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I know Democrats are frustrated with the results of the election. I can even sympathize…on second thought, no, I really can’t. In fact, I took just a little illicit pleasure in their melodramatic shock and agony over Mr. Trump’s election, but just a little. However, that didn’t last long, and now, I’m a bit worried about the depth and utter derangement of the Democrat Party, which, more and more, seems to be as anti-democratic, and anti-American as it is possible to be absent open warfare.

And today, the good folks at Legal Insurrection tell us:


Maxine Waters is frustrated.

She desperately wants to impeach Donald Trump for something, as we highlighted in an earlier post, Maxine Waters: We need investigation to find evidence to impeach Trump:

On Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning, Dem Rep. Maxine Waters doubled down on her earlier statement that ‘my greatest desire is to lead [President Trump] right into impeachment.’

Asked by Reid on what grounds she would impeach the president, Waters offered no evidence but said ‘I believe’ there’s a connection between Ukraine, Trump, and Russia, and ‘I think’ Trump ‘colluded’ with Putin during the election.

Concluded Waters: ‘I think that it’s there, we just have to dig deeper, do the investigation and find it. 

Uh-huh. This is the same Maxine Waters who claimed Mr. Trump is a liar and who has absolutely refused to meet with him.  She has also said: 

I don’t honor him, I don’t respect him and I don’t want to be involved with him. [and] Trump is a danger.

Of course, Ms. Waters declined to attend the inauguration, though I somehow suspect Mr. Trump didn’t shed over many tears at her absence. Prof. Jacobson continues:

The Blaze reports:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Ca.) angrily denounced members of the Trump administration as being ‘scumbags’ in an interview with Chris Hayes on MSNBC Tuesday.

‘I just think the American people have better understand what’s going on,’ she yelled, ‘this is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are. Who are all organized around making money.’

‘Those are very strong words, congresswoman,’ Hayes asked. “Who do you mean by that when you call them scumbags, who are you talking about.’

‘All of these people who are organized with these oil and gas interests that’s in the administration and friends of the president of the United States, this back-channelling that you see. These are all a bunch of scumbags, that’s what they are.’

Waters should be taken ‘seriously’ when it comes to Russian intrigue. She was, after all, the first and only person in the world to expose Russia’s invasion of Korea:

‘And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.’

Where now? Korea? Um, I think China would’ve had something to say about that if she means North Korea, and South Korea — along with the United States — would have had a LOT to say if she meant the other one.

Sigh.  Scumbags.  Correct me if I’m mistaken, but didn’t many of Mr. Trump’s Cabinet officers sacrifice a great deal to serve the public, only to be lambasted by the likes of Ms. Waters?  Is public service worth that?  We should be glad there are qualified men and women of sufficient character to put up with it for the good of the nation.

How about it gentle readers, still a little uneasy the Democrats didn’t seize the White House for another 4-8 years? Somehow I don’t think Donald Trump on his worst day could measure up to this level of derangement, bad will and hatred. But just in case you’re not convinced, let me remind you–in the general derangement department only–of Democrat Representative Hank Johnson:


In a discussion regarding a planned military buildup on the Pacific island, Johnson expressed some concerns about the plans to Adm. Robert Willard, head of the U.S. Pacific fleet.

‘My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,’ Johnson said. Willard paused and replied, ‘We don’t anticipate that.


Uh-huh. The honorable Representative Johnson thought if we put too many people on Guam–an island in the Pacific Ocean–it would capsize.  This is not taken out of context, nor is it a parody or satire.  This is the brain trust of the Democrat Party. These are the people that think Donald Trump is brain damaged by Syphilis. These are the people that came close to running the country again.

Even if you’re not overly fond of President Trump, count your blessings, gentle readers.