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As I’m sure you know by now, gentle readers, Kamala Harris has been picked by his handlers to be Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential (president in waiting) running mate.  As a public service, SMM presents the top ten reasons Harris was chosen:

10: She’s female.

9: She’s black.

Harris calling Biden a racist

8: She’s a black female.

credit: Chris Muir daybydaycartoon

7: She’s a black female of color.

6: She’s a female of color who is also black.

Harris supporting the women who claim Biden sexually assaulted them

5: She’s a black female of color who is also female—and black.

Getting in the narrative early…

4: She’s sufficiently Socialist/Communist without being an overt Castro licker, and anyone who criticizes her in any way is a racist and sexist.

3: Isn’t it about time America had a black female of color who is also black, and female, and of color, and a socialist/communist as Vice, er, President?

She’ll fight against the Constitution too!

2: She’s just the person to lead the fight against liberty, prosperity, national security and law and order.

1: She’ll do a splendid job delivering Joe’s eulogy.