Police officers murdered in Dallas and Baton Rouge. The Ferguson Effect born, of all places, in Ferguson, Missouri and spreading across the nation. Innocent officers politically persecuted in Baltimore, leading many officers to flee the BPD, and making it very difficult to Baltimore to recruit new police officers. Violent crime, primarily committed by young black men, is out of control in Baltimore, Chicago, and is rapidly spreading, particularly in Democrat-ruled cities.


The world is doing even worse. It was only recently revealed that the terrorists at the Paris nightclub attack tortured and mutilated victims in horrific ways. The mere fact of that barbarism was kept secret by the French government, just as our government and media reflexively hide the facts about our Islamist enemy, and just as the media refused to show video and photos of Americans falling to their deaths from the twin towers, choosing seconds of free fall life rather than burning alive. Better to hide that reality than take the risk that Americans might be angry at Islamists, and might, perhaps demand a real war against people that have declared war on us decades ago.

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Remember, gentle readers, the pathetic spectacle of Secretary of State John Kerry presenting James Taylor to sing “You’ve Got A Friend,” to a room full of shell-shocked relatives and friends of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist murders? One can’t blame Taylor, but one wonders who Kerry will next trot out to conduct high-level musical diplomacy after the Nice attack. Perhaps Joni Mitchell to sing “Both Sides Now,” to reassure everyone that America stands for diversity and inclusion and niceness toward Islamist savages?

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Perhaps it’s time, perhaps past time, to indulge in a little rational paranoia. With about six months of the Obama Administration left, and a nation, anxiously checking off each day on their “countdown to trying to rebuild America calendars,” does it seem just a little suspicious, a little convenient, that everything that matters, in America and the world, is crashing down around our ears at the same time?

Let us recall that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and just about everyone in the Obama Administration is steeped in the philosophy, inhumanity and ruthlessness of Communists such as Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky. They begin from the position that America is evil, racist, sexist, and must be destroyed–fundamentally transformed–and replaced with their enlightened leadership. They see the Constitution as nothing but an impediment to their desires and the inevitable establishment of their progressive utopia.

One of the articles of faith of such people is the utility of the Cloward-Piven strategy, which cynically pushes society to chaos and collapse via insane, unworkable progressive policies. Only when such total collapse finally occurs, will the very people who planned the collapse from the beginning find a panicked public willing, indeed, eager, to embrace whatever “solutions” the progressive planners suggest.

It’s an ingenious, utterly evil, and cruel approach. By enacting policies designed to catastrophically fail–lying about those policies is, of course, required–progressives establish chaos that will dupe Americans into begging the very progressives that caused the chaos to enact the insane policies they could not get were people not desperate. Keep in mind that the Cloward-Piven strategy not only foresees countless deaths, and the destruction of the American way of life, it requires them. Death, financial ruin, indescribable human suffering, quality of life declining to third world levels, all of it entirely unnecessary but for their diseased manipulations.

Am I being too paranoid? Let’s review just a few examples:



Obamacare: Progressives have been working for this for decades, but more than anything, they desire a single-payer system where government pays for–and authorizes, or not–all health care. But that was too big a first step, so Obamacare, which was going to save each family at least $2500 per year, make health care more widely available, and make health care much more affordable. Enacted by legislative sleight of hand with feckless Republicans unable to do more than moan a bit, everything about the Affordable Care Act was quickly discovered, even by progressive “Fact Checkers,” to be a lie.

Circa 2016, most of the state exchanges have gone bankrupt. Obamacare, inexplicably saved by Chief Justice Roberts, has nonetheless experienced a variety of legal setbacks, with more on the horizon. As insurance companies pull out of market after market, unable to make a profit, insurance has become much more difficult, not easier, to obtain, and deductibles have reached unprecedented, outrageous levels. Many Americans have chosen not to be insured because under the Affordable Care Act, care is neither available, nor affordable. And while Mr. Obama still has not admitted his deception, we now see the ultimate goal, the culmination of the classic Cloward-Piven strategy: Mr. Obama wants to replace Obamacare with a single payer plan. Expect executive orders to that effect before January, 2016.

