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If one believes the Black Lives Matter/Media/D/S/C narrative, America’s police are systematically racist, and are murdering unarmed, innocent black men in huge numbers.  Even black police officers are involved, so insidious is the white privilege brainwashing.  Anyone daring to say otherwise is a white supremacist, and is obviously racist.  Such a one is scholar Heather MacDonald, whose research is alarming—to say the least–to the aforementioned race hustlers.  MacDonald, whose research and presentations are mindlessly attacked, but never substantively disproved, is among the contemporary objects of cancel culture vitriol.

As virtually everyone knows by now, when the police are forced to stop enforcing the law, crime rates soar.  When citizens can no longer depend on the police, they arm themselves.  This is true of people who have not only never owned guns, but mugged by reality, have decided their lives and property are more important than ideological purity.

Last week, the Center For The American Experiment, an organization run by Powerline’s John Hinderaker, produced a 40-minute video featuring MacDonald, which presents the truth about the narrative.  Posted on You Tube, it was almost immediately banned.  Why?  Because it tells the truth, and the truth is the BLM narrative is a vicious and destructive lie.  Hinderaker appealed, and You Tube quickly reposted the video, but with an age limitation.  It seems You Tube doesn’t want kids to know the truth.  Take this link to Bookworm Room to view the video.
Among MacDonald’s most important points is “police activity must be measured against crime, not population ratios.”  Blacks, for instance, are roughly 13% of the population, but they commit crimes, particularly violent crimes, at rates far beyond their population density.  The point is not their population numbers, but the overall percentage of crimes they commit.  If police officers encounter more black than white criminals, they are obviously more likely to have to use force against blacks, particularly when black criminals are far more likely to disobey the police and resist arrest.

This is a point I’ve often made.  Race hustlers scream “75% of traffic tickets in Johnsonville are given to black motorists, but blacks are only 14% of the Johnsonville population!”  On the surface, that would seem to support the BLM narrative of systemically racist police, but the reality is that 14% of the population commits at least 75% of all traffic infractions (the police cite only a small portion of all violations).  With very few exceptions, police officers don’t know the race of a driver until they make a stop and approach the violator’s car on foot; they pursue violations of the law, not the race of drivers.

Among the facts MacDonald presents:

*The police are not killing huge numbers of unarmed black men.  In 2019, only 9 “unarmed” black men were killed nationwide, compared with 19 white men.  

*When the police stop enforcing the law, there will be far more dead young black men.

*Because of the war on policing, even Chicago’s shooting rate has dramatically increased–who would have thought it could become worse?–and New York City’s rate has more than doubled compared with 2019.

*Police officers are deployed where there is the greatest need for their services.  In cities, this means poor black neighborhoods where they are most likely to encounter violent black criminals.

*Black criminals are far more likely to disobey the police and resist arrest than white criminals.

Yes, he actually said that

D/S/Cs think Americans stupid.  When they see D/S/Cs denying them police services, Americans do the smart thing: they arm themselves, and not just against criminals, but D/S/Cs and the vicious thugs they finance, support and encourage.  By all means, take the link and see MacDonald’s presentation.  She has the facts.  If you’ve always suspected the media is lying to you on these issues, she provides the proof.

UPDATE, 08-06-20, 2215 MT:  You Tube has taken another step just short of banning MacDonald’s presentation.  Here’s what you see when you try to view the video:

Obviously, they’re desperate to elect Joe Biden, and fear the truth.  The Congress needs to deal with these people–lawfully.