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screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-8-49-33An open question is how long the Left can maintain the anguished and unthinking intensity of hatred and rage that followed President Trump’s election. Traditionally, it is difficult to maintain such high levels of interest and criminal intent for long. However, the left, this time, is led by very well financed, ruthless and anti-American forces, perhaps even led by Barack Obama himself. His community organizing organization has published and disseminated a manual for subverting democracy, and is working assiduously to put it into effect.


Pushing this agenda toward establishing a permanent, unassailable liberal nation in the mold of California on steroids is a madman’s path to a hot civil war, led by pajama boys, overly testosteroned feminists and others of indeterminate gender suffused with self-imagined intellect, morality, importance and an insufferable sense of righteousness. While conservatives and other Americans not infected with a terminal leftist virus mostly want to be left alone to live their lives in peace, leftists are determined to harry and bedevil them in every way possible, for only they know how life is properly to be lived, and which thoughts are properly thought.

Pushed too far, the left will discover Americans—they certainly don’t include themselves in much disdained company—will leave their lives of responsibility and labor long enough to restore government for the people, of the people and by the people. They have the tools, experience, tactical training and resolve to fight a war; leftists don’t. They have only their mouths. It won’t take long, but will be exceedingly bloody, for should it come to that, Americans will finish the job and ensure it will take another two and a half centuries before communism/socialism again dare raise its bloody head.

This need never occur. Americans have no desire to kill former Americans. They are satisfied to live under the Constitution and the rule of law, but never under social justice. Unless leftists decide to once again participate in American democracy instead of turning American into Venezuela, it is inevitable.

The recent President’s Day protests suggest that some of the rage and endurance may be, hopefully, draining from the anti-Trump/anti-America movement. Knox News.com has the story:


Not My Presidents Day’ rallies bring thousands to the streets

A broad range of activists opposed to the month-old Trump administration used Monday’s Presidents Day holiday to hold ‘Not My Presidents Day” rallies nationwide.

Note the weak formulation: “thousands,” not millions.

While most government workers, school employees and students enjoyed a day off due to the federal holiday, events took place in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and as many as two dozen other communities, organizers said.

Again, note the weak tea: NY, Chicago, LA, and “as many at two dozen” other communities.” “Communities,” not cities.

In New York, hundreds of protesters gathered shortly after noon near Columbus Circle, home to a statue of Christopher Columbus and the Trump International Hotel and Tower, which was blockaded by police. At the southwest corner of Central Park, nearly opposite the hotel, protesters chanted ‘Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!’ Thousands more gathered in the streets nearby in anticipation of being allowed to march south.

Many people carried placards — some of them strident, some amusing. ‘I don’t pay taxes to fund a golf weekend,’ said one, while others pleaded that Americans ‘Just say no to fascist pigs’ and ‘NO! We refuse to accept a fascist America.

Hmm. So they haven’t been paying taxes the last eight years then? And of course, they fail to understand sufficient history to know fascism is an identifying quality of the Left. The article was small on numbers and big on anecdotes:

Another attendee, Monica Lim, 26, of Brooklyn, said Trump’s attitude toward Muslims reminded her of the Asian exclusion legislation of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the United States. ‘It was ‘The Yellow Peril’ then, and it is ‘The Hijab Peril’ now,’ she said, referring to the scarf worn by many Muslim women.

Well, Mr. Trump’s attitude toward Muslims has been to prevent jihadists from murdering Americans, including Muslims. Being concerned about the very real Islamist threat to western civilization is not in any way bias against all Muslims. Otherwise, Muslims remain unmolested.

Another protester, John Winterton, 33, of Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y, a suburb north of the city, said he was most worried about Trump’s attitude toward the press. Pointing to the row of television trucks present to cover the rally, he said, ‘They’re here to shine light on the truth, not to create fake news. Sometimes they get things wrong, but they usually correct it quickly and the overall performance of the media in this country is truthful. It’s not fake news. The real fakery here is Donald Trump and his team’s ‘alternative facts.