Domestic Terror: Post 9-11, actual terrorist attacks on American soil were relatively rare. In the Age of Obama, after Mr. Obama wisely told us America can “absorb” another 9-11 level terrorist attack, we have had to absorb more and more Islamist attacks. Of course, Mr. Obama and the media have been very reluctant to link such attacks to Islam, inventing bizarre euphemisms such as: “man-caused disasters,” and “workplace violence” to describe the Ft. Hood attack and others. The motivation of the attackers in every clearly Islam-inspired attack, whether on a military recruiting depot or place of business, remains unknowable to Mr. Obama, but he never fails to lecture Americans about the importance of not being angry with Islam even as Islam seeks to conquer the world over the bodies of Americans.

Hillary Clinton showing no empathy or respect for her real enemies in the Congress.

Hillary Clinton showing no empathy or respect for her real enemies in the Congress.

Foreign Affairs: By any measure the world is a far more dangerous and explosive place as a result of the Age of Obama. Everything he touched has turned to excrement. Mr. Obama has missed no chance to insult and damage America’s allies, while aiding and supporting our deadliest enemies. He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq, turned–with the able help of Hillary Clinton–Libya into a failed state and terrorist haven, at the cost of four American lives, and his idiotic “reset” policy that wasn’t a policy at all, convinced Vladimir Putin that there would be no consequence to Russian expansion.



Most dangerously, by proclaiming that the future can’t belong to those the insult the prophet of Islam, and continuing to call Islam a “religion of peace,” and acting on that disastrous misconception, he has turned the Middle East into a powder keg. Mr. Obama has emasculated our military, not only by downsizing our military capabilities, but by replacing high-ranking war fighters with lap dogs and yes-man willing to agree that our military’s priorities should be global warming, transgender relations, and social experimentation.


Mr. Obama has repeatedly proclaimed our most serious national security threat to be global warming. Perhaps, but only if provoked through multiple nuclear detonations on our soil and the soil of our allies.

Mr. Obama’s embrace of Iran cannot be adequately explained by mere stupidity. If an American president were to consciously set out to sabotage world peace, guarantee the nuclear destruction of our allies, particularly Israel, and ensure the deaths of untold Americans, that president would behave toward Iran exactly as Mr. Obama has done. His “deal,” not only guarantees nuclear weapons for Iran, the $150 billion–perhaps more–he has released to Iran is being used, day after day, to arm Iran’s terrorist proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas, which organizations now possess tens, even hundreds of thousands of rockets and missiles waiting for Tehran’s command to rain down on Israel.

Iran remains the primary state sponsor of terror, and has operatives throughout Latin and South America, in Cuba, and around the world, working every day against America. German intelligence, among others, has confirmed that Iran actively seeks to build nuclear weapons every day, thanks to Mr. Obama’s deal and his $150 billion gift.

Race: The man who was going to bring racial healing to a nation already well healed, instead has brought unending strife, mistrust and hatred. His primary method has been to rhetorically bombard Blacks with the lie that every failure they have ever experienced is the fault of evil white people, and particularly Republicans. Progressive policies have left Blacks, particularly inner-city blacks, an underclass on a never ending high speed rail ride to destruction. Convincing an entire people they are helpless to improve their lives because of the mostly undetectable manipulations of others is quite a trick, but a classic Cloward-Piven, community organizer technique.

Immigration: By not only refusing to enforce American immigration laws, by actually encouraging the poor, uneducated and criminal of foreign nations to come to America, Mr. Obama and Progressives have put into motion all manner of chaos from rising crime rates, rising unemployment, disease and growing disrespect for:


The Rule of Law: By ignoring the Constitution, repeatedly breaching the separation of powers, writing law when it pleases him, and ignoring lawbreakers, Mr. Obama continues to cause incalculable damage to America. He has established the precedent, resisted only by occasional, weak whining from the Congress, of ruling by decree. His weaponization of the IRS, EPA, DOJ and numerous other Federal bureaucracies has cowed his political enemies, and convinced law-abiding Americans they cannot depend upon the law to protect them. Hillary Clinton’s recent contradictory absolution by the FBI and the DOJ is only the most recent, but perhaps one of the most damaging, examples. The damage to the rule of law by turning the FBI and DOJ into political arms of the Democrat Party cannot easily be calculated.

