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Nothing to see here.  Move along; move along…

Peak stupid for this week:

credit: original photo, nypost

A 2024 joint ticket consisting of Republican Liz Cheney and Democrat Stacey Abrams — who both failed to win seats in the recent midterm elections — is an ‘exciting’ idea, according to an MSNBC panelist who suggested there is a strong “appetite” for such a movement.

During an MSNBC segment Thursday night discussing the next moves for losing candidates, including a potential future presidential run by defeated Democrat Tim Ryan, MSNBC contributor and Voto Latino CEO Maria Teresa Kumar appeared to float her idea of a “good ticket” for the 2024 presidential election.

‘What about if we pair up Liz Cheney and Stacey Abrams and actually start talking about universal voting and election reform?’ the panelist said.

How can you improve on perfection?

President Joe Biden taunted the media, pundits, and pollsters on Wednesday for their predictions of a Republican “red wave” in the midterm elections, telling Americans he would not change his policies after Democrats did better than expected.

‘I’m not going to change anything in any fundamental way,’ he said.

One exception:  Biden and Trudeau are bringing back Mao jackets:

Joe Biden and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, North America’s one-two punch of Marxism, were filmed happily flouncing around the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in matching Mao starter kit jackets.

What the hell happened?  Did Biden or Trudeau say to the other: “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we wore these jackets, just like the hip, socialist youngsters do?”  Or did their Chi-com handlers dress them that morning?  Incoherence on the world stage:

President Biden has now twice referred to Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit host Cambodia as Colombia, including Saturday during remarks opening the talks.

‘It was an honor to host at the White House in May, and now that we are back together in Cambodia,’ Biden said as he opened the talks. ‘I look forward to building even stronger progress than we’ve already made. I want to thank the prime minister for Colombia’s leadership as ASEAN chair.’

That’ll make our enemies fear us.  High speed rail to insolvency:

Yes. You can drive as fast as the “high speed rail.”

President Joe Biden pledged to build a high-speed railway between Scranton, Pennsylvania, and New York City on Wednesday.

‘We can. First of all, it will make it a lot easier to take a lot of vehicles off the road, and we have more money in the pot now already out there that we voted for than the entire money that we spend on Amtrak, to begin with,’ he said.

Amtrak has lost money every year since it began in 1971.  Oh, this is rich:  

Reporters ‘Disgusted’ by Biden’s List of Approved Journalists, ‘Clearly Rigged’ White House Press Practices

A number of White House correspondents have said that they are ‘disgusted’ at Biden’s use of a list of approved journalists who are allowed to ask questions.

At a recent major press conference, his first since January, Biden revealed that he had been given a list of 10 journalists from a variety of left-leaning media establishments to call upon for questions, with many of them getting to ask multiple questions.

 I’m sure they’ll take decisive action, like only praise D/S/Cs 23 hours and 58 minutes of every day instead of 24 hours.  What about Elon Musk, Mr. President?

What about inflation, Mr. President?

What about gender equity and climate change, Mr. President”

I’ll start thinking about climate change when the people screaming about it start acting like there’s a climate crisis:

More than 400 private jets flew in for that shindig.  I’m sure Republicans will screw this up too:

President Joe Biden dismissed upcoming investigations by House Republicans on Wednesday when they ultimately take control of the House of Representatives as expected.

‘Lots of luck in your senior year as my coach used to say,’ Biden scoffed when asked about investigations into his administration and his family. [skip]

Biden referred to reports that Trump was asking Republicans how many times they planned to impeach him.

‘I mean, I think the American people will look at all that for what it is – it’s almost comedy,’ he said.

Yet strangely, people aren’t laughing.  I was about to say “finally, someone crazier than Biden’s handlers and John Kerry,” but I’m sure they think the same thing:  

Australian Government Hopes China will Lead on Climate Change and Peace in Ukraine

Is the gravity so much greater down under it has brain damaged their politicians?  Is there anything masks can’t do—other than prevent disease transmission, that is?

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine purports to show that mask policies in schools work to contain COVID. But that’s not all: The authors conclude, ‘We believe that universal masking may be especially useful for mitigating effects of structural racism in schools, including potential deepening of educational inequities.’

Yes, gentle readers, our medical establishment has been dipping into the drug cabinet again.

