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The face of evil, Wisconsin edition

There are some constants—besides death and taxes—upon which we can all depend.  Among them:

1) D/S/Cs hate America and Americans;

2) D/S/Cs love criminals of all nationalities;

3) D/S/Cs do all they can to make life easy for criminals;

4) D/S/Cs think criminals love them;

5) D/S/Cs think Normal Americans are helpless to oppose them;

6) D/S/Cs have another think coming.

One need research no further than 2016 to understand the trends.  With the potential election of Hillary Clinton, an even more stridently anti-liberty/gun politician than Barack Obama, Americans began buying guns again–Obama sparked a run on guns too—at an unprecedented pace.  They did it not only because they feared political assaults on the Second Amendment, but because by then, D/S/C politicians were beginning to say what they had, to that point, kept hidden: they were indeed coming for the guns of law-abiding Americans. 

By the 2020 election cycle, not only did every D/S/C primary candidate embrace gun control, some, particularly Beto O’Rourke, were absolutely explicit about their intentions.  Even the supposedly “moderate,” safe candidate, Joe Biden, was anything but moderate in his gun control promises, and in truth, Biden has always been a reliable gun control cracktivist.  

However, beginning in 2019, D/S/Cs unleashed their paramilitary arm—BLM and Antifa—on America’s blue cities.  They combined this with demands to decriminalize crime, defund/abolish the police, abolish jails and abolish bail.  Vice President Harris even helped raise bail for BLM/Antifa rioters, arsonists, looters and murderers.

Seattle’s exquisitely D/S/C mayor, the dim-witted Jenny Durkan, predicted the summer of 2020 in Seattle would be the “summer of love.”  That summer certainly experienced heat, but not from romance.

All of this was worsened by the evil efforts of a particularly evil man: George Soros.  Soros had, for years, been spending millions of his fortune to elect Marxist prosecutors for the express purpose of refusing to prosecute criminals.  Among them was the equally evil Milwaukee D.A., John Chisholm (header photo), who styles himself a leader among Marxist, anti-justice prosecutors nationwide.  He’s damned proud of it too:

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel back in 2007, the year he was elected, he admitted that bail reform ‘guaranteed’ that killers would be put back on the streets.

‘Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into [a] treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody?’ Chisholm said. ‘You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.’

Actually, dead bodies do tend to invalidate the “approach”–D/S/C philosophy/social justice–and Chisolm, but more on that shortly.  I need not reiterate the riots and general lawlessness, including a skyrocketing murder rate, that overtook red America from 2019 to the present.  Credible estimates put the property damage at some $2 billion dollars.  Innumerable small businesses were destroyed, never to reopen.  Criminals were not arrested for many crimes, and most of those that were walked out of jail with slight or no bail, and D/S/C prosecutors and judges dropped or dismissed charges on most.  Go here for a particularly disgusting, but representative, example of that kind of D/S/C malfeasance.

The rules of crime are simple: if you want more of it, convince criminals it’s open season on Normal Americans.  “Minor” offenses unpunished inevitably lead—and fast—to major offenses and a skyrocketing crime rate.

Normal Americans have responded, and fast:

Gun sales surged 65% in the month of October as this year’s [2021] figures show a continued ‘record firearm sales pace’ amid unrest and uncertainty, according to statistics released Monday.

An estimated 1.9 million firearms were sold in October this year, a 65% spike from the same month in 2019, according to data provided by Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting (SAAF), a research group that examines the raw data obtained from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS.

Just last month, the SAAF announced the number of guns sold from January to September 2020 — 16.7 million — had surpassed the previous annual high of 16.6 million firearms, which were sold from January to December 2016.

And who is buying all these guns?  Survivalists?  Gun nuts?  White supremacists, who all right—left—thinking people know are hiding under every bed and behind every tree?  Not so much:

The group’s [National Shooting Sports Foundation] analysis said, ‘8.4 million people bought a firearm for the first time in 2020. That’s 40% of all purchases. This year’s buyer is increasingly diverse too. Forty percent of 2020’s buyers were women and the biggest increase of any demographic category was among African Americans, who bought guns at a rate of 58% greater than in 2019.’

