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Consider the lamestream media, gentle readers.  They’re outraged–outraged they tell you!–President Trump would dare seek to see that the laws of the United States and the various states are actually obeyed and enforced.  They’re so honorable and ethical, they’re suppressing any news that would tend to expose Joe Biden for what he is, and any positive news for Trump.  They’ve even taken to calling him names:

Trump has always been right.  Not only is CNN fake news, they’re also 3rd grade playground news.

Here’s something else to consider: how can we know, apart from the overt, in-your-face fraud, that any Biden win will be fraudulent in and of itself?  Simple.  Circa 2020, most Americans, more than ever before, are voting straight tickets.  They’re not picking and choosing down ballot.  If Biden were truly the stronger candidate, if he were truly an inspiring figure, how can the down ballot carnage, including in state level elections, be explained?

Not only is there no blue wave, it’s a near certainty Republicans will hold the Senate, and they’ve made so many impressive gains in the House already—there will be more to come—D/S/Cs are already panicking about 2022.  And it remains entirely possible President Trump will win.  As corrupt as Chief Justice John Roberts apparently is, the rest of the court, perhaps even the leftists, surely realize the consequences for the nation if this kind of fraud is allowed to prevail.  They realize it for no other reason than self-interest.  If Biden wins, it’s the beginning of the end for the authority of the Supreme Court, and likely sooner than later.

For another take on this issue, visit my pal Bookworm, here.  And as if 2020 couldn’t be any stranger:

Right.  Let’s really make history if Biden wins.  Make him/her/whatever VP.  We can have the first male/female/maybe something else VP in history!

Is polling dead?  Of course not.  It’s a far too valuable Republican voter suppression tool.

Instapundit tells us, finally what’s really wrong with the nation.  Actually, it’s a former gov. employee/never Trumper:

SEE, YOU, NOT WASHINGTON, ARE THE PROBLEM: This from Politico earlier today: ‘We have grown so far apart from each other,’ said former Trump administration staffer (and no longer ‘Anonymous’) Miles Taylor. ‘I mean, Washington, D.C., is not broken — the American people are broken.’

It’s as I—and D/S/Cs—suspected all along: the Swamp isn’t the problem; we just need to abolish the American people and get a better one.  For fun, in a week that badly needs it, let’s visit Ammo Grrrll at Powerline:  

Okay, friends. It isn’t over yet because I haven’t even sung. I was completely confident that Trump would win and I was right. But, I “misunderestimated” the MASSIVE amount of cheating that had to go on to try to prevent our victory.

Can the Left pull that off in broad daylight? Why not? “Mostly peaceful” Antifa Democrats attempt to set fire to an apartment building with PEOPLE in it. No arrests. No problem attacking cops or Trump supporters in broad daylight. No consequences for looting or arson right on camera. Why not steal votes in plain sight? If you can get a dolly to transport your loot out of a Walmart, why can’t your fellow Democrats get a flashdrive with over 20,000 votes on it – miraculously ALL, yes, ALL– for Joe ‘Hairy Legs’ Biden. The odds against that happening must be astronomical.

If the Forces of Evil prevail, we would have an Executive Branch run by a senile kleptocrat, pathological liar, and influence peddler with a bad temper. Imagine if Hunter Biden really IS the ‘smartest person’ Joe knows, as he claims. A drug addict who leaves a crack pipe and his ID in a rental car! Genius! On the other hand, I never figured out how to get $83,000 a month for nonexistent expertise in Ukrainian utilities, so how smart can I be?

Crime Boss Joey ‘Hairy Legs’ Biden chose a Vice President who is a light tan Indian woman. She rose through the political ranks by attaching herself in various ways to a married politician. In addition to that stellar accomplishment, she could become the first woman President to do a spot-on impression of Butterfly McQueen in Gone With the Wind.

By all means, take the link and read the rest. “She rose through the political ranks by attaching herself in various ways to a married politician.”  Genius.  I would have written something crass like: She rose through the political ranks by riding something other than the coattails of a married politician.”  And so is this:

More importantly, let us remember that life is so much more than politics. We have faith, family, and friends. Most leftists have only misery, rage, and mental illness. Maybe the occasional pet guppy or ferret. They don’t even have real friends, just co-conspirators.

