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The Inspector General’s report (available here) provides a number of lessons.  Perhaps the most important is the self-imagined elite hate you, gentle readers. They hate you with a blinding arrogance and smug purity.  They believe themselves destined to rule over lesser beings.  In Washington DC, they are of all parties and they are everywhere. Consider this from one of the “FBI employees” involved in the investigation:

All the people who were initially voting for her would not, and were not, swayed by any decision the FBI put out. Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. They probably didn’t watch the debates, aren’t fully educated on his policies, and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm.

Oh yes, they hate Donald Trump, far more than they hated George W. Bush or any other Republican president, but that’s because normals, the non-elite deplorables, the irredeemables, the God and gun clingers of flyover country, voted for him.  They failed to express proper gratitude to the self-imagined elite that labor ceaselessly to mandate rightspeak and rightthink.  They disappointed their betters and dared to halt the inevitable march of socialist progress.  President Trump is merely a symbol, the focus for their daily, burning, deranging hatred.  Hate one; hate all.

If any of you poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POSs have magically received jobs for doing nothing as a result of any policy of President Trump, please let me know.  I keep track of such things, lazy though I am.

Two FBI superior beings noted:

11:14:16, FBI Attorney 2: ‘I just can’t imagine the systematic disassembly of the progress we made over the last 8 years. ACA is gone. Who knows if the rhetoric about deporting people, walls, and crap is true. I honestly feel like there is going to be a lot more gun issues, too, the crazies won finally. This is the tea party on steroids. And the GOP is going to be lost, they have to deal with an incumbent in 4 years. We have to fight this again. Also Pence is stupid.’

11:14:58, FBI Employee: ‘Yes that’s all true.’

11:15:01, FBI Attorney 2: ‘And it’s just hard not to feel like the FBI caused some of this. It was razor thin in some states.’

11:15:09, FBI Employee: ‘Yes it was very thin.’

11:15:23, FBI Attorney 2: ‘Plus, my god damned name is all over the legal documents investigating his staff.

No doubt his “god gamned name is all over the legal documents,” but we don’t know his “god damned name” because despite paying his salary, his–or her–name is hidden from us, and so are the names of the “five FBI employees” involved who were referred for disciplinary investigation by IG Horowitz. Perhaps he wants us to believe those five are the sum total of wrong doers in this case?  Do they really believe we’re that stupid.  They do indeed.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz (left) and FBI Director Christopher Wray (right)

I do not watch TV cop shows or movies, not only because they’re almost entirely wrong in most technical details, but because they never ask the most necessary and obvious questions.  Having read the entire IG’s report and watched the testimony of IG Horowitz and FBI Director Christopher Wray on 06-18-18 before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I realized how wise that choice is.

The IG report is indeed comprehensive, but only if one compares it to the usual drivel bubbling up from the depths of the swamp.  We do know much more about the Hillary Clinton investigation now than we did before the report was released, but not nearly enough, because Horowitz, by his own admission, strictly limited the scope of his investigation, something Robert Mueller has not done.  He didn’t ask a great many necessary and logical questions because he chose not to exceed that self-imposed scope.  For example, consider this 08-08-16 text message exchange from former FBI Chief Counsel to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe–Lisa Page–and her lover, FBI Assistant Deputy Director and chief investigator of the Clinton and Russia investigations, Peter Strzok:

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page

Page: ‘[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!’

Strzok: ‘No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.

I’ll suggest only a few logical questions no one apparently asked, in the IG’s report, or in the hearing:

1) Who is “we”?

2) How are “we” going to keep Donald Trump from being elected president?

3) What steps did “we” take to accomplish that promise?

According to the report, Strzok couldn’t remember writing that–all such exchanges were made on FBI-issued devices–which Horowitz found a matter of some concern.  In fact, Horowitz, in the reports, wrote that the report:

did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that improper considerations, including political bias, directly affected the specific investigative decisions we reviewed.

He also wrote that he:

did not find evidence to connect the political views expressed in these messages to the specific investigative decisions that we reviewed.

IG Horowitz didn’t find, on FBI letterhead, typewritten and signed statements of conspirators outlining the laws they intended to break, how they were going to do it, who would be involved and/or the laws they broke.  When he interviewed some of these people, they didn’t make such admissions. Imagine that.

