Las Vegas Metro Police Sgt. Reyes

Las Vegas Metro Police Sgt. Reyes

Regular readers may recall that one of the many bizarre and corrupt features of the Erik Scott case was the disappearance of all surveillance video evidence at the Costco where he was killed by three panicky Metro officers: William Mosher–a serial Metro killer, Thomas Mendiola and Joshua Stark. Mendiola should have been washed out of Metro’s basic academy, but was allowed, for reasons never explained, to repeat a substantial portion of the course. There are indications that Stark is at least somewhat remorseful and retains some portion of honor, but obviously not enough to tell the truth. To be entirely fair, telling the truth about Metro corruption can be deadly.

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The Costco had three separate video systems, one recording video inside the store on multiple cameras, one recording the parking lot and exterior of the store, and one recording the gas station. Not only did Metro fail to secure all of the video recorders, they left them in the hands of Costco for days. Metro first claimed there might be something wrong with the video, then later claimed there was no video.

Even so, they eventually collected the hard drives and eventually sent them to the LA Secret Service and the manufacturer and lo and behold, recovered some 96% of the data. The 4% left unrecovered was, miraculously, all video, indoors and outdoors, during the time Erik Scott was shopping and when he was killed near the front doors.

Metro and Costco were never forced to disclose whether all video was backed up off site–common in contemporary commercial video surveillance systems–and there are a variety of other issues with this portion of Metro’s handling of the case.

Persistent rumors indicate that the supposedly missing video does exist and has been seen by Metro–and if so, surely by Costco management. If the video showed that Eric Scott was a raging madman inside the store, and that he drew his handgun–still in its holster–and pointed it at Mosher outside the store, there can be no doubt it would have been among the most widely distributed video clips in history. However, if it showed what the evidence reveals–Erik Scott was fully in control of himself and entirely unremarkable as he shopped, and not only did he never draw his handgun, he had no time to do it even if that were his intention–the video would be certain to disappear.  So it did.

Yet another Metro source has recently seemed to confirm the existence of the Scott video. This is due to the efforts of a group of local Las Vegas citizens–Cop Block–that have been a thorn in the side of Metro since shortly after the Erik Scott murder. Following up on what appears to be Metro’s lack of interest in what may have been an unprovoked beating of a citizen by a security guard, a Metro Sgt. Reyes was recorded for some 24 minutes, and made an interesting admission. 

At approximately the 9:48 mark on the YouTube video (apparently recorded on 02-16-15), the Cop Block activist–believed to be Kelly Patterson–brings up the Eric Scott case. Sgt. Reyes acknowledges that case and says even though he wasn’t directly involved in the case, he knows more about what happened. The conversation is difficult to make out because Patterson’s mouth is obviously closer to the microphone than Reyes’, Patterson constantly interrupts Reyes attempting to make his points, and is so obviously focused on grilling Sgt. Reyes about the more recent incident and related video that he isn’t really paying much attention to what Reyes has to say.

Even so, Sgt. Reyes says:

I’m almost sure that video was seen many, many times.

Again, he’s interrupted by Patterson who tells him the official Metro line on the video is that it doesn’t exist. Sgt. Reyes allows that that’s possible, and the conversation moves off in other directions.

Here’s William Scott’s (Erik Scott’s father) reply to the YouTube video:


Sgt. Reyes is about the fifth LVMPD cop to acknowledge that the ‘disappeared’ Costco security system video of my son, Erik’s murder by a cop on 7/10/10 WAS viewed by Metro officers. Because the video proves Erik did nothing to warrant being murdered by a scared, low-IQ cop (Wm. D. Mosher), Metro and Costco conspired to destroy the original hard drive, then claim 4% of the data couldn’t be recovered–precisely the portion that covered the time Erik was in Costco, then being shot to death in front of the Summerlin Costco in Vegas. I guarantee copies of the original video ARE still in Metro’s and Costco HQ’s hands.

Sgt. Reyes displays amazing patience in his conversation with Patterson, and is entirely reasonable throughout.

Obviously, Sgt. Reyes’ seeming admission is not absolute proof the video exists, however, in police work, institutional knowledge is important and powerful. Many things a law enforcement agency would not want the public to know are widely known by officers, and there are few Metro officers indeed without at least some knowledge of and interest in the Scott case, knowledge closely held and not generally available to the public.

It is likely indeed that the surveillance video exists and that Metro brass, Costco management–and of course police union thugs–know precisely what it reveals, however, proving that remains elusive.

Still, it’s interesting.  To what, I’m sure, is the great annoyance of Metro, the Erik Scott case is not going to go away–ever.