Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 1.16.34 PMJune 12, 2016, Orlando Florida. Fifty were killed and 53 wounded in an attack on a gay nightclub. I do not normally use the names of such killers, but in this case it’s necessary: Omar Mateen, 29, an American citizen of Afghani origin. Mateen, who was killed by responding police, was a Muslim, a Muslim who, before the attack, called 911 and pledged allegiance to the leader of ISIS. Oh yes: as he killed, he yelled “allahu ackbar.” His motivation? An Islamic attitude: disgust with men kissing.

Update: Mateen was a registered Democrat.

In a brief statement, Mr. Obama blamed guns–claiming the killer, whose name he was careful not to mention, used a semiautomatic handgun and a “powerful assault weapon”–urged Americans not to be mean to Muslims, and while he called the attack an “act of terror and hate,” made no mention, as is his usual tactic, of Islam, or any connection to Islamic terrorism.

But this was not all. Police in Sacramento, CA, through essentially dumb luck, though competent police work, arrested a man in town for a gay pride parade. He was heavily armed and had the chemicals necessary to make explosives. There is not a specifically known connection to the Orlando incident, though it is an interesting coincidence. Also interesting is that the police have not released the man’s name, which often happens if the suspect has an Islamic name.



We are at war with Islam, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Islam is at war with us. Islam has been at war with western civilization as long as Islam has existed. Occasionally, Islam more or less formally declares war on us, as it did on America in 1801 as Thomas Jefferson became president. Occasionally, a strong American president takes notice of such declarations, as Jefferson did, and crushes the locus of Islamic hostility, forcing it back under its rock for a time. However, whenever America is weak, Islam reasserts itself, as it did in Iran in 1979, and as it did on 9-11 (2001), and as it is now doing in Iran, the Middle East, France, and around the world. During the last 7+ years of nearly unprecedented American weakness, Islam has carried out multiple attacks on American soil.

But most of those attacks were “known wolves!” They weren’t organized and run out of Iran or ISIS or other Islamist states or actors! Keep in mind that the Obama Administration never tells the truth about anything. To think we know all there is to know about any terrorist attack on American soil is ridiculous. We know that many of those terrorists had contact with foreign Islamists, but even if they did not, even if our feckless Apologist in Chief refuses to identify our enemy, it doesn’t matter. The inspiration, motivation, and model was, and is, Islam.

Whose fault was the Orlando attack? Obviously, the Muslim killer was primarily at fault, but he was inspired and motivated by Islam. Also at fault are the active enablers of Islam, including the Progressive movement, our Muslim President, all of his minions, including Hillary Clinton, and even passive enablers of Islam, including former President George W. Bush.

Much of what Mr. Bush has been accused of doing is simply false, but there is no doubt he insisted on calling Islam “the religion of peace,” when any rational person can only conclude that Islam is anything but. To be sure, not every Muslim is an Islamist. Most will never take up arms against non-Muslims, most wish to live in peace with their neighbors, but an alarming number support Jihad, and a larger number support Sharia and wish to see it imposed everywhere.

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The Orlando attack is laced with irony because it is Progressives that not only excuse and ignore Islamist hatred and terror, but simultaneously claim to love and embrace gay people and LGBTQWERTY people of all sorts. Yet Islam is death–actually–on gays, and every LGBTQWERTY “community” in existence. Islamists commonly bind gays and toss them off tall buildings, hang them from cranes, crucify them, and subject them to other quaint Medieval tortures and murders.

I watched Fox News as the LA Sheriff, a high-ranking LAPD administrator, and an FBI agent gushed about their great respect for, and solidarity with, the organizers of a gay pride parade. They assured everyone that they were going to extraordinary lengths to protect the gay pride parade, which would continue as planned. Not one showed any awareness of the irony inherent in all of this.

“But the Orlando killer was an American citizen!” Media talking heads exclaim as though that explains anything, excuses anything, or is surprising. As I write this, there are innumerable foreign agents, sleepers, spies and their supporters abroad in America. Many, perhaps most, are American citizens, yet their allegiance lies elsewhere, just as the Orlando killer’s did.

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Islam, gentle readers, is not a religion as we understand religion, but a political system with religious trappings. Just as kings claimed to rule through Divine right, Islam claims supremacy because it is established by Allah, and it is the will of Allah that the world be conquered and made to accept Islam and worship Allah. It is not a matter of choice, but a Muslim religious duty to bring about this state of affairs.

For observant Muslims there are two political entities: the world of Islam, and the world of unbelievers. They do not think as we do. They may live in Iran or Iraq or Jordan, or even America, but their allegiance is not to those nations, those lines drawn on a map, but to Islam. For Islamists, there is no cognitive dissonance involved in being an American citizen and a Muslim, because being an American is essentially irrelevant. It provides opportunities and benefits, but does not in any way limit them if they wish to live–and impose through violence–their faith.

I earlier noted that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. The mere mention of this drives progressives mad. But why should it? They claim to be the epitome of tolerance and diversity, yet scream with red-faced hatred when anyone suggests that Mr. Obama is a Muslim. Consider the evidence:

Mr. Obama was born the son of a Muslim, so to all observant Muslims, under the teachings of Islam, he is a Muslim, for life. Mr. Obama has claimed to be a Christian, and while Americans tend to accept such claims without thinking, there are substantial consequences to such assertions. One does not leave Islam, for there is only one fate for apostates: death. All observant Muslims should wish to kill Mr. Obama for that alone (Dear Secret Service: This is an analogy only, not a suggestion), yet one does not hear any such hue and cry. Oh, many Muslims would love to kill the leader of the Great Satan, but one doesn’t hear Muslims demanding his head for his apostasy. Why not?

