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Marie Yovanivitch
credit: kcrw.com

You may, gentle readers, recall one Marie Yovanivitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine who testified against President Trump during the House impeachment “investigation.”  She, like all but one of the D/S/C witnesses, had no direct evidence to offer.  She never spoke with President Trump about any issue at hand, and had no first hand knowledge of anything.  However, the D/S/Cs portrayed her as a woman wronged, an exemplary public servant brutalized by the evil Orange Man Bad who dared to think he had the authority to determine foreign policy just because the Constitution says so.  The gall!  Even worse, President Trump had her removed from that ambassadorship.  How dare he!  After all, he’s just the head of the Executive branch of government and therefore her boss, but that doesn’t mean he has any power over a deep state operative!

It has since been widely reported that Yovanivitch was dismissed from that post because in her official capacity of US Ambassador, she routinely savaged President Trump and his foreign policy in the presence of foreigners.  We now learn, via Axios, that Ms. Yovanivitch, who is still employed by the State Department, has written a Washington Post op-ed criticizing Mr. Trump, who has “undermined our democratic institutions.”  Some excerpts:

I have seen dictatorships around the world, where blind obedience is the norm and truth-tellers are threatened with punishment or death. We must not allow the United States to become a country where standing up to our government is a dangerous act.’

‘Unfortunately, the last year has shown that we need to fight for our democracy. ‘Freedom is not free’ is a pithy phrase that usually refers to the sacrifices of our military against external threats. It turns out that same slogan can be applied to challenges which are closer to home.’

Of course.  President Trump has honored the Constitution, has not in any way violated it, and has largely restored the rule of law, which is what people like Yovanivitch fear most.  The rule of law and equal justice for all threaten the Deep State, hence, to their way of thinking, democracy, which they have warped to mean their eternal rule.

This administration, through acts of omission and commission, has undermined our democratic institutions, making the public question the truth and leaving public servants without the support and example of ethical behavior that they need to do their jobs and advance U.S. interests.

Now we’re getting to the real point.  Yovanivitch, and many like her, believe they’re in charge.  The permanent, Deep State bureaucracy is responsible for formulating and carrying out policy, not those elected clowns only in office for a few years.  Of course, if the clown happens to be a Democrat, that’s not a problem; the Deep State’s policy is their policy.  She refuses to recognize that the President of the United States formulates foreign policy, and that it is her job to faithfully carry out that policy.  If she cannot do that, her only honorable alternative is to resign.  However, as John Belushi used to say: “But noooooooooooooooo!”  Yovanivitch thinks she’s in charge, and undermining the constitutional order, leaking, lying and bad mouthing the POTUS to foreigners is somehow noble and protective of the Constitution she abhors.  This was the default position of every “public servant” that testified against Mr. Trump.

Isn’t it interesting that D/S/Cs, which of course includes the Media and Academy, by lionizing people like Yovanivitch, actually undermine the Constitution while pretending to be its champions?  For such people, “democracy” is an infinitely flexible term, dependent on their political preferences of the moment.

The events of the past year, while deeply disturbing, show that even though our institutions and our fellow citizens are being challenged in ways that few of us ever expected, we will endure, we will persist and we will prevail.

If she and those like her do, Democracy and America won’t.