The numbers, and race and gender, of buyers continue to increase in 2021.  In other words, a great many Americans who never bought guns before, who voted for D/S/Cs and who always expected the police to protect them, are buying guns for the first time.  Even if they don’t know the police have no legal obligation to protect any individual, they understand the police can’t or won’t protect them, and the D/S/Cs for who they previously voted not only don’t want the police to exist, they want criminals to have free rein/reign, because we’re all racists, black people are helpless to avoid lives of crime–being immoral, stupid, and unable to know what to do unless D/S/Cs tell them–and D/S/Cs are so much smarter and more moral than us.

Notice the results of years of Gallup’s polling.  D/S/Cs, emboldened by their success in 2020, continue to want to disarm the law-abiding.  Their trend is upward because they’ve always known they can’t establish their utopia unless Americans are disarmed, and they think utopia is oh sooooooo close.  Republicans, on the other hand, are sane, and independent voters, exposed to the realities of D/S/C policies as never before, in ways that can’t be ignored, are rapidly sobering up, which ought to scare the hell out of D/S/Cs, but that would require accepting reality, so probably not.

The Minneapolis City Council and allied D/S/C lunatics managed to get a measure before the public that would have abolished the Minneapolis Police Department entirely.  As crime predictably has gone out of control in that blue city, it didn’t work out as they hoped:

Minneapolis voters struck down a proposed charter amendment that would have eliminated the city’s police department and replaced it with a public safety agency.

Fifty-seven percent of voters voted ‘no’ versus 43 percent for ‘yes’ on the ballot question, which asked if the city charter should be amended to remove the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a Department of Public Safety. The proposed charter amendment would have eliminated the minimum police staffing requirement as well as the position of police chief.

Keeping in mind the ballot measure was very non-specific about just what would replace the MPD, the 43% of Minneapolis residents voting for abolishment is a sobering indicator of just how insanely dangerous D/S/Cs continue to be.

The November 21, 2021 massacre of six innocents—thus far–and the injuring of dozens more–reports are from 48 to 70–in Waukesha, WI by serial felon Darrell Brooks Jr. is a sort of culmination of D/S/C insanity:

Does this look like a mass murderer?

Despite having an extensive criminal history going back more than two decades, Darrell Brooks Jr. was let out on $1,000 bail after running over his girlfriend with his car.

That would be the same car he drove, at speed, through a Christmas parade.

Brooks’ actions while out on bail for another crime are a true indictment of bail reform, yet, because it’s the latest criminal justice cause célèbre of left, Joe Biden is doubling down on his support of the policy. During the presidential campaign, Biden called the cash bail system ‘the modern-day debtors’ prison.’

The White House says that the decision to hold defendants shouldn’t be based on their ability to pay bail but on the threat they pose to society.

‘Ending cash bail will not automatically put people charged with crimes on the streets,’ a White House official told Fox News. ‘It just means that whether you get bail should be based on the threat you pose, and not how much money you have in your bank account.’

According to the official, ‘There shouldn’t be a separate criminal justice system for wealthy Americans.’

Brooks also had a long history of failing to appear in court.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, who admits that the $1,000 bail Brooks was given was inappropriately low, has directed his office to review the state’s bail recommendation, but he’s spent his career supporting bail reform, arguing the same talking points that the White House is today.

Chisholm, finally, at long last embarrassed–more likely only worried about reelection–at the murder of six and maiming of far, far more in a single incident by a felon his policies released, is apparently feeling the political heat of his pro-criminal approach for the first time.  Here’s his official statement:

Below is the summary of pending charges against Mr. Darrell Brooks: On July 27, 2020, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office issued two counts of second-degree Recklessly Endangering Safety and Felon In Possession of a Firearm in case 2020CF002550. Cash bail was originally set at $10,000 and subsequently reduced to $7,500. Unlike some other states, Wisconsin requires payment for the full amount of bail set in any criminal case.

In many other states, smaller percentages of bail are accepted.

On February 9, 2021, the State was prepared to proceed to a scheduled jury trial. Mr. Brooks was still in custody on this matter and previously made a demand for a speedy jury trial. Because another jury trial was in progress before the same court, the defendant’s demand for a speedy jury trial could not be met. The case was adjourned and bail reduced to $500, which the defendant posted on February 21, 2021.

On November 5, 2021, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office issued against Mr. Brooks charges of Second Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Felony Bail Jumping, Battery, Obstructing an Officer and Disorderly Conduct in case 2021CF004596. The most recent case against Mr. Brooks was appropriately charged. The State made a cash bail request in this case of $1,000, which was set by the court. The defendant posted $1,000 cash bail on November 11, resulting in his release from custody.

