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ObamaThat’s right, gentle readers: mark down this date. Michelle Obama has actually done something that is not obviously mean-spirited, angry, or overtly destructive to liberty, Americans or America. On the occasion of a presidential visit to Saudi Arabia due to the death of the old king and installation of the new, she did not bow to Islam and cover herself.

I would like to think this a well-considered, purposeful gesture to symbolize the sovereignty of America and the equality between the sexes for which it, in part, stands, but considering that Barack Obama is carrying Islam’s water in virtually every way, I suspect it was just a matter of the Obama’s innate belief that no rule, custom or law on Earth applies to them. This time, apparently neither of the Obamas bowed to the Saudi king, at least not in view of cameras.

In any case, for whatever reason, she did the right thing.  There.  I said it.  Actually, I never have a problem with giving credit where it is due.  Unfortunately in the First Lady’s case, that is so seldom.