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It’s always good to see celebrities behaving well. Perhaps her military service was an influence, as it is for so many.  Or perhaps Gal Godot is just a good human being.  At the very least, she’s convincingly playing the part, as Fox News reports:

Gal Gadot donned her fake superhero outfit to do some real-world heroics over the weekend. The actress sported her costume from “Wonder Woman” to visit a children’s hospital.

The actress, 33, arrived to cheer up some of the kids being treated at Inova Children’s Hospital in Annadale, Va., according to Variety. The actress appeared in the 2016 hit ‘Wonder Woman’ for the DC comics extended universe (DCEU). She will appear again in ‘Wonder Woman 1984.

The star can be seen numerous photos from the occasion visiting children in the hospital sporting her costume. It’s unclear if she stayed in character for the kids, but the staff were clearly excited for the big event.

It appears stardom has not gone to Gadot’s head, as this excerpt from a GQ interview suggests (she’s home in Israel): 

At her neighborhood bakery, Gadot patiently translates literally the entire menu for me, without skipping or summarizing any items. ‘This is mushroom quiche, sweet-potato quiche, tomato-and-olives quiche, pretzel, cinnamon pretzel, pistachio-chocolate Danish, raspberry Danish, vanilla-and-raisins Danish, chocolate brioche, almond-chocolate brioche, just almond brioche, chocolate croissant, butter croissant, chocolate-and-almond croissant, which is wow…’ It takes a few minutes. She knows every employee of the bakery, as well as many of the patrons, and just about everyone in Israel comes up to say hello. The employees talk to her about yeast. Her hot husband swings by and kisses her on the lips. She has a long conversation with the son of a neighbor, regarding a fish recipe.

Perhaps one day, Godot will do or say something to disabuse me of the notion that she’s a class act–that’s all too common with celebrities–but for now, I’ll be seeing all of her movies, and thinking well of her.