From February 3-12, 2013, fired LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner worked his insane wrath against LAPD personnel–and their families–he thought responsible for his firing.  The manhunt ended in a bloody shootout and Dorner’s suicide.

Shot Up PUBut before that event, a group of LAPD officers guarding the home of a LAPD Captain thought to be a potential target of Dorner, fired more than 100 rounds at a pickup truck driving through the neighborhood.  Not only did they injure the two Hispanic women delivering papers in that truck, it resembled Dorner’s vehicle only in that it was a pickup truck.  In their panic, they also shot multiple nearby homes and vehicles.

Only recently has the official LAPD report on that near-double murder been released. At Bearing Arms, I respond to PJ Media’s Jack Dunphy (not his actual name), a currently serving LAPD officer, who agrees with the LAPD chief who is apparently doing little or nothing to hold those trigger-happy officers accountable.

If you have a few minutes, you may find it worthwhile.