The State’s bail recommendation, in this case, was inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent changes and the pending charges against Mr. Brooks. The bail recommendation in this case is not consistent with the approach of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office toward matters involving violent crime, nor was it consistent with the risk assessment of the defendant prior to setting of bail.

This office is currently conducting an internal review of the decision to make the recent bail recommendation in this matter in order to determine the appropriate next steps.

In other words, it’s not Chisholm’s fault!  It’s that darned court system that is so overwhelmed with trials for felons, they just have to turn them all loose.  What’s a Marxist, criminal-loving prosecutor to do?  Social justice, not that annoying, systemically racist rule of law/equal justice for all stuff, must, after all, prevail.

I have some free advice for Mr. Chisholm: no “internal review” is necessary.  You know what your damned policies are.  It’s highly likely the assistant DA who argued for a $1000 dollar bail was merely following your policies, and probably agreed with them.  He/she wouldn’t be working for you if he/she didn’t, would he?  Just ask them and miracle dictu!  “Internal review” done!  You’re welcome.

Bail, gentle readers, is a necessity.  Without it, most criminals would never show up in court.  We want them to show up in court.  I presume I don’t have to explain why?  Thought not.  But before we get into the nature of bail, let’s have a brief primer on the nature of criminals.

Thankfully, most criminals aren’t violent, but all are anti-social, and must be controlled.  We’ve seen, thanks to D/S/Cs, what happens when they aren’t.  Any competent cop could have told you about that and avoided billions in damage, and untold human carnage and misery.

Broken Windows Policing: this is human nature, or more specifically, criminal nature, 101.  Take a warehouse in Anytown, USA.  If a criminal breaks a window, and that window is not promptly replaced, in a short time, every window in the building will be broken.  One broken window not replaced tells criminals the owners of the warehouse don’t care and the chance of being caught breaking more windows is remote.  The lesson is simple: if criminals know they can get away with smaller crimes, they’ll absolutely move on up to more serious crimes.  If the police and prosecutors can’t or won’t do their jobs, the same principle applies.  New York City has to relearn that basic lesson in criminal/human nature over and over again.

Fortunately, many criminals “grow out of” their criminal ways as they get older.  Crime really is, for the most part, a young man’s game.  But it is always a small number of criminals that commit most crimes, and the most destructive and cruel crimes.  These are the armed robbers, hot burglars, rapists, murderers, kidnappers, animals who leave blood and destruction in their wakes.  Many of them think they’re smarter, cooler than the Normals on which they prey.  They love what they do, and many get a distinct sexual thrill out of their crimes.

For the overwhelming majority of criminals, it’s not at all necessary to try to figure out why they’re criminals.  No psychological mumbo jumbo applies.  They do it because they like it, because it’s easier than working, because it makes them feel smart and powerful.  Because they’re really, really terrible sort of human beings.

The truth is, the “perfect crime” happens millions of times every year.  A “perfect crime” is an unsolved crime, and most, gentle readers, are forever unsolved.  When the police nail a burglar for, say, 10 burglaries, they’ve probably committed six to ten times that many that will never be solved.  That property will never be recovered, and insurance rates will continue to rise.

Richard Pryor used to do a brilliant bit about how he, a righteous leftist and brother, went into the penitentiaries and got down with the brothers.  He’d adopt a standard self-righteous D/S/C pride in his superior morality, then would suddenly change into absolute horror and exclaim: “thank God we got penitentiaries!”  With shock and revulsion on his face and in his voice he’d ask a fictional felon: “Why’d you kill the whole family?!”  He’d then become the felon, who would casually reply: “they wuz home.”

You see, gentle readers, there are a great many people we really want, really need, to be in prison, because when they’re there, they’re preying on each other and not us.  I’ve also noted when in prison they’re protected from us.  By that I mean if there are no police, or if they’re ineffective, when the police can’t or won’t pursue criminals, prosecutors won’t prosecute, judges turn criminals loose, and jails are abolished, Normal Americans are going to take back the power they loan all those people in the “criminal justice” system, and deal with criminals themselves.  Without recourse to a well-established system of justice, their solutions to crimes are, of necessity, going to involve gunfire and shovels.  More likely, backhoes or incinerators; in a world like that, there’s going to be no lack of crime and “solutions” are going to be on an industrial scale.

For those sufficiently dimwitted to suggest that’s what I, or any sane American, wants, get a clue.  All I’m doing is explaining the nature of our systems, and most of all, the inevitable consequences to individuals and society when our “leaders” refuse to acknowledge and act on human nature, when they make their own reality and try to force sane people to live in it.

