes, and the NRA, “stand your ground” laws, and President Trump, despite being a private citizen until years after Trayvon Martin’s death, are also responsible, as are all white people and anyone else that does not agree with the crockumentary.  Whatever mote of subtlety the directors had was gone by the 6thepisode.

One issue from the first episode deserves mention.  Sabrina Fulton, early in the hour, solemnly intoned:

They can’t account for 71 seconds and is changed America.

As one of the few writers that exhaustively covered this case,I still have no idea what she was talking about.  The case had no missing 71 seconds.  This assertion was not raised at trial by the prosecution or defense, and apart from Fulton’s fizzled social justice narrative bomb, it was never mentioned again.

The Final Hour

The opening imagery and continuing theme was that George Zimmerman is a dangerous madman.  Black Lives Matter made an obligatory appearance with brief spasms of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and the immeasurably noble Colin Kaepernick, quickly followed by photos of what were implied to be white supremacists with a Donald Trump make America great again voiceover.

Jaharvis Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s brother, solemnly intoned:

I trusted the system would work, and it didn’t.

Which is true only if he was referring to the social justice system.  The criminal justice system worked as it should

Stand your ground laws were quickly attacked, and the NRA savaged:

the NRA had its thumb on the scales of justice in that jury booth,

an assertion as insupportable as it is entirely irrelevant to the facts of the case.

The prosecutors
Credit: ABC News

This was followed by a brief excerpt of a post-trial interview with prosecutors Angela Corey and Bernie de la Rionda, who respectively called Zimmerman “lucky” and a “murderer,” which pretty much summed up their view of maintaining the integrity of the criminal justice system.  Mark O’Mara made another brief appearance to note the verdict had nothing to do with civil rights, which, following the defense trial strategy of telling the truth, told the truth.  This is no doubt why Barack Obama made a fast appearance, engaged in some race baiting, and was last seen to be bowing his head, which was beatifically framed, as in a halo, with the presidential seal.

The directors couldn’t resist aging communist and anti-American criminal Angela Davis who said:

This was a time when we had to create justice for ourselves.

A longer segment followed where the directors admitted they hired a private investigator to follow and harry Zimmerman, but immediately followed this with various news accounts of Zimmerman’s post trial difficulties.  They eventually admitted, using small text onscreen, that none of those incidents resulted in a conviction of any sort.

The Eric Garner caswas given a longer treatment, and Al Sharpton appeared to race bait the Michael Brown case again, as did Benjamin Crump who quickly resurrected the entirely false Brown narrative, including the “hands up; don’t shoot” which never happened.

Joy Reid appeared to note “they [the police] were unleashing militaristic violence on these communities,” over video and photos of officers in riot gear in Ferguson, MO.  The theme was noble black youth were fighting back against the man.  The crockumentary neglected to mention those officers were present in response to riot, looting, arson, and a variety of other violent felonies.  Crump briefly appeared again to bring up the idea that black Americans are the victims of genocide, and we learned that Colin Kaepernick “sanctified himself.”

White author Michael Skolnick informed us we have been brainwashed into believing we aren’t racist.  The implication being all socially justice people know we are.  This was followed by a very brief clip of conservative author Katie Pavlich noting that the BLM movement supports the murder of police officers, an indisputable fact the crockumentary took a few seconds to deny.

This was followed by the outrage of President Trump saying all lives matter, and to belabor the point, “Author/philosopher” Phillip Yancy assured us white people can’t admit they’re racist.  Presumably this is particularly true of those that are not racist?

Dylann Roof, a racist, insane dimwit was asserted to be representative of white people.  And did you know, gentle readers, Donald Trump announced for president only one day–a single day!–before Roof killed black people?!  The directors actually presented that unrelated event as causative of Roof’s attack.

Christopher Serino

There was a brief interlude noting that many officers of the Sanford Police Department were left badly stressed. Many resigned, and Chris Serino died not long afterward at the age of 49.  There are consequences when the cruel and thoughtless play social justice.

But this was immediately followed by one Mark Caputo, a white politician who spoke of 2016 election “backlash.”  He asserted that the “raw, racial issues” benefitted Donald Trump, not the Democrat Party in Florida.  This was illustrated with images of gun shops and a Confederate flag. This was rather a slow motion backlash, apparently, as Zimmerman was acquitted in July of 2013.  It’s always been my impression blacklashes tend to occur rather contemporaneously with the events against which they “lash,” but I’m a brainwashed white guy who can’t admit he’s a racist, so what do I know?