Because they know he is winking at them. They know he is lying. They know he is a Muslim, and Muslims are not only allowed, but encouraged by their scriptures to lie to infidels–non-believers. That’s us. It was Mr. Obama who told the new head of NASA that NASA’s primary and most important mission was to help Muslims feel good about the scientific contributions of their ancestors. It is Mr. Obama who ignores the national security threat of Islamic terror, who funds Iran’s Islamist military build up, who encourages Islamists to attack Israel, and who proclaims the most serious national security threat to be global warming, stealing $500 millions dollars appropriated for dealing with the Zika Virus, and giving it to the UN for the global warming scam.

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Why don’t Muslims reject the outdated teachings of their faith? Why don’t they reform their religion for the modern age, as Christianity was reformed? First, because it is a false comparison. Christianity does not enjoin its followers to conquer the world and force all to worship God. Belief is, and always has been, a matter of choice and faith. Christianity has never told its adherents to murder Jews or anyone else, nor does it demand that women be treated like cattle. And while the Bible does not approve of homosexuality, it does not demand that homosexuals be murdered. The Koran does all of this, and more. It was Christians, not Christianity, that reformed. They changed their behavior as the wisdom of clearly separating faith and law became obvious. And it was the First Amendment that has allowed all faiths to bloom and prosper in America.

Under Islam, there is no separation of church and state. The church is the state. Sharia is law, and Islamist mindsets, and punishments for violating Sharia, remain Medieval. To change Islam would be to remove its supremacy, its justification for violence and world domination. It would relegate Islam to just another entirely voluntary faith, one of many.

To remove violence from Christianity, Christians only had to adhere to the scriptures, rather than pervert them. To remove violence from Islam, Muslims must reject much of the letter and spirit of their faith, their philosophy, and their political belief. And of course, any Muslim that leads a movement to reform Islam paints an enormous target on his back and the backs of his entire family. Many Muslims have no difficulty whatever with murdering their fellow Muslims. Nor do they have difficulty molesting and raping infidel women.

In Germany and other European and Scandinavian countries, Muslims are engaging in rampant molestation and rape of infidel women, blatantly and in public. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t read about a German woman molested or raped who did not want to report it because she thought it would demonstrate her lack of appreciation for diversity or it might make people angry with Muslim immigrants, and she didn’t want to appear insufficiently progressive. We see a somewhat less virulent version of that kind of non-thinking in contemporary America.

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credit: nationalreviewonline

If Donald Trump does not use this, and other, incidents to good effect, if he does not beat Hillary Clinton over the head with this from now until November, he’s a complete idiot. It was Clinton, in her role of Secretary of State, who helped embolden and enable Jihad around the world. She is actually directly responsible for the loss of American lives to jihadists, and for continually lying about it thereafter. Unfortunately, Donald Trump seems to be very busy maintaining the purity of being Donald Trump. Adopting the mindset and habits of the leader of the Free World seems, tragically and inexplicably, decidedly secondary to him.

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And Hillary Clinton, who has never seen an anti-liberty, anti-gun measure she did not embrace, and who has sworn to fight every day to take away the Second Amendment rights of Americans–one of the few things she has ever said one can believe–did not waste the opportunity afforded by Orlando by again calling for disarming law abiding Americans. She would actually be more determined than Barack Obama to disarm the law abiding, just one more way that she would be a third Obama term. If she is elected President, she will have one Supreme Court appointment waiting for her, and that appointment will surely tip the balance against the Second Amendment for a generation. Adding two or more additional leftists would tip it for two or more.



And speaking of irony, what better example? A Leftist president who not only supports, but enables Islamists, who refuses, just like Barack Obama, to even utter the words “Islamist terrorism,” yet drools in anticipation of following the lead of the 9th Circuit which recently ruled that the Second Amendment does not guarantee a right to carry concealed weapons in public.

If a single, capable person in that bar in Orlando had a concealed handgun, innumerable lives could have been saved. Obviously, no one did, or if so, they were too intimidated to use it. “Leave it to the professionals; let the police protect us; it’s their job,” didn’t work in Orlando. It doesn’t work anywhere. Yet our current government, and without question, the government of Hillary Clinton, would make it impossible for the law-abiding to defend themselves and their families, while doing nothing to keep terrorists from obtaining arms. Terrorists, even more than common criminals, do not obey the law, and have plentiful sources for genuinely military arms.

Update:  Florida law prohibits guns in bars.  The bar was a victim disarmament zone.

The Japanese in WWII feared invading America, because they knew they’d face “a rifle behind every blade of grass.”  Contemporary progressives would delight in taking that worry off the table for criminals and the enemies of America.

Donald Trump is right about one thing, even if he doesn’t express it well: there is no such thing as a right to immigrate to America. There is no such thing as a right to become an American citizen. America has no obligation to prove beyond any doubt that a prospective immigrant is not here to murder Americans. It is, rather, any prospective immigrant that bears an absolute obligation to prove that they will not only substantially contribute to America, but will renounce any other belief, creed, faith or philosophy at odds with America and civilization. Any potential immigrant that embraces violent, Medieval beliefs, including a desire for world domination, would seem to any rational person to have a rather greater burden of proof. Unfortunately, it is such people that Progressives embrace and think uniquely qualified to immigrate to America, yet Islam is fundamentally incompatible with American democracy–and with the very existence of gays.

But hey, that’s being progressive for you. That’s moving America forward.