At the hearing, Horowitz admitted he was concerned, perhaps even very concerned about the lies told by Strzok, Page, Comey and others.  He also admitted he found their explanations for various actions unconvincing or unpersuasive.  In other words, he knew these people were lying, concealing evidence of crimes, and that their pathological political bias infected everything they did, but he is too lawyerly to come to that obvious conclusion.  Normals, lazy POSs that they are, would probably just say they were lying.

The hearing did have its uses, however.  The FBI has been stonewalling and lying to Congress.  They have refused to turn over documents under subpoena, and redacted documents, things they had no cause to redact, omitted evidence, and consistently violated the public trust.  For example, before the IG’s report was released, the FBI provided to Congress only Page’s question–‘[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!’–but not Strzok’s reply.  This was not an error or oversight.  Horowitz testified he had to go though these steps just to get what might be some of the Page/Strzok communications:

He further testified that to this day, he is not sure they have all of those communications, and it was plain, the FBI was not completely forthcoming with Horowitz.  For his part, Wray didn’t know much about much, and couldn’t talk about much.  This was his official response to the IG’s report, which he repeated in abbreviated from at the hearing.  I’m not quoting the entire statement:

As you know, the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General released its report today on DOJ and FBI activities in the run-up to the 2016 election. I want to say up front that I appreciate the IG’s work in conducting this important review. [skip]

The FBI’s mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution. To carry out that mission, we’re entrusted with a lot of authority, so our actions are subject to close oversight—from the courts, from our elected leaders, and from independent entities like the inspector general. That’s how it should be. That examination—that oversight—makes the FBI stronger as an organization. It makes the public more safe. [skip]

I take this report very seriously, and we accept its findings and recommendations. It’s also important to note what the inspector general did not find. The report did not find any evidence of political bias or improper consideration actually impacting the investigation under review. But the report does identify errors of judgment, violations of or disregard for policy, and decisions that, at the very least, in hindsight, were not the best choices.

The entire report, despite Horowitz’s lawyerly dissembling, is full of striking evidence of political bias motivating and informing the actions of everyone involved.  One would have to be a member of the self-imagined elite to ignore that.  A few FBI employees didn’t follow policy, had errors in judgment, and violated a few policies, but hey, that’s no biggie, because Wray takes this very seriously.  We know that because he said so, and he’s the Director of the FBI. But Wray is on the case, and he’s going to fix things:

First: We’re going to hold employees accountable for any potential misconduct.

Sure you are.  A few expendables will be thrown under the bus.

Second: We’re going to make sure that every FBI employee understands the lessons of this report.

Because change starts at the top—including right here with me—we’re going to begin by requiring all our senior executives, from around the world, to convene for in-depth training on the lessons we should learn from today’s report. Then we’re going to train every single FBI employee—new hires and veterans alike—on what went wrong, so those mistakes will never be repeated.

Third: We’re going to make sure we have the policies, procedures, and training needed for everyone to understand and remember what’s expected of us.

That includes:

*Drilling home the importance of objectivity—and of avoiding even the appearance of personal conflicts or political bias in our work;

*Ensuring that recusals are handled correctly and effectively—and are clearly communicated to the appropriate people;”

*Making all employees fully aware of our new policy on contacts with the news media, which I issued last November—and making clear that we will not tolerate non-compliance;

*Ensuring that we follow all DOJ policies about public statements on ongoing investigations and uncharged conduct; and

*Ensuring that our employees adhere strictly to all policies and procedures on the use of FBI systems, networks, and devices.

This is among the most ridiculous and incredible statements I’ve ever heard from a swamp dweller.  The training Wray has identified is remedial police procedure 101. FBI special agents don’t know they don’t get to let their personal, political biases dictate their official actions?  They don’t know they’re not allowed to leak to the media and accept bribes in return? They don’t know FBI policies on devices, etc.?  They don’t know how to handle evidence, deal with subpoenas, warrants, interviews, and other elementary police procedures?  They need to train their people not to try to influence presidential elections, and not to initiate unfounded investigations against a sitting president to try to throw him out of office?  Don’t they teach any of this at the FBI Academy?

The OIG report makes clear that we’ve got some work to do. But let’s also be clear on the scope of this report. It’s focused on a specific set of events back in 2016, and a small number of FBI employees connected with those events. Nothing in the report impugns the integrity of our workforce as a whole, or the FBI as an institution.

Sorry Director Wray, we’re talking about a report that reveals systematic bias and illegality at the highest levels of the FBI and Department of Justice, both of which conspired not only to wrongfully cover up and excuse the innumerable crimes of the former Secretary of State, but continue to conspire against the sitting President.  This was not just a “small number of FBI employees.”  In an organization like the FBI, agents can’t blow their noses without numerous others being involved, but more on this shortly.