Change scene to a Washington DC Senate hearing on stand your ground laws.  Sybrina Fulton informed us we must do away with them, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz was onscreen only long enough to note  “stand your ground was not a defense George Zimmerman raised.”  Ms. Fulton sadly noted SYG laws were not repealed by the Congress, but the crockumentary neglected to mention the congress can’t repeal state laws, to say nothing of the fact the several states are not inclined to repeal them.

We were then treated to photos of Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin chumming with Barack Obama at the White House, and the happy information that Fulton worked for the Hillary Clinton Campaign.  Ms. Fulton informed us election day “…was very quiet, very sad,” which was illustrated by what were apparently supposed to be more white supremacists. Why else could Hillary Clinton possibly have lost?

It was time for a “pile on Donald Trump” interlude.  Fulton noted “Trump has divided the country more than it has ever been.”  Jeff Robinson informed one and all that Trump is a racist, and we learned white racists did not exist until Trump ran for office.  The point, of course, is that everything, particularly Trayvon Martin’s death and racism in general, is Trump’s fault.

The directors returned to the earlier minor theme of their hiring of a PI to harass Zimmerman.  The poor PI was feeling intimidated because Zimmerman didn’t like being hounded and sent him some threatening voicemails and e-mails.  The poor man tried to get a restraining order against the man he was hired to hound, but it was apparent to the judge what was going on and he denied it.  This was followed by the assertion “it’s gotta be scary to live in Florida” apparently because George Zimmerman may still live there.

No social justice crockumentary would be complete these days without bringing up the Parkland, FL shootings, tied into more attacks on the NRA, and more attacks on the SYG law that had no role whatever in the Martin case. The directors neglected to observe an interesting parallel; Trayvon Martin was the beneficiary of school administrators who shelter criminals and endanger honest students, just as the Parkland killer was.

Credit: newversenews@blogspot.com

The hour concluded with the assertion that the “deck was stacked in favor of George Zimmerman and not an innocent black teenager like Trayvon Martin.”  Finally, Ms. Fulton informed us “I cannot remove the color of my skin.”

Final Thoughts:

Why would anyone so blatantly lie about an unremarkable, textbook case of self-defense, a case that under normal circumstances would have seen no more than slight local interest and news coverage?  Money and political power.  Does any sentient being really think Barack Obama and his Obamites cared one whit about Trayvon Martin?  Does anyone think Benjamin Crump and Al Sharpton’s great love for humanity compel them to scream “racism,” “hoodie” and “Skittles” across the land?

George Zimmerman on a happier day…

George Zimmerman could not possibly be innocent because the social justice narrative could not allow it.  If the rule of law is allowed to determine such outcomes, social justice is exposed as the racist fraud it is. Zimmerman must have been guilty because race, brainwashed white people, NRA, stand your ground and TRUMP!!!  That race, NRA, stand your ground, brainwashed white people and Trump had nothing whatever to do with the case is irrelevant, indeed, it’s evidence of even greater racism because white people can’t admit it!

Since his acquittal, George Zimmerman has apparently not been a poster boy for praiseworthy behavior, but regardless of the best efforts of social justice warriors and the media (I know, one in the same), he has not been convicted of any crime.  The social justice narrative continues to fail.  After six episodes that mercilessly hammered the same false themes, the facts remain.

Trayvon Martin, drugged on pot, was casing a home that had recently been burglarized.  He didn’t know that, but George Zimmerman, who chanced on him while on his way to the grocery store, did.  Zimmerman did not approach him, but called the police, who twice asked him to keep an eye on Martin and keep them informed about what he was doing.  When Martin ran off, Zimmerman followed, only to try to keep him in sight.  Rather than running to his temporary home–he had plenty of time–and never being seen again, chose to hide in the rain, confronted Zimmerman, sucker punched and broke his nose, knocking him to the ground.  He straddled Zimmerman, raining blows on him in MMA “ground and pound” style, as an eyewitness testified, and repeatedly beating his head into a concrete sidewalk. Reasonably fearing he would be killed, Zimmerman fired a single shot.  He cooperated fully and without an attorney with the police, who recognized he acted in self-defense, and so did the jury.

But that reality, that evidence, those facts, would not serve to stir up racial hate, nor provide a continuing payday.  Trayvon Martin, a teenaged criminal on a steep downward slide, a teenager no one should emulate, attacked the wrong person and paid for his mistake.  For that, he will forever be a holy social justice martyr, and the cash keeps flowing.

The SMM Trayvon Martin archive is available here.  The crockumentary series is Updates 52-57.