Sure, masks help fix structural racism. Why not? And the next study will show masking fights climate change.

No, what this study shows is that much of the medical establishment continues to be intensely woke — and deeply dishonest because of it. Just as the ‘experts’ told us gathering in crowds wasn’t OK in spring of 2020, but just weeks later protesting for Black Lives Matter somehow was.

But of course.  The Chinese engineered the virus to render leftist criminals immune.  Why am I unsurprised to learn this genius is an actor?

As always, the Babylon Bee has the antidote:

I like that name much better.  Who has more credibility with veterans than the hero of Bosina?

That would be just about anyone. Rebecca Katz is Fetterman’s spokesliar:

This press release was in response to reporters noticing Fetterman can’t understand a word anyone speaks to him. I’m sure he’ll fit right in at the Senate, except most of them just ignore Americans and vote as though they’re brain damaged.  this is the logical next step:

Looks like he’ll have to defeat his wife before running for President, though:

Maybe they just need a wide angle lens…  Trans finally jumps the great white shark:

Did they really need to circle the…uh…whatever it is?  Trans on wheels:

Gee, you don’t suppose the guy had some sort of physical advantage, do you?  Who knew Stacey Abrams was a prophet?

Well, she is the president of United Earth, which doesn’t–you know–actually exist:   

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough and PoliticsNation host Al Sharpton teamed up on Wednesday to react to Stacey Abrams losing Georgia’s gubernatorial election for the second consecutive cycle by comparing her to Moses. [skip]

Nearly simultaneously, Scarborough also chimed in, ‘By the way, Moses… he led the Jews to the Promised Land but didn’t get there himself.’

Sharpton naturally agreed, ‘He didn’t get there himself, but God took care of Moses.’ After Scarborough interjected to affirm, ‘Yes, He did,’ Sharpton continued, ‘Keep reading the Bible, God said, ‘I will bury Moses. Y’all leave Moses alone and let Joshua keep going and Stacey will get her due. God will reward Stacey. Anytime you see Ossoff and Warnock and Biden in Washington, you’re looking at the work of Stacey Abrams.’

Who better to advise on the Word of God, and politics, than Al Sharpton?  Charleton Heston could not be reached for comment.  Maybe Abrams herself is better in the Word of God department?

Twice failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams apparently believes her defeat in Georgia is as monumental as the sufferings of the early church, making the comparison during her concession speech Tuesday night.

‘I am too reminded of what scripture tells us,’ the pro-abortion Democrat said, quoting from 2 Corinthians.

‘We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed. We are perplexed, but not in despair. Persecuted but not forsaken. Cast down, but not destroyed,’ she said, essentially comparing her election loss to the sufferings of the early church.

Nah.  “Caroline” is the gal pal of the idiot that funded the D/S/C Party and screwed millions in the latest cryptocurrency disaster:

Yup.  Meth sure worked there, didn’t it?  Sam Bankman-Fried is now saying it was all Caroline’s fault.  So much for honor among meth-heads.  I’m beginning to think the Leftists really aren’t what they say they are:

Tyree Moorehead was fairly well known in Baltimore for his protests against ‘gun violence,’ which included spray painting ‘No Shoot Zones’ at hundreds of crime scenes across the city. The 46-year old, who served 20 years in prison for a drug-related murder when he was 15, was himself shot and killed last weekend; not at the hands of any drug dealer or gang member, but by Baltimore police officers who responded to a call about a man armed with a knife who was attacking a woman.

To be absolutely fair, he committed knife violence, so maybe he’s not quite so hypocritical…  Musk is making people buy their own lunch?  Oh, the humanity!  It’s another Holocaust, which all right—left—thinking people know never happened…

I think we have a new definition, or at least example, for “snowflake.”  A new entry in the lexicon of the arrogant and utterly oblivious to reality:

Of course.  Who knows better about anything than Marxist dimwits?

But what about fake meat?

Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown is taking a more muted near-term outlook on his business amid rising competition in plant-based meats and an inflation-zapped consumer trading down to cheaper proteins.

‘A shakeout does appear to be underway, and we expect more brands to either retreat or consolidate’ Brown told analysts on an earnings call late Wednesday. ‘A less cluttered playing field to [then] emerge in the mid-term.’

Translation: fake meat is inedible, so people don’t buy it.  Lockdowns forever!