If we wish to retain our system of justice, we need bail, because most criminals are not going to show up for court, particularly when they know they’re going to prison.  You know, the really, really bad criminals, the people we really, really need to be in prison.  That’s just who and what they are.  And no, very few people are sitting in jail because they’re poor, or because they’re political prisoners, Jan. 6 defendants excepted, of course.

The criteria judges apply in determining bail are simple:

1) The seriousness of the current offense(s);

2) The offender’s criminal record, which includes such things as failing to show up for court and/or bail jumping;

3) The danger the offender poses to the community, based on 1 and 2.  Someone who has just run over a woman is the virtual definition of “danger to the community.”

The system goes wrong when prosecutors refuse to prosecute criminals in the first place, or asks for no or low bails for people who damned well should be in jail, because if they’re not, they’re going to be committing more crimes, like running over parades, and they’re not going to show up in court—ever.  Doing away with bail will not fix this problem.  Forcing people like John Chisholm to earn an honest living off government payrolls will go a long way toward fixing this problem.

The system also goes wrong when judges don’t use good judgment.  The Judge who released Brooks on a $1000 dollar bond didn’t have to do that.  Judges are not required to accept a prosecutor’s bail recommendation or plea bargain if it’s stupid and dangerous.  Unfortunately, many judges assume prosecutors won’t lie to them, and won’t do stupid things.  After all, they’re lawyers.  Many other judges are D/S/Cs and very much pro-criminal/social justice and anti-Normal American/rule of law.  Doing away with bail will not fix this problem.  Removing judges who will not enforce the law from public payrolls will go a long way toward fixing this problem.

But what about the huge number of criminal cases and our overflowing jails!  Innocent people are in jail for crimes they didn’t commit!  Yeah, about that…few people are wrongfully convicted.  I don’t minimize that kind of error, but it’s true.  An overflow of criminal trials, and overflowing jails should, to the rational person, indicate how serious the crime problem is, thanks in no small part to D/S/Cs encouraging criminals.  Doing away with bail will not fix this problem.  Strictly enforcing the law, and focusing sufficient resources on alleviating these problems will go a long way toward solving a great many issues.

Final Thoughts:  Entire books have been written on portions of these issues.  I’m certainly not going to solve these problems in one article.  We can sum up concisely:

1) Criminals exist; they’re very, very bad and destructive people, and many of them need to be behind bars because if they’re not, they’re going to be stealing from, beating, raping, robbing, burgling and killing us.  They like hurting others.

2) No one should be involved in the criminal justice system unless they’re willing to honor their oaths of office, which includes enforcing the law, upholding the Constitution and the rule of law, and ensuring equal justice for all.  There are a few honorable D/S/Cs willing to do that.  Most–like Chisholm–are not and have no place in that system.

3) Bail is necessary.  The alternative is the chaos we’ve experienced in Blue America for the last several years.  I guarantee Red America is not going to quietly and non-violently going into that dark night.

4) We have the power to fix any problem with our system.  That it is not perfect is absolutely not justification for destroying it.  It’s a reason to make it as good as we can because the alternative—well, we know what that is.

5) People like John Chisholm smugly destroy lives and societies.  It’s within the power of the people of Milwaukee to get rid of him and any like him.  If not…I’m tempted to say they deserve what they get, but no one deserves what happened in Waukesha, and it’s absolutely Chisholm’s fault.

The danger, gentle readers, is when Americans see the bodies of their loved ones smashed beneath the wheels of a felon’s vehicle because a Soros DA released him, knowing damned well people like him are going to kill, and smugly pontificating about his superior intellect and morality in letting murderers loose that D/S/C policies may reign, Normal Americans are going to see those Soros DAs receive the justice they so arrogantly deny others, and as Paul Simon once sang: “I would not be convicted by a jury of my peers.”

UPDATE, 11-30-21, 1130 MT:  We now know the prosecutor and judge in the Brooks case absolutely knew every bit of his criminal record.  In fact, a pre-trial investigation was done that indicated he absolutely would commit additional crimes if released, and would not voluntarily appear in court.  They gave him a $1000 dollar bond anyway; they rolled the woke dice and innocents lost.  The fault was not in the bail system, but in the warped minds of evil D/S/C cracktivists who care nothing for the safety of the public.  Go here for additional details.