“…just co-conspirators.”  Hee heeeeeee! She does an article for Powerline every Friday.  By the way, this will be my last all-encompassing, fill-up-the-day article on the election.  I’ll cover it as necessary from now on, of course, but tomorrow, we get back to the usual panoply of different articles and topics.  Whew.

1245 MT:  Why didn’t Biden campaign, and when he did, to “crowds” of from zero well into the teens?  There are some very simple reasons, among them, Biden is suffering from dementia and it’s progressing fast.  This is worsened by Biden’s low intellect—no secret for decades—and his increasing physical frailty.  Is his frailty contributing to his dementia, or a symptom of it, and what would be the difference?  Biden was farcically prone to gaffes before the onset of dementia, so I’m sure his handlers were delighted to use Covid as an excuse for keeping him in the basement.

But it’s now clear there was more than merely that, as serious as that is.  Biden didn’t have to campaign because his handlers knew the fix was in.  It didn’t matter what vote totals Trump was going to get, because the battleground states, virtually all Democrat ruled, would find as many votes as necessary to overcome any Trump lead.  And so it is.

But weren’t some D/S/Cs panicking about Trump’s chances?  Indeed, but there are two possibilities here: (1) Not every D/S/C was in on it. (2) It was all part of the plot to give Biden’s certain win plausibility.

You’re a conspiracy nut!  One only has to use common sense to realize that’s not true.  And just as it’s not necessary for media thugs to get together each morning to lay out the day’s plan for the continuing anti-Trump/normal American conspiracy, it’s not necessary for everyone involved in this coup attempt to do the same.  They all know what to do and say.  No one in the Biden Campaign had to talk with D/S/C vote counting thugs in Pennsylvania or any other state.  They had already prepped the battlespace, laying out the conditions for as much vote fraud as necessary.  Though it’s likely there was such communication, it was not necessary.  Everyone knew what to do.

The only potential fly in this particular ointment was the courts, but in blue states, the right courts are all in for as much fraud as necessary, which leaves the Supreme Court.  As I’ve often mused, what do the D/S/Cs have on Chief Justice John Roberts, or is he just that squishy on the Constitution?  Do they believe they have the Supreme Court in their pockets, or are they relying on the Court’s notorious squeamishness about ruling broadly in just about any matter?  Are they counting on the overwhelming number of cases of fraud and its overt, blatant character to overwhelm the Court?  Or are they merely trying to run out the clock, knowing the Court would be even more squeamish about throwing Biden out of office after inauguration no matter how grotesque and obvious was the fraud and lawlessness before them?  Will they, rather than actually dealing with the law, try to balance the damage of half of America forevermore believing our institutions to be hopelessly corrupt, including the Supreme Court, or the screams of outrage of the media and the rest of the D/S/C establishment, and the certain nationwide riots and lawlessness that would result—I mean, more than usual?  Will they decide based on what they think will delay civil war or the dissolution of the union as long as possible?

We have a choice: restore the rule of law once and for all, or watch it all go straight to hell.

1730 MT:  Major Michigan development.  Powerline reports 47 Michigan counties used faulty, likely fraudulent, software.  In at least one, the software gave 6000 Trump votes to Biden.

The Republican Party of Michigan held a press conference Friday afternoon and revealed six thousand Republican votes were calculated for Democrats after a software glitch. That software was used in dozens of counties around the state.

‘In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6000 vote swing against our candidates. The county clerk came forward and said, ‘tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes.’ Since then, we have now discovered that 47 counties used this same software in the same capacity,’ Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox said.

And if that weren’t enough, Retired Lt. General Tom McInerney tells us the Biden Campaign is using national security software—cyberware—to alter votes on a national scale.  I cannot verify the truth of this, but the link was provided by a retired aerospace journalist with deep connections with the kind of people that would know this sort of thing.  I’ve no idea if the link will work.  It has worked for the last hour or so, but this is about the 5th attempt to get it on a social media platform.  All previous platforms almost immediately censored it, which would seem to suggest D/S/Cs are scared to death of the information.

