My War On Women



Firearms Enthusiasts Practice Shooting At Gun RangeI like women. I really like women, and not just in a stereotypically male manner. As a high school English teacher, most of my colleagues are women. Yes, it’s certainly pleasing to see women–men are wired that way–but I like them because they are female, because they are different than men, because they see things differently, feel things differently.

Mrs. Manor is my best friend, bar none. I would rather do anything–or nothing–with her than anyone else. Equality? Of course, but with the understanding that in all things, people have different strengths and weaknesses, and being male or female makes a difference, in many ways.

The good folks over at The Truth About Guns, for whom I do a weekly article, have posted my most recent piece titled “The Truth About Armed Self Defense For Women.” 

These days, we often find ourselves on the opposite sides of lines crudely drawn by people that seem to relish keeping the pot stirred. Those of us that care deeply about women, that cherish them not only for their humanity but their feminine qualities, are blatantly accused of waging a war on women by the same people who want to ensure that women–and men–are disarmed, easy prey for two-legged predators.

My war is, in part, fought to ensure that women have the means to preserve their lives. That’s the topic of the article. If you have a few minutes, it may be worth your time.

Finding Out What’s In It: Obamacare Explodes–UPDATED–Again!


NTS_-_BEEF_-_WATUSIThe long-awaited Halbig decision from the D. C. Court of Appeals has finally come down, and for Barack Obama and supporters of Obamacare, it’s ugly indeed.  Why?  Because the judges actually decided it on the law and it’s merits.  As the execrable Nancy Pelosi said, now that we’ve passed it, we’re finding out what’s in it.  This is what happens when legislators pass massive bills without reading a word.  At least some judges actually think words matter.   Via The Washington Post:

This morning the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit released its much awaited opinion in Halbig v. Burwell.  In a 2-1 opinion, the Court held that the Internal Revenue Service regulation authorizing tax credits in federal exchanges was invalid.  Judge Griffith, writing for the court, concluded,

‘the ACA
unambiguously restricts the section 36B subsidy to insurance purchased on Exchanges ‘established by the State.’

In other words, the court reaffirmed the principle that the law is what Congress enacts — the text of the statute itself — and not the unexpressed intentions or hopes of legislators or a bill’s proponents.  Judge Randolph joined Judge Griffith’s opinion and wrote a concurrence.  Judge Edwards dissented.  The opinions are available here.

Background on the case can be found here.

There will surely be more to come…  Continue reading

Lessons In Smart Diplomacy, #4572: Israel v. John Kerry




At the indispensable Powerline, Paul Mirengoff addresses the hapless, buffoonish Secretary of State, John Kerry in an article titled: “Israel Seen Ready To Tune John Kerry Out.” 

In his recent “hot mic” moment, John Kerry responded to news of civilian deaths in Gaza with these words:

It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation. Hell of a pinpoint operation. We’ve got to get over there. I think we ought to go tonight.

The truth is that Kerry’s desire to “get over” to the Middle East has nothing to do with any lack of precision in Israel’s military operations. Kerry lives to inject himself into international disputes. The civilian deaths are just an excuse; a disabled dog would have served just as nicely.

Mirengoff refers to Kerry’s comments recently made just before an interview into a hot mic. He was saying, in essence and sarcastically, that the Muslim liars and apologists are right: Israel is indiscriminately slaughtering Palestinian women and children, and only he, the magnificent John Kerry, can save the day. Continue reading

I’m A Little Distracted These Days…


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Gentle readers, please forgive me. I’m not keeping up with my usual posting tempo because I’m putting the finishing touches on a book, whipping out an average of 3-4 chapters a day.

I plan to be done with the rough draft by the end of the month. Thanks for your forbearance, and when I have something to say about that endeavor–it must, alas, remain under wraps for the time being–you’ll be the first to know! In the meantime, I’ll do my best to come up with some interesting things as often as I can.

Goodbye To A Faithful Friend


K.C. Johnson is a professor of history at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center. But in 2006, he began writing about the Duke Lacrosse case, which expanded into his blog, Durham-In Wonderland, a blog that has been dealing with that case, its aftermath and fallout, since.


Johnson also wrote the indispensable book on that sorry mess: Until Proven Innocent. If you want to understand how political correctness, abetted by much of the faculty of a famous American university–and of course, the New York Times and other usual suspects– nearly sent innocent men to prison for a very long time, this is a book you need to read.

I’ve visited the blog from time to time over the years, and always found it illuminating. Now, sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Johnson’s farewell article is up.  By all means, pay a visit, and perhaps, your respects. This little blurb, on this scruffy little blog, will suffice for me.

Godspeed and good fortune.

Barack Obama: He’s Just Too Darned Rational And Honest

Obama LaughingOn September 24, 2012, I posted “Saving the Republic; Why Barack Obama Must Be Defeated: Reason 35.” It was subtitled “Delusions of Grandeur.” It’s an article I’ve reprised several times over the years, but now, as Russian backed-“separatists” shoot civilian airliners out of the sky and bodies rain down on Ukranian villages, as Iran once again pulls the wool over John Kerry’s eyes (OK, I admit that’s no real trick), As Mr. Obama offers praise for the terrorists of Hamas and nothing but scorn for Israel, as Mr. Obama fundraises rather than deal with deadly foreign provocations, and yet again–still–Mr. Obama steadfastly refuses to learn from history, it might be of value once again.

Among the most fundamental differences between Progressives and Conservatives is the tendency of Progressives to be distinctly uncomfortable with everyday reliable principles, values and obviously common-sense solutions. So “war” becomes a “kinetic military action.” The Second Amendment means precisely the opposite of what it says. Terrorists captured on the battlefield should be given show trials in New York City rather than far less expensive, secure justice at Gitmo. An out of control budget deficit that will bankrupt the nation can only be fixed by even more borrowing and spending, and economic hardship brought on by rapidly rising gas prices can best be healed by proper tire inflation, high speed rail for which no one is calling, and buying Chevy Volts at $41,000+. Continue reading