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In Virginia: Hell Bent, I wrote of the ongoing battle against the Second Amendment in the Democrat-controlled Virginia Legislature.  I referred to current D/S/C presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, who spent a very great deal of money to elect Democrats beholden to his anti-liberty/gun agenda, only to see his wishes momentarily stymied.  This earned a link from one Marcus Ampe, who, if one is to judge by the article containing the link, is a Bernie Bro with all that implies.

I write to comment, briefly, on an issue regular reader Doug recently raised, the idea that conservatives do not, out of a fear of being exposed to conflicting ideas, read anything other than conservative writers.  By all means, take the link and read the entire article.  It provides reasonably clear insight into the thinking of the socialist and further leftward wing of the D/S/C Party.  Inevitably, I’ll speak to several other common issues.

A lot of American voters in the U.S.A. may consider themselves Christian, though might not be willing to show their brotherly love by not wanting to stand up for the poor and the sick and to be willing to collectively contribute to a social protection system such as Obama Care or another state health insurance fund.

One might think this just another example of the reflexive anti-Christian sentiment one finds in contemporary D/S/C ranks, and it is that, but it speaks to a larger issue, a fundamental divide between D/S/Cs and normal Americans who seek a constitutionally limited government.  Ampe obviously feels anyone that does not believe in stock D/S/C policies is un-Christian, all morality being on the Left these days.  What other reason could there possibly be for opposing the policies of the morally and intellectually evolved?  I’ve often commented that D/S/Cs routinely accuse those not of their kind of being cruel and uncaring.  How can anyone that opposes Obamacare or the Green New Deal be anything but?  This is certainly a form of virtue signaling, but it is also a reflection of their fundamental philosophy.

Christians and other normal Americans give far more, by enormous margins, to charity than D/S/Cs.  One need spend little Google time to discover this.  Yet normal Americans do not clothe themselves in virtue over their giving.  They commonly tell no one.  D/S/Cs believe it the job of government—with other people’s money—to provide for everyone’s needs, and in that process, they constantly invent new “human rights,” such as a right to “free” government health care, and free college tuition, free housing and the list is endless.  This belief comes from the general D/S/C belief in equality not of opportunity, but equality of outcome.

Normal Americans believe in equality of opportunity, that everyone might have the same opportunity to succeed or fail on their own initiative.  They see this as the exercise of individual liberty.  D/S/Cs believe everyone deserves the same things, paid for by diligent taxpayers, regardless of their willingness to work for them.  It is a fortunate consequence that people will tend to vote for those that give them “free” stuff.  Thus do D/S/Cs work to herd people into favored victim groups whose individual identities—to the degree they’re allowed to have them—are determined by race, gender—or no or multiple genders—sexual orientation, or a variety of other factors.

Understanding this, the faux altruism of the D/S/C is often enacted for political rather than personal reasons, and it is entirely predictable they give relatively little to charity.  They believe that’s government’s job.  That normal Americans individually give far more to charity is also predictable.  They don’t see charity as government’s job, but theirs.  When they see need, they meet it. This doesn’t mean they oppose public aid for those in genuine need, they just don’t think it should be an eternal entitlement.  Money forcibly taken is not charity, which must be freely given.

Several of those so-called American Christians, in particular, the very conservatives and the evangelists consider every person who wants to bring social measures in the society, as a danger to society and label that person a communist. This way Bernie Sanders may be looked at as the least religious of four Democratic presidential front-runners, a survey released Thursday found.

Not quite.  They oppose big and all-powerful government, and follow the scriptural admonition to judge others by their acts.  Bernie Sanders calls himself a “democratic Socialist,” but this is an oxymoron.  There is nothing democratic about socialism.  More telling is Sanders’ long history of fealty to communist ideology and practice, including his unstinting praise for communist systems and dictator/murderers.  In thinking him a Communist, they merely judge him by his fruits, which includes his past words and actions, and his present words revealing his intentions for America.

Sanders, in my eyes, could be seen as a man of his word who kept to the matters in which he believes and keeps standing for.  As any lover of God may not take up arms against other human beings, Sanders applied for conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War, though he was too old to be drafted by the time his application was rejected.

One can certainly take Sanders at his word, but while Ampe professes to understand Christians, he reveals he does not.  The Bible does not proscribe the taking up of arms.  It makes clear there are times when it is necessary, and makes a clear distinction between justified and unjustified killing.  Christian theology also encompasses “just war” theory, the conditions under which war is not only necessary, but essentially moral.

Neo-Nazis and Tea-party members would detest it that a Jew could come to be the leader of ‘Their’ nation. Bad also in their eyes is that when he would become leader of the United States, they shall have to see more equality between people they would not like to find in their nation at all.

Apparently “Neo-Nazis” and “Tea-Party” members are one in the same, or at least closely aligned.  “Nazi” is so abused these days, it’s essentially meaningless.  After all, President, because he’s Hitler, is surely a Nazi, as is anyone that supports him.  The term is so widely bandied about, it encompasses just about anyone not a D/S/C.  Contemporary usage surely does not reflect historical reality.

The Tea-Party movement, which is past its heyday, was merely like-minded Americans who believed in limited government, the Constitution and the rule of law.  They were known for conducting exceedingly polite and welcoming gatherings, and always left whatever venue they used cleaner than they found it.

Ignoring for the moment Ampe’s loose usage, it’s important to clear up another misconception.  Christians do not reflexively oppose Jews.  They recognize the Jews as God’s chosen people, and unlike D/S/Cs, and particularly Bernie Sanders, fully support Israel.  Circa 2020, Anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel is virtually entirely on the Left, and it should be remembered that the actual Nazis were national socialists.  Actual, contemporary Nazis in the historic sense are rare and justly seen as social pariahs.  Normal Americans oppose Bernie Sanders not because of his Jewish faith, which he appears not to embrace or practice, but because his political views are anti-semitic, anti-Israel, support the enemies of America and our allies and are incompatible with our representative republic, individual liberty and fiscal reality.

Obviously, I cannot speak for every Christian, even every conservative, but the caricatures of both disseminated by D/S/Cs these days bear little resemblance to reality.  Perhaps that’s because like Gropin’ Joe Biden, they believe in truth over fact?