If accurate, the implications are horrific.  With Biden in control of the government, who would have the means to detect or defeat this kind of cyber vote fraud?  There would never again be an honest election.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, for many years, did a weekly column for USA Today.  When he recently submitted one detrimental to Biden, USA Today refused to run it, so he is now writing for The NY PostTake this link to his first article.  In it, we see why any suggestion by Joe Biden that he’s going to unite the country, even if he actually believes it, is impossible.  An excerpt:

An article in The New Republic by Andrew Cohen asks: “What do we do with all these Trump supporters?” (Spoiler: ‘Learn to live with them and respect your differences’ isn’t on the agenda.)

Instead, Cohen writes about ‘one of the most grievous if underappreciated wounds of the Trump era: the sad discovery for so many of us over the past four years that so many of our friends, neighbors, business partners and heroes are not who we thought they were.’

Cohen worries, ‘No one really has a good solution about how to strongly and honorably respond to the Trump supporter in our lives. Do we forgive and forget? Turn the other cheek after it’s been slapped?’

In other words, when Hillary Clinton called half of America Deplorable and irredeemable, she was merely overtly expressing what D/S/Cs have long really thought.  These are the people who fear and despise faith and would eliminate the First Amendment.  Now we know why: their religion is politics and power and there shall be no other god before them.  They are working themselves up into rivaling the bloodthirstiness of Islamists in seeking to purify—or eliminate—all apostasy.  Normal Americans are willing to live peacefully with others, so long as the rule of law and Constitution hold.  D/S/Cs, not so much on either count…

2045 MT, Final Update For The Evening:

One more thought on the differences between D/S/Cs and normal Americans.  Normal Americans are not asking anyone to give up their liberties.  They’re not trying to take their money or property.  They don’t want to silence them, deprive them of their jobs or put them in jail for their political opinions.  They ask only that the country be unified by American constitutionalism—the rule of law—which secures individual liberty and prescribes the peaceful transfer of power through honest elections.  D/S/Cs want to take American’s liberties, money and property.  They want to destroy the Constitution and seize absolute power.  Who is going to unify that?  Certainly not a man in the throes of dementia, and absolutely not the avowed Marxist that will soon replace him—if they win of course–and that’s looking a bit less likely than even a few hours ago…

The biggest development of the night, probably the week, from Townhall.com:

I don’t expect every PA vote counting apparatus to obey, but it’s a good beginning, only if the Supreme Court actually follows up and insists on the Constitution and rule of law.  Harris and Biden were going to have a “we won, so screw you” event tonight.  Following Justice Alito’s order, they cancelled.  Things have changed yet again, and hopefully, toward an honest election in which Americans can have a reasonable level of confidence.

From Parler.com, we see—thanks to reader PK–video of a PA poll worker filling out ballot after ballot.  She’s actually committing felony after felony on camera.  Of course, she wasn’t aware she was being filmed, but she should be easy to identify, prosecute and jail, and she’ll no doubt be willing to flip on her co-conspirators.  Now if only we had an honest, functional and competent Department of Justice and FBI…

No, this isn’t the Babylon Bee, but it should be:  

The Michigan attorney general pleaded with residents of the state on Thursday to stop telling her staff to shove Sharpies up their butts.

Michigan residents are overwhelmingly telling her where to shove that plea, as patriotic Americans should.

 Oh, there’s going to be more than a recount…

Finally for this evening, let’s reflect on the PA AG’s comments.  United States Senators take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  So sorry, you smarmy PA thug, it very much is the business of Senator Cruz, and every Senator to ensure people like you aren’t destroying faith in our electoral system and thereby destroying the Constitution.  It’s also the business of every honest American.

Final Thought:  A slight change of plans, gentle readers.  I’ll extend this article through tomorrow to sum up the week; little is likely to happen over the weekend.  So I’ll be back with Sunday Funnies as always, and we’ll be back on a more or less even keel—so to speak—next week.  As always, thanks for patronizing this scruffy little blog!