The US government, through the Transportation Safety Administration, has signed yet another order extending the ban on unvaccinated international visitors until January 8, 2023. This means that no person who has managed to refuse the shot is allowed to come to the US for any reason. This is 30% of the world’s population, banned even to enter the US on their own dime. Something like this would have been inconceivably illiberal three years ago, and been a source of enormous controversy and outrage. Today, the extension hardly made the news.

How can this be?!  Some of these people are surely Muslim!  Racism!  Xenophobia!  Incontrovertible proof watching The View dramatically lowers IQ:

What the hell’s wrong with the 40%?  

Most voters believe cheating may have influenced this year’s elections, and think voting by mail makes it easier to cheat.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 57% of Likely U.S. voters believe it is likely that the outcome of some elections this year will be affected by cheating, including 30% who say it’s Very Likely. Forty percent don’t think election outcomes this year are likely to be affected by cheating, including 18% who say it’s Not At All Likely. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Of course they did, because who better to serve on a school board? 

Looks legit to me…

Michigan school board appoints ‘unhinged’ 23-year-old LGBTQ+ trustee who self-describes as having ‘several mental illnesses

Dryden Community School Board in Michigan just appointed their youngest-ever trustee, Carl Austin Miller Grondin, at age 23 and parents are outraged over his disturbing online presence. Parents aren’t upset about his age, but rather over his antics.  Active on TikTok and Instagram, Grondin describes himself as ‘chaotic evil’ and ‘unhinged’ while posting pictures and videos filled with, offensive language and sexually inappropriate attire.

Uh, wait a minute…   

Parents should ‘avoid physical interaction with unvaccinated individuals’ to keep their families safe from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), according to NBC News, even though there is no RSV vaccine.

During a Monday segment, senior medical correspondent John Torres discussed why some children are more affected by the seasonal respiratory virus than others. While the commentator said that “we don’t exactly know why that is happening,” the network displayed an infographic that warned parents to stay away from unvaccinated people.

Right.  There is no RSV vaccine, so people need to stay away from the people who haven’t taken a vaccine that doesn’t exist.  We’ve learned oh-so-much from Covid. Wait a minute; didn’t they just vote for this Marxist idiot?  

Fed-up New Yorkers begged Gov. Kathy Hochul to get crime under control after her surprisingly close win in an ‘uninspiring’ gubernatorial election — where she routinely downplayed concerns about rising crime in the Big Apple. [skip]

Even Hochul supporters are pleading with the incumbent Democrat — who took office in August 2021 — to wise up and take action.

‘I’m happy Hochul won, but I don’t want her to think winning gives her a pass to keep things status quo,’ straphanger Michele Brack said.

‘She’s got her work cut out for her. None of us who rides the trains feel safe,’ said Brack, 42, who noted the governor is from upstate and doesn’t have the perspective of people who ride the trains every day ‘to see how bad things have gotten.’

They wanted it, and they’re going to get it: good and hard.  Of course they did, because New York:  

A New York City man caught with tens of thousands of  ‘rainbow’ fentanyl pills was reportedly released from custody without bail.

Manuel Pagan, 49, was arrested last week in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood in possession of ‘approximately 20,000 multi-colored M-30 fentanyl pills,’ according to the New York Post. He was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first degree and freed without bail; police sources told the Post.

I’m sure he’ll show up for trial.  Of course they are, because New York:  

NY Punishes Parents for Letting Kids Get Tattoos, But Is Fine With Gender Reassignment Surgeries

A mother has been arrested for allowing her 10-year-old son to get a tattoo in New York, where it’s legal for surgeons to perform gender reassignment surgeries and hand out puberty blockers.

Priorities.  We’re not going to make it, are we?   

Around two weeks ago, a customer, identified as Annie Cooke, picked up her food at Clyde Cooper’s Barbecue restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina, but returned around ten minutes later to complain that the meat was not what she had expected.

She told the restaurant owner, Debbie Holt, that her meat was ‘pink’ and it was not done. She then demanded that the restaurant cook it more.

‘I said, ‘Oh honey, that is the pink from the smoke,’ Holt recounted to NBC Today, further noting that the customer could not comprehend the color of the meat. Other customers even tried to explain to Cooke that the meat was supposed to look pink and would remain that way if it were cooked more.

Too stupid to survive.