The Police: It is not well known that the Department of Justice has its own bureau of community organizers. Whenever there is a crisis that Mr. Obama doesn’t want to go to waste, he sends forth this crack squad of racist cractivists who teach local, community organizing racists, using all of the power and resources of the federal government, to keep tensions high and the racial pot boiling. This unit was sent to Sanford, Florida to keep racial hatred and mistrust alive during the Trayvon Martin–the son Mr. Obama never had–case. They were sent to Ferguson, Baltimore, and every other racial hot spot.  Obamite emissaries attend the funerals of drugged felons like Michael Brown, but until recently, never those of heroic police officers.

Mr. Obama has never missed an opportunity to turn the public, particularly the black public, against the police, beginning with the Henry Louis Gates affair, when Mr. Obama said he had no idea about the facts of the case, but immediately opined that “the police acted stupidly.” He has been much less careful and sloppy with the facts since. When America would have been best served by Mr. Obama just shutting up, he invariably mouthed off, playing politics and worsening race relations.

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At a memorial service for one of the fallen Dallas officers, Mr. Obama rattled on for 40 minutes, lecturing on gun control and race, and speaking of himself no less than 45 times, more than once a minute.

We now find police officers across the nation standing down to the greatest possible extent. They answer calls, but avoid any proactive policing particularly where blacks are involved. They know if they stop, arrest, or, God forbid, have to shoot a black person, they will probably find themselves prosecuted, fired, sued, perhaps even jailed for life. At the very least, the career to which they have dedicated their lives will be forever lost to them.

Many police officers are fleeing police work, not because they fear danger–every police officer accepts that–but because they know that if their superiors can’t protect them, if their politicians won’t support them, and actively attack them, and the public doesn’t support them, their job is impossible. Many law enforcement agencies are now discovering that the recruit pool is quickly drying up, and the few that still apply are not the kind of people any sane police executive wants carrying a badge and gun.

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And Mr. Obama’s racial agenda is, at last, bearing its intended, inevitable fruit: black racists are targeting police officers in ambush attacks. This, like every other progressive policy or goal, was entirely foreseeable. Should this trend continue to its logical, and intended, conclusion, the rule of law will have entirely broken down. Police forces will degenerate to report writing organizations. Citizens will be on their own. Gangs and individual sociopaths will be free to work their will.

Mr. Obama’s, and all of his progressive acolytes’ solutions to these horrific problems they have caused are predictable: take away the guns of the law abiding, which will hasten the destruction of civilization, pass all manner of regulations and laws to annoy and harass average Americans, and above all, spend more money. Considering that by January, 2017, Mr. Obama will have racked up more debt than every other president in history, one wonders from where that money will come, and how long unavoidable, total economic collapse will take.

The Goal: This brings us to July of 2016, when many of these strategies are noticeably coming to an end point, a point when chaos and the collapse of civil society and the rule of law become irreversible.

What, from the Progressive point of view, an opportunity! They don’t let such opportunities go to waste.

Here’s where my paranoia once again comes to the fore. How far would we have to go toward such a collapse before a majority of Americans would willingly give Progressives dictatorial powers? Would we authorize–they would represent it as just temporary–the suspension of the Constitution, the imposition of martial law (for one view of how this would be done, read Stephen Coonts’ Liberty’s Last Stand–Progressives hate and fear the book)? How many law-abiding Americans would have to die to establish the national climate necessary for this ultimate fulfillment of the Cloward-Piven strategy?

I’ve presented only a few of the trends necessary for the kind of collapse and horror that brings a smile to the face of the most dour Progressive. Interesting, is it not, that these trends are entering their final phases in the last six months of the Obama Administration?

Think how quickly that thin, thin line between civilization and barbarism can be severed.

Think of all the federal agencies and bureaucracies that have their own SWAT teams. Think of the billions of rounds of ammunition, and the hundreds of thousands of guns those agencies have purchased.

Perhaps I am a bit paranoid, but life has taught me a bit of paranoia, particularly when one is dealing with fundamentally dishonest, dishonorable, and hateful people, is a bare minimum survival strategy.

Something to keep in mind, and people to keep an eye on, as we cross off another calendar day.