Just a heads up, gentle readers: my writing output may be a bit erratic for the coming week. Tomorrow, February 01, I am having surgery on my right shoulder to correct some long-standing issues. I go there happily indeed. It’s an outpatient affair, uses scopes rather than huge, gaping incisions, and according to the surgeon, should take about 40 minutes. The recovery–ah, that’s the trick.

I’m told the aftermath of the brief surgery is very painful, and recovery lengthy. Oh well; it’s only pain. I’m a little worried about one thing: in order to avoid damaging the socket, they apparently have to go in through the nose…maybe I misunderstood that part…

I am also told that while I’ll be wearing a sling for several weeks, I will be able to type and do similar things, and I am taking the week off from school, so we’ll see…

My usual weekly education article will be posted on Monday, and I’ll do my best to keep up with my usual practice of posting at least one article a day. Thanks for spending some of your valuable time patronizing this scruffy little blog. It’s much appreciated, as always.

Update, 02-01-16, 1946:  Well. Typing left-handed only, particularly with a Kensington trackball set to “ludicrous speed,” is indeed entertaining.  I’m more or less fully awake–“functional” is a relative term–but can tell that when the right shoulder nerve block wears off, OOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!

It’s a good thing I have long fingers; it helps with capitalization.  Try it.

Strangely, I’m not prettier.  They told me I’d be prettier.  Oh well…

Update, 02-02-16, 1241:  All is well, gentle readers.  The nerve block wore off, and while they gave me Hydrocordone for pain, a little Tylenol was all that has been necessary.  I even managed a shower–with Mrs. Manor’s invaluable aid and unfailing good humor–have been up and trotting about, and posted a new, left-hand-only article.  As you know, I really don’t like droning on about my daily trials and tribulations, so unless I die, this will be my last update.  In that case, I will, of course, do a posthumous update.

Thanks to all for your concern and good wishes!