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G OFormer New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently observed that President Barack Obama doesn’t love America.  For rational Americans this is as unremarkable as observing that it’s dark during the nighttime. Sentient beings have long ago come to that inescapable conclusion, however, because Mr. Obama is black, and because the media and democrats reflexively defend him against any utterance or inference that does not represent deity worship, few are willing to say such things lest they be branded a racist or worse.

The media have, of course, swung into action in faux-outrage. They have lied–now there’s a surprise–in suggesting that Mr. Giuliani also questioned Mr. Obama’s patriotism. He did not, but I do and will. Their defense of the indefensible will surely continue for some time.

For those who might harbor doubts about Mr. Obama’s dedication to America, let’s engage in a few simple thought experiments:

Mr. Obama, during his first presidential campaign and continually thereafter gave occasional and weak lip service to America, but vowed to fundamentally transform it. How is it that one vows to fundamentally transform that which he loves? Doesn’t love require appreciation of and admiration for the qualities and character of the object of that love?

Mr. Obama has, repeatedly, apologized for America, for the American character and people, in foreign capitals and before foreign audiences, many of which are actively hostile to America. Who, that loves his country, denigrates it before its enemies, giving them invaluable propaganda ammunition? 

Mr. Obama clearly thinks very poorly of at least half of the American people, as his comment about Republicans being pathetic people who cling to God and guns and hate those not like them, indicate. He made that comment before his first election and has said and done nothing to suggest his views have changed since. How can one love America but think so little of half of its inhabitants? 

Mr. Obama, through his words and actions, and the words and actions of his subordinates such as Eric Holder, and through his embrace of advisors such as Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright has demonstrated himself to be a racist who supports some of the most racially vile anti-American propagandists, and propaganda ever uttered. Rather than uniting America, he has set racial relations back decades. How can a racist hatemonger claim to love America when he clearly hates the majority of her people?

Mr. Obama’s narcissism has ever been clearly and unmistakably on display. This is not mere arrogance or a vain and foolish man occasionally thinking too highly of him self, but a debilitating mental illness. How is it possible for a pathological narcissist to love anyone or anything but him self?


Mr. Obama will, by the time he leaves office, have more than doubled our national debt, increasing it more than every other president before him combined.  How does this profligacy demonstrate love for America, her people, or patriotism?

Mr. Obama’s behavior as president has dishonored the office and the nation. Flirting and taking selfies with a female prime minister at a state funeral, insulting and harming America’s allies and praising and appeasing her deadliest, declared enemies, giving interviews to painted buffoons, serial lying to the American people, and admitting those lies and laughing about them, and far, far more acts of disrespect and scorn for the presidency, the people, and all his office represents characterize him. How, precisely, does this demonstrate love for America?

Consider Iran, a nation that is the primary sponsor of terrorism in the world, that has been in a declared war with American since 1979, that is responsible, directly and through proxies for the deaths of countless Americans, that is sworn to bring about a world-wide apocalypse, that is sworn to destroy Israel and America, that negotiates in bad faith and continually lies.   Could any President of the United States that claims to be patriotic appease and help such a force for irredeemable evil while simultaneously enabling it to obtain the nuclear weapons necessary to destroy Israel–our ally–and to do immense damage to America?

One final question: If anyone spoke about his wife and treated her the way Barack Obama speaks about America and treated her, would you believed he loved her?