MP5 SD6, Left Side

MP5 SD6, Left Side

The Top 23? Indeed. I intended to, with this article, begin a “Top Ten” series every January 1, highlighting the most read articles of the previous year, in this case, 2015. However, in order to get to the top ten articles of 2015, I had to include 13 articles from earlier years, many of which were actually substantially more popular than any article I wrote in 2015.

I’ve been writing this scruffy little blog since October of 2011, when Bob Owens and I amicably parted our blogging ways from Confederate Yankee. That blog, sadly, no longer exists, even in archival form, though I did keep a copy of all my work there. Bob is now the editor of Bearing Arms, where I often contribute.

One interesting milestone occurred in 2015, my first million hits. That certainly doesn’t put me in the top ranks of the Internet, but for a single-author, doesn’t pay the rent, blog, it’s not bad. For this success, I have all of you, gentle readers, to thank. May reading my scribblings make you all younger, prettier, more astute, desirable, and the happy owners of every firearm you want, regardless of what you need. And may that fact alone drive tyrannical gun grabbers like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton crazy.

The articles are listed in order of the most read to the least read, but that alone doesn’t tell the story. I considered including the number of comments, but that is fundamentally misleading. People often don’t comment on articles with which they agree, and some of my articles with huge numbers of comments ran those up because a few readers had at each other over many days, often straying from the issues in the article.   The #1 article has been a favorite since I wrote it in 2013–people from across the globe read it every week–and the 23rd has only been online since December 16, so there has been little time for it to amass large numbers of readers.

Writing for the Internet is a strange thing. Articles on which I lavish substantial research and great care sometimes lay flaccid like dead carp, while little missives I tossed off in minutes off the top of my head–such as a little ditty about yoga pants–are ridiculously popular. Go figure.

Oh well. I do it because I’m a writer, and writing is what writers do. I hope you enjoy the 23 biggest hits of 2015!

#1–2013: The HK MP5 SD6: Good, Clean, Sexy, All-American Fun   03-17-13

As I already mentioned, this has been one of the most popular articles I ever wrote. I suspect that is because the MP5 is such an iconic gun. Perhaps my research and writing had something to do with it, but that’s hard to say.

#2–2015: Montana: Yippie Ki Yay Yoga Pants 02-12-15

This one was about a Montana–of all places–legislator who was trying to make yoga pants illegal. No joy on that one. I suspect the photo I found to headline this article had much to do with its success (take the link and see for yourself!).

1 G17 Right Side

#3–2013: The Standard: The Glock 17  03-22-13

This article is about the ubiquitous Glock 17, and includes quite a bit of history as well as more practical, daily use information.

#4–2013: Chris Kyle: The Universe Has A Second Laugh 01-05-13

The story of Chris Kyle seems to never lose its fascination. The topic of this article was the story first printed in Marcus Luttrell’s book about Kyle shooting two armed robbers. Some believe it to be a tall tale. I examined the evidence.

#5–2013: When Is An Unloaded Gun An Unloaded Gun?  08-16-15

This is the story of a New Hampshire case. An excerpt:

Let’s review.  A man was arrested for possessing a loaded firearm despite the fact that the chamber of his semiautomatic pistol was empty–no cartridge was in it–and its magazine was not inserted in the gun.  There was no way, absent fully seating a loaded magazine and chambering a round (or manually inserting a single cartridge into the chamber), that the gun could possibly be fired.  This would seem, to rational people, to be a textbook example of an unloaded gun.

Fortunately, the state’s Supreme Court agreed that an unloaded gun is actually and unloaded gun. Still, this is a cautionary tale for all gun owners and others that appreciate common sense.

Slide Back:Mags

#6–2012: A Daily Companion: The Glock 26 08-24-12

This is an article that explores the history and usefulness of the Glock 26, also known as the “baby Glock.” As I included a link to the Glock 17 article, that may have helped run up the readership of that article.



#7–2015: Hillary Clinton and Gun Control: Fun Facts To Know And Tell 10-24-15

Alarmed by Hillary Clinton’s current anti-gun rhetoric? Here’s an article that explains her long and consistent history of supporting any anti-gun scheme about which she was ever aware. Clinton alarms me in general.

#8–2011: Smart and Frugal: The Walther P22 11-30-11

This is an article on joys of Walther’s neat little P22. Walther is expert in .22LR firearms. The MP5 SD6 is a Walther design, as are several contemporary Smith and Wesson handguns.



#9–2014: Police IQ  09-05-14

Did you know that many police agencies actually try to be certain that the officers they hire are not too smart. What’s too smart? One or two IQ points over average. Scary.