Judging by this, and other reports, they’re here to overstate the numbers of protestors and give them credence out of proportion to their numbers and influence. The sheer number of lies propagated by the press only a month into Mr. Trump’s presidency suggests Mr. Winterton isn’t paying attention, or is only listening to the legacy media. Mr. Trump’s attitude is entirely justified, and the public’s trust in the press is at record lows, and with good cause.

Janice Rosenberg, 68, of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, said she feared the rise of Trump and other right-wing leaders could portend a return to the kind of dictatorial regimes that resulted in the deaths of several relatives in the Holocaust.

‘I like to think that Trump will be held back by the checks and balances of the American system,’ she said, ‘but other countries are not as fortunate as we are in having a firm constitution. And the virus can spread.

Dear Ms. Rosenberg: Be of good cheer and find friends more grounded in reality. Mr. Trump has done nothing illegal, is the best friend Israel has seen in decades, and is here to restore the Constitution and the rule of law. How does getting government off your back equate to dictatorship? Where have you been for the last eight years?


In Los Angeles, hundreds of protesters descended on City Hall chanting ‘Not my President!’ No official count was available, but organizers put the size of the rally at more than 1,000, many times smaller than the Jan. 21 women’s march, which attracted 750,000.

“Hundreds” eh? That many!? Or perhaps “more than 1000?” Doesn’t LA have a population of millions? Hmm. Must check on that…

In a pink ‘pussy’ hat, Marilyn Derr of Manhattan Beach, Calif., said, ‘Everyone deserves a chance in this country. We’re all immigrants.’

Susan Walker of Los Angeles said she remembered marching against the Vietnam War in the 1960s and making an impact. ‘We got Congress to hear us,’ she said. ‘We were important to getting the war to end.’ Showing up to the rally, she said, ‘is better than sitting home and being mad all the time.

Well, no. We’re not actually all immigrants, and no one has a right to immigrate to America or any other nation. What sort of life does Ms. Walker have, I wonder. What sort of life do her fellow leftists have, people who sit home “being mad all the time.” What does that look like, anyway, something like this?

credit: knowyourmeme.com

credit: knowyourmeme.com

In Portland there were several arrests, and in Chicago “several hundred” protestors made noises near the Trump International Hotel & Tower. Some called him a “jabberwocky terrorist who combats reason with babble & blather,” which really had to hurt.

Barbara Evans, of Elgin, Ill., said she is optimistic that the protests will persist against Trump and that “he will get impeached sooner rather than later.” Evans said the energy of the anti-Trump movement is beginning to remind her of the Vietnam-era protests when she was a young woman.

‘It’s very exciting to me to finally see a huge percentage of the population is waking up, getting energized and joining us,” said Evans…


Cool, man! Like, far out and power to the people right on! Let’s get out the bell bottoms and tie dyed t-shirts, tune in, turn on, and drop out! A “huge percentage of the population…” uh, apparently not so much. Most of the folks of the Vietnam era are actually working for a living these days.

The rest of the article claims “more than 600” in Atlanta, “protestors” in Philadelphia, and “about 600” in Ann Arbor. Things got pretty vague after that, but ended with this hopeful note:

As he joined the crowd in Los Angeles on Monday, Peter Rothbard said attending the rally on Presidents Day is ‘sustaining energy for the resistance,’ adding: ‘We have to keep it up for four years.

Yeah. Well, about that Peter, consider this too from KnoxNews.com:

Forty minutes after it began, less than 10 people had attended Monday evening’s ‘Not My Presidents Day’ protest in Market Square in Knoxville.

The protest, described in part as ‘a march in solidarity with patriots everywhere,’ was slated to begin at 5 p.m., according to a Facebook page for the event. Just 18 people agreed to attend on the Facebook page.

The event consisted of five or six people arguing with a lone Donald Trump supporter.

The protest’s organizer, David T. Payne, wrote on the event’s Facebook page: ‘Folks gathered today prior to the march dispersed upon seeing an altercation break out between two politically opposing members of the group of folks gathered on the Square. We don’t condone violence or aggression in any form!

OK, so from “less then 10,” to “five or six,” to everyone dispersed to avoid the violence of the lone Trump supporter.  The horror.

We can only hope, gentle readers, that’s the way things continue to go.