11-07-20, 1115 MT:  Fox News is declaring Joe Biden—actually Kamala Harris—the next president.  This may be wishful thinking.  D/S/Cs are, of course, whining that Trump should just shut up and go away quietly.  “He’s destroying our democracy with his legitimate and lawful legal challenges and by calling attention to the most blatant, overt and rampant fraud ever seen in a presidential election!  How dare he bring up what the media refuse to cover!  How dare he insist election laws be followed; it’s un-American!  Orange man very bad!”  President Trump’s response:

Keep in mind no state has certified its count.  There will be recounts in multiple states.  Not only that, the Electoral College does not meet until December 14.  To note the media is untrustworthy, and now, sadly, Fox News joins that dishonorable cohort, is an epic understatement.  Also note the Supreme Court is already involved in the Pennsylvania debacle.  It will be involved in more.

In an ordinary election with the usual level of vote fraud, there would be little or no chance for Trump to prevail, but this is not a usual election, and the vote fraud is so pervasive, so over the top, it’s actually possible the vote totals in PA, GA, NV and Michigan could be overturned.  For the sake of our republic—it’s not a democracy—we had better pray they do.  Should Biden seize the White House with this level of fraud, the consequences for us all, and for the world, will be almost beyond imagining.  Consider that China, Iran, the Palestinians and virtually every other malign actor around the world are rejoicing at the prospect of a Biden presidency, and we have an inkling of the future.

What, gentle readers, do you think a political party willing to gleefully and arrogantly steal a presidential election in such an overt manner, will do once they have power?  Will they be deterred in their intentions by anything so weak and pitiful as the law or the Constitution?  Will they hesitate to destroy, by any means possible, anyone they perceive to be a political enemy?  D/S/Cs have laughed at those warning about the tyranny of the majority.  We may be about to experience it, and it won’t be a laughing matter for anyone by the majority.

The Federalist has a first person account of Michigan vote fraud here. An excerpt:

Nesbitt finally decided to leave after ballot-counters flatly refused to process military ballots in her presence. There were approximately 5,000 military ballots that all had to be transposed onto a blank form because the vice president had been omitted from them, Nesbitt explained. ‘When they started to distribute those ballots I was at a table to observe, and they would not begin the processing while I was standing there, despite all of the workers being at the table.’

‘I’ll admit I felt very defeated and like our efforts were almost futile. At that point, that is when I decided to leave.’

Trisha Nesbitt is a Republican who tried to be a poll watcher.  Imagine how our military members will feel about Biden after seeing their ballots abused.  Actually, it’s not hard to imagine; they’ll feel the same way they did about Obama, at least initially.  After he turns the military, once again, into the most deranged kind of social experimentation laboratory, their opinion will change, and not for the better.

Michael Anton at American Greatness has an interesting article:  

Fourth are the irregularities in the voting and counting that began in the wee hours on November 4 and continue to this minute, including but not limited to: inexplicably halting the counts in five states late on election night; the continuing, and mysterious “finding” of huge tranches of ballots overwhelmingly—and in some cases exclusively—for Biden; computer “glitches” that flipped Republican votes into the Democrats’ column; people showing up to vote in person only to be told that they had already voted absentee when they had never request an absentee ballot; Democratic-controlled states limiting access to Republican observers even in defiance of court orders; etc.

Now, it’s possible that each of these, and many other, shady-looking events has an innocent and plausible explanation. If so, we should be told what they are.

But mostly we’re not being told. Instead anyone who asks is either ignored or, more likely, told to shut up and called a conspiracy theorist and an enemy of democracy.

Anton asks a pertinent question:

Does Joe Biden really want to take office with half the country thinking he stole it?

Yes.  Yes he does.  Joe and his handlers have averred his will be the most progressive administration in history.  Here’s a taste of what’s coming from Biden himself:

Still think he was telling the truth when he said he wasn’t going to ban fracking and destroy the energy industry?  Oh, and by the way, we’re all racists now, and we’re going to be made to pay for it.  Here’s another wannabe commissar letting us know what’s in store for us:

The “Trump Accountability Project” is a group of self-imagined elites promising to destroy anyone that dared vote for Trump or wanted to put America first.  They are not going to stop at mere social ostracism.

More from our future overlords:

Gee, I’m not sure, but this doesn’t sound much like the unifying America Joe Biden is promising… On the other hand, this is probably exactly what he means by unifying America under his leadership.