#10–2012: The Chevy Volt: And It Costs A King’s Ransom To Repair Too (Reprised and UPDATED) 01-04-12

This article too has been much read, and commented upon since I wrote it in 2012. There is no question that the Chevy Volt is very expensive and much more expensive to repair than similar, gasoline-powered cars in its class, but true believers are, well, true believers…

#11–2015: Ban What You Can: M855 Ammunition, UPDATED (#2)  03-06-15

The ATF, in a transparent attempt to ban guns by banning their ammunition, tried to ban a common mil-spec ammunition for the AR-15 family. They failed. See how here.

#12–2013: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Dealing With Stiff Recoil Springs In Concealable Semiautomatic Handguns (Without Really Swearing) 11-23-13

The recoil springs of many concealable 9mm and larger caliber handguns can be, because of less slide mass and weight, quite stiff. This article shows the correct techniques not only for safety, but for much more easily cycling the slide. Fun facts to know and tell.

Marco Rubio And His So-Called "Family" credit: communitytable,com

Marco Rubio And His So-Called “Family”
credit: communitytable,com

#13–2015: Marco Rubio: He’s Not Rich!  06-09-15

This is the second in a series of articles taking the New York Times to task for claiming that Marco Rubio was somehow guilty of wrongdoing without any actual wrongdoing. The shocking truth? Among other things, Rubio bought a fishing boat–he lives in Florida–and over the years, was able to increase his salary and put away some money for his kid’s education. See the horror of it all here.

V-Rex by Rans, a short wheelbase recumbent

V-Rex by Rans, a short wheelbase recumbent

#14–2013: The Bicycling Wave Of The Future 05-04-13

This an article about the joys of recumbents. They’re much more expensive than common upright bikes, but worth it. I’ll be writing a new article on this topic this spring as Mrs. Manor and I are changing to recumbent trikes.

#15–2015: The Freddie Gray Case, Update 26.6 The Porter Jury Deliberates 12-14-15

Making the top 15 is a significant accomplishment for an article that has only been posted about two weeks as this article is posted. The Freddie Gray case continues to fascinate and horrify.

#16–2012: The Universe Has A Good Laugh 06-04-12

This was the first of my several articles on Chris Kyle, the forerunner of #4. It’s brief and worth a look.

#17–2014: The Matthew Pinkerton Case III: Another Backward Case Reversed–UPDATED–2 06-20-14

In this article I reported on the end of the long ordeal of decorated Air Force NCO Matthew Pinkerton at the hands of corrupt Maryland prosecutors (sound familiar?). They had no case, and a judge finally recognized it.

#18–2015: The Walter Scott Case: Initial Impressions  04-08-15

The officer that shot Scott has been charged in the shooting. This was my initial article on the case, which other events have kept me from following up.

Las Vegas Metro Police Sgt. Reyes

Las Vegas Metro Police Sgt. Reyes

#19–2015: The Erik Scott Case, Update 23: Video That Won’t Disappear


This is an interesting article about a Las Vegas Metro Police Sgt. that, quite apart from specifically discussing the Erik Scott case, inadvertently revealed that the surveillance video of three Metro cops killing Erik Scott on July 10, 2010 is common knowledge among Metro officers, and has been widely viewed. Regular readers will recall that Metro has always officially maintained that the Costco video system was malfunctioning that day and no video ever existed. An ugly case that is not going away.

#20–2015: The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 45: George Zimmerman “Involved.”  05-16-15

As I predicted, there are more than enough people that want to kill George Zimmerman for lawfully defending his life against a drug-addled wannabe gangster. This article is about a man that tried, and failed, to kill Zimmerman.



#21–2015: The Freddie Gray Case, Update 6: Our Time Is Now  05-22-15

This article discusses Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s outrageous social justice statements, and the application of Terry v. Ohio, and other issues, in the Freddie Gray case.

Colt 6450 9mm Carbine

Colt 6450 9mm Carbine

#22–2014: Pistol Caliber Carbines For Home And Neighborhood?  11-26-14

Pistol caliber carbines are becoming increasingly popular. This article is a review of a Colt 6450 9mm carbine.

#23–2015: The Freddie Gray Case, Update 26.8: Mistrial! UPDATED  12-16-15

As pretty much everyone in the known universe now knows, there was a mistrial in the trial of Officer William Porter. Read this article to discover why he should never have been charged and what is likely to happen in the near future.

That’s it for 2015. Thanks again, gentle readers, for your visits to this scruffy little blog, and may 2016 make you taller, weigh less, better looking, and more prosperous. HAPPY NEW YEAR!