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Real Americans, And Much Prettier Than NFL Special Snowflakes

The NFL’s stubborn stupidity shows no sign of diminishing. This is so because it has been seized upon by the anti-American Left as part of its unholy cause/narrative. The media, unashamedly, the wholly owned propaganda arm of the Left, is no longer stooping to pretend to be an honest broker of truth and news. The narrative now claims the “controversy” is the creation of Donald Trump, the originator of all evil in the universe, but more on that shortly. In truth, there is no controversy. Americans don’t like to see anyone dishonor the symbols of our nation, and they like the people and institutions doing it even less. The NFL has yet to understand that. For the moment, gentle readers, let us engage in what the left—and the NFL—so deeply deserve: free spirited and unabashed mockery.

The all-woman league formerly known as the Lingerie Football League announced this week its belief that America’s flag and national anthem are ‘far too sacred’ to protest.

The league, recently rebranded as the Legends Football League, said in a Tuesday statement that its players would not be taking a knee during the national anthem as many of their male counterparts in the NFL have done.

‘The LFL recognizes everyone’s First Amendment right to protest, but our nation’s flag and anthem are far too sacred,’ the league said. ‘Too many fellow Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice, so that our flag and anthem continue in all its majesty.

I was vaguely aware of the existence of this league, but as with the NFL, have never seen a game. Its players are certainly comely, and obviously, far more patriotic and intelligent than the witless thugs of the NFL. I’d be willing to bet they are also far less likely to have arrest records.

This year’s Legends Cup Champions were the Seattle Mist, which defeated the Atlanta Steam 38 to 28 in the finals. The Mist finished the season undefeated.

Good for them!

If you’re not familiar with Day by Day Cartoon by Chris Muir, you’re missing some of the finest, and wryest, social commentary on the Internet—or anywhere. Muir is kind enough to allow me to use his work on this scruffy little blog, and here’s a perfect example of his insight and brilliance:

The quote is from Founding Father Samuel Adams. The point is particularly trenchant. I’ve been bemused to hear people, including Rush Limbaugh on Hannity on 09-28-17, profess their love for specific football teams, and for professional football in general. They speak of “my team,” “our coach,” and purchase all manner of trademarked merchandise.

I sincerely hope such people don’t think for a moment the players, coaches and team owners consider them part of some nebulous team, valuable members of an exclusive fraternity. To be sure, such people want as many fans—an abstraction–as possible, or more specifically, their money, but with perhaps rare exceptions, could care less about individuals. In that, they are very much like Leftists, who profess to care deeply about momentarily favored and politically useful victim groups—Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQWERTY, women, the poor, etc.—but in reality, care nothing at all for individuals, particularly those that do not praise, vote for and financially support them. Like the NFL, they’re big on noble rhetoric in favor of abstractions, but actual people, not so much.

Muir’s point is the players have, for the first time, exposed their ignorance, leftistism, and disdain for the consumers of their product, and the consumers are discovering they can do without it. In fact, more and more are looking forward to doing without it and finding their lives immeasurably improved thereby. Like no time in history, there are more than enough diversions to take the place of football, many far less money and time intensive. Normal Americans the NFL and Leftists so despise are nothing if not adaptable, and like dogs, they know the difference between being tripped over and kicked.

Consider this from Muir:

The quote is from Hamlet. The reference is to the idea that given the right stimulation, one’s guilty conscience will make their guilt known. The players of the NFL are making known their true character and their true feelings, feelings the rules of the NFL have, until they were no longer enforced, hidden. Now, released for all to see, there will be no going back. Perhaps some Americans, for no reason other than that they enjoy football, knew this, but have been, until now, willing to overlook it. Perhaps the betrayal, finally, is too great. No longer will they pay exorbitant sums of money for the privilege of being denigrated and hated.

Ultimately, the hypocrisy is breathtaking. Leftists, particularly the self-imagined elite, Americans in name only, absolutely hate everything for which the NFL has traditionally stood: the middle class, masculinity, toughness, rugged individualism, honor, duty, all the values prized by normals. The pageantry of uniforms, the military, honoring the flag, patriotism are, to leftists, all toxic jingoism fit only for white supremacists, racists sexists, and every other “ist” one might care to name.

Just as with all normal Americans, the Left cares nothing for the NFL or its players. Many of its players are the reviled 1%ers, evil capitalists exploiting the downtrodden masses they pretend to champion. So why does the Left align itself with the current “protest”? They’re classic useful idiots, fools who can be easily tricked and manipulated into betraying their countrymen and country. They provide the temporary illusion of respectability and wide spread acceptance for the insane and destructive ideas embodying the Left. It surely helps that many players have been brought up in a racist, grievance culture, one of the primary certitudes of which is simmering hatred for America and its predominantly white, tolerant, productive culture. That they have benefited immeasurably from just that culture only increases their self-loathing, and self destructive and racist tendencies.

But the police are killing young black men! There are bodies in the streets! It’s a wholesale slaughter! America is racist and oppressive! Thus spake Saint Kaepernick, The Radioactive. as I pointed out in NFL Arrogance and NFL: The Breaking Point, such claims are nonsense. The NFL special snowflake’s claims–Travon Martin was killed by the police, “hands up; don’t shoot,” and many more are not only mistaken, they’re nothing more than malicious social justice lies designed to take advantage of the ill-informed and easily excitable. As Heather MacDonald has repeatedly proved, blacks need fear only other blacks. The police have far more to fear from black men than blacks have to fear from the police. As regular readers know, I absolutely expose police misconduct when it occurs, but such misconduct remains relatively rare. The leftist narrative, however, has caused great damage, particularly in the inner city, where the police are reasonably afraid to enforce the law.

It is the players—75% of the NFL is black—that have unwittingly, perhaps even willingly, turned this into a racial debacle, all the while denying it is about race. This is particularly ironic in that it is Democrats that have always been the party of segregation and racism. It was President Lyndon Johnson, in implementing his Great Society program, the grandfather of social policies that have badly damaged America’s black citizens, who famously said “this’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for two hundred years.” Thus far, he’s been prescient, and the special snowflakes of the NFL, from a position of outlandish privilege, seem determined to continue to prove Johnson right by destroying their own brand “protesting” for issues they obviously know little or nothing about.

This is just another chapter in the worsening culture wars. Barack Obama, in just eight years, dramatically reversed more than a half- century of actual racial progress. Contemporary progressives, who are now almost exclusively socialists and communists, are determined to press the revolution. This will not end because too many football players now have an unsupportable and entirely wrong notion of their social importance. They’ll keep pushing and becoming more strident, claiming anyone opposing them is for police brutality, white supremacy and racism. Normals will reach a tipping point, as Kurt Schlichter often writes, and when they do, the culture war will go hot, and will be resolved, for at least a generation. The NFL special snowflakes are merely useful idiots on the path of revolution, and will be run over, like all the rest of those with whom they have stupidly chosen to align themselves.

The ability to run fast, jump high and handle a ball does not translate to wisdom, righteousness or to the ability to support oneself once one’s usefulness to a sports team has expired. Just ask Saint Kaepernick, The Radioactive.