We now know more than 50 FBI employees were regularly leaking to the press. How much of that leakage involved classified material is unknown.  Some reporters had more than 18 separate FBI sources.  The agents and lawyers accepted food, drink, tickets to sporting events and other things of value in exchange for the information.  We also know Horowitz wrote that so many FBI employees were leaking, it’s impossible to identify them.  The greatest law enforcement agency in the world can’t do that?

We know Comey decided Clinton would be exonerated–he actually wrote that down–months before most of the targets of the investigation, including Clinton, were interviewed, and most of the evidence–what little the FBI bothered to gather–was gathered.

We know that Barack Obama repeatedly told the public Clinton did nothing illegal, and the FBI and DOJ took that as their marching orders, not that they needed such an order.

We know everyone involved with the investigation believed Clinton was going to be president, and knowing her to be a vindictive harridan, were not going to do anything to anger her.

We also know that Hillary Clinton’s off-the-books server was breached by “foreign actors,” and secret material was exposed.

We know that shortly before he participated in the interview of Hillary Clinton, one FBI agent or lawyer e-mailed another:

credit: thehimalayan times

“I’m with her.”  For those that don’t remember, that was one of Clinton’s campaign slogans.  But that’s doesn’t indicate bias, does it?

I could go on and on, but there are a great many articles available on specific wrong doing, and I’ve provided the link to the report.  As I’ve often noted, to understand police agencies and actions, one needs to understand what should have been done, as opposed to what was done.  It is the omissions of police officers that virtually always reveal their malfeasance, their wrongful actions usually being rather more obvious.  In the Clinton case, consider these omissions:

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton   credit: westernjournalism.com

*Agents did not collect all of the available evidence.  In fact, they allowed suspects to destroy evidence, and did nothing about it.  When news of Huma Abedin’s personal laptop containing more than 100,000 official e-mails became known, the FBI sat on it, doing nothing for a month.  James Comey claimed he did nothing because he didn’t know Anthony Weiner was married to Abedin.  He must have been the only person in DC that didn’t know that.

*Lying to the FBI is a federal crime–just ask Mike Flynn–yet they allowed suspects to lie to them, and did nothing.

*They did not convene a grand jury, which is normal procedure in such cases.

*They did not seek subpoenas and warrants for evidence they knew existed.  They did not examine evidence they knew existed, merely observing it might not have any bearing on the case.

*They did not put suspects under oath, and did not ask appropriate, necessary and logical questions.

*They did not interview every possible witness or suspect.

*They allowed two suspects in the case to sit in on Hillary Clinton’s interview and act as her attorneys. This is the kind of insanity that would get professional cops fired virtually anywhere.

*They allowed the destruction of devices, and did not seize other devices.  They knowingly allowed evidence to be destroyed.

*They gave immunity to multiple suspects for no discernible reason, including one that repeatedly lied to them and destroyed evidence.  Their grants of immunity gained no usable evidence.

The list is never ending.  What no one asked Wray or Horowitz is whether every possible FBI employee that had any knowledge of this case or of the violations of police and criminal wrong doing by other FBI employees have been interviewed or will be interviewed.  In any police agency, even those not directly involve in a case know that is going on, and know who is not doing what they should.  We hear rumors that there are many honest FBI employees anxious to tell what they know.  Very well; where are they?

Where were the supervisors of the people involved in this case at the FBI and the DOJ?  FBI agents work under multiple layers of close supervision, but those supervisors seem to be entirely absent here.  Who were they?  Why aren’t they involved?  What do they know?

Final Thoughts:

If Hillary Clinton won, we would know none of this.  The conspirators would be rewarded, progressives would have gained an all but invulnerable power over government, and the seeds of civil war would have been gleefully sown.

There was a conspiracy at the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ–and certainly the White House–to ensure the election of Hillary Clinton.  If that’s so, why didn’t she win?  Arrogance. They were so certain, they didn’t believe they needed to engage in the election fraud necessary to ensure her victory. Remember that the head prosecutor of the Mueller investigation was invited to Hillary election night victory party.  What a coincidence.

Another amazing coincidence is then Loretta Lynch’s “chance” meeting with the Horndog in Chief only days before Hillary’s FBI interview.  There are more than 5000 airports with paved runways in America.  We are expected to believe it mere chance that Clinton’s private jet ended up parked next to Lynch’s private jet at precisely the right date and time?  Lynch’s story was they talked only about golf and grandkids–she would never talk about Hillary, no sir; that would be wrong!–and Clinton forced himself on her. She, and her minions were horrified, yet powerless to keep him from boarding her plane and haranguing her for a half hour or so, this despite Clinton had to get past Secret Service and FBI human barriers.  By another amazing coincidence, no one in the area was allowed a camera, and we know about the amazingly coincidental meeting only because a local reporter got a last minute tip.

This was not a conspiracy that required daily meetings, though some of those did occur.  These are people of one mind.  They were dedicated not to the rule of law and equal justice, but to continuing the eight years of glorious progressive progress of Barack Obama.  They knew, one and all, what they had to do.  The idea that they were in any way doing anything to help Donald Trump is lunacy, and the IG’s report makes clear there was no evidence–at all–of that, quite the opposite.  Every evidence of bias was directed against Trump, none against Clinton. Then how did Trump win? Hubris.  The conspirators believed they were invincible, incapable of being wrong. Hillary would win because the inevitable arc of progressive history required it.  Normals, against all odds and out of the red, proved their nemesis, and the universe was thrown out of kilter.


The conspiracy continues, led by the Mueller investigation, Rod Rosenstein and a variety of other swamp dwellers in the DOJ, FBI, and every other federal agency. Former DOJ prosecutor J. Christian Adams has written a series for PJ Media called Every Single One.  Since 2009, Barack Obama packed the DOJ with hundreds of leftist lawyers.  These are not just people that would prefer to vote Democrat but are open to voting for the right Republican, but people whose socialist/communist credentials are impeccable and immutable.  Most remain, working behind the scenes to ensure “progress” never ends.

The IG’s report is only a five-gallon bucket removed from the swamp.  It is extraordinary, probably unprecedented, in the scope and volume of its revelations, but it tells us how very much more there is to be revealed, how very much more infection must be removed if the Republic is to survive.  Horowitz was willing to reveal the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ as complete incompetents, because to tell the whole truth, would reveal them as criminals, conspirators working to subvert our constitutional republic, to impose their despotic rule on us all.

During the Obama years, many worried that civil war could be possible.  What would happen if the federal government ignored or suspended the Constitution, if they imposed their will and elections no longer had any meaning?  Now we ask what will happen if progressives stage a coup and depose a lawfully elected President of the United States? Progressives express faux outrage at the very idea: Why merely suggesting that is outlandish and anti-American.  That could never happen!

Yes it could, and the process continues.  We know now, without question, that the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ would conspire to do just that.  They would betray their oaths to the Constitution and the rule of law.  We know because they continue to do this as these words are written.

IG Horowitz and Director Wray would have us believe that apart from Comey, McCabe, Page and Strzok, only five more FBI employees might be culpable in violating procedures–perhaps they took home some paperclips?–or possibly violating the law?  Only five.  There is no such recommendation about anyone at the DOJ, though we know every anti-American action could not have taken place without their complicity.

The IG’s report also inescapably reveals the Mueller investigation is merely a continuation of the conspiracy. The conspirators decided Hillary was not guilty before completing their investigation, and were certain Trump was guilty before beginning theirs.  Mueller, who Trump turned down for FBI Director only days before Rosenstein appointed him to the witch hunt, continues, destroying lives in a desperate and failed attempt to find Russians under every bed.

The credibility of the DOJ and FBI have been destroyed, and they’ve done it to themselves.  Even normals, dim as they are, know not every FBI agent is a progressive criminal, but they also know there is no way to tell the difference, and the FBI and DOJ no longer deserve the benefit of the doubt.  They also know training people not to do the things they should have learned not to do at the FBI Academy is not going to restore public confidence.

The FBI and DOJ are creations of the Congress, not the Constitution.  We can survive without them in their current, anti-American state, but we cannot survive without the rule of law under the Constitution.  Without confidence in that, we slide ever closer to civil war, a war progressives are too arrogant to understand they must lose.

Progressives never quit.  They never stop working to subvert justice to replace it with social justice.  They always work toward establishing their worker’s paradise by any means necessary. The Federal Government remains full of them.  If they regain control of the government, they will never again relinquish it. They’ve made that more than clear. They’ve crossed too many ethical, legal lines.

The IG report is only a glimpse at the extent of the rot infecting our republic, and of the cruel hatred progressives have for us all.  If we are to remain free, President Trump needs to pay a great deal more attention to draining the swamp, and he needs a bigger bucket, a much bigger bucket.