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Talk about Freudian slips…

Gropin’ Joe Biden has had a very bad, no good, awful, terrible week or so.  He called for a $15 million dollar minimum wage, then a $15 thousand dollar minimum wage, and finally got it down to $15 dollars.  The running positive/negative total under his image rose dramatically in seconds:

What if Biden and Harris held a rally and no one showed up but a few reporters? That happened in Arizona:

What if Biden supporters held a car parade and only 3 showed up? 

That also happened, though Jill Biden tried to make it look more impressive with photos of four.  No idea where the fourth came from.  Perhaps one of the reporters?

They tried another car parade in Miami.  More reporters and Secret Service agents than cars:

On the other hand, an anti-communist car parade in Miami did somewhat better. Wonder for who these folks, mostly Hispanics with real experience of living under communism, are going to vote?

Once again, Joe couldn’t remember which office he’s seeking, couldn’t remember Mitt Romney’s name, referring to him only as a Mormon, and again, spouted a non-existent URL.  Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth of his campaign handlers whenever he opens his mouth:

Oh yes, he also forgot what state he was in.  This might be understandable for a politician like President Trump who makes innumerable campaign appearance in multiple locations, but that’s certainly not so with Joe:

The only real issue some reporters, mostly locals, have begun to challenge Biden on is his court packing evasion.  He really put his foot into it.  He’s the Pelosi candidate.  Americans have no right to know his intentions for the nation, and we’ll have to elect him to find out.  Surprise!  We’ve gone socialist!

Sensing they’re losing big on the court packing evasion, Biden, other D/S/Cs and the media have colluded to try to change the meaning of “court packing,” in the best Orwellian, Newspeak/Rightspeak sense:

Fortunately, that’s not working out well for them:

So filling vacancies on the courts that do not increase or diminish the number of judges, and following the letter of the Constitution to do it is now “court packing?”
The Biden campaign has claimed no one shows up for Joe’s events on purpose, because they’re all about social distancing and masks and stuff.  People are noticing that’s bovine excrement:

Joe’s also getting endorsements he’d probably rather not, at least not where the public can see them:

Here’s one instance where Joe was actually right:

Here’s a chart that demonstrates the extraordinary divide between D/S/Cs and normal Americans.  This can’t be good for Joe:

President Trump is right: if he was doing and saying the things Biden is doing and saying, the media would be wall to wall, 24/7 coverage continually.  The only reason Biden is in the race at all is because of the Media’s covering for him, and producing fake poll results.  I’ll let this fellow have the last word: