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I’m sure you remember Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia, gentle readers.  He once expressed sincere concern that if too many US military personnel went to Guam—an Island in the Pacific—it would capsize.  No, he wasn’t kidding, nor was his comment taken out of context.  He’s at it again:

Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) called parents at school board meetings ‘MAGA Republicans’ and compared them to those who entered the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

‘And people on the local level at affected school board meetings they won’t forget the MAGA Republicans descending on their school board meetings after January 6. Like January 6, disrupting meetings,’ Johnson said. ‘It was a quote coordinated attack happening across the country Americans won’t forget about it.’

Uh-huh, if for no reason other than the FBI keeps making “it” up.  How do you defend democracy without speaking?

They claim to be ‘defending democracy,’ but not one of the Democratic Party candidates for statewide office in California has agreed to debate his or her opponent, rejecting what many voters see as a key part of the democratic process.

Those “voters” must be MAGA Republicans. Thinking Democrats ought to debate.  Well I never! Everybody ought to buy one of these:

President Joe Biden jokingly offered onlookers a ride back from the Detroit Auto Show to Washington, DC, in an electric vehicle on Tuesday — the high-end Cadillac Lyriq, which retails above $61,795 for the 2023 model year.

Some people have no sense of humor:

Social media posts claim Queen Elizabeth II announced before she died that she had information that could lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton. This is false; there is no record of the queen making such a statement, and the claim matches a years-old meme that reflects a conspiracy theory that the former secretary of state and her husband kill their political opponents.

Hooray!  The pandemic is over!

Not only is Joe Biden not running the country, his handlers can’t even convincingly lie about it:

Uh, isn’t he a senator?    

Cruz got her back:

Yes they do:

One of our current tragedies is the US Military was among the first American institutions to fully integrate.  Now D/S/Cs are unraveling it:

lf-described ‘woke administrator,’ Kelisa Wing, vanished from Twitter when her account was put on private. Her LinkedIn account has apparently been deleted. This after making insensitive remarks about white people on Twitter, calling them ‘Karens.’

Wing is the chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer at the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA).

Mocking someone who said that black people can be racist too, Wing unwittingly proved her right.

‘I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS,’ she wrote in a tweet from 2020.

Apparently, Wing’s professional assessment of the military’s need for diversity, equity and inclusion called for the ridicule of white people on the basis of their whiteness. Nothing ironic about that.

What’s that you asked?  How are things in Jackson, Mississippi, the most radical city on the planet?  Why, there is no safe drinking water, thanks to its current mayor:

MSNBC host Chris Hayes is no stranger to lobbing vile partisan attacks and straw man arguments in an attempt to score cheap partisan points and Wednesday night was no different. During the opening monologue of his primetime show All In, Hayes falsely attacked Mississippi Republicans for the water crisis Jackson.

Of course.  It must be those MAGA Republicans!


This is despite the fact that Jackson hasn’t elected a Republican mayor in over 70 years, and the current mayor, Chokwe Antar Lumumba is a socialist who ran promising to make Jackson ‘the most radical city on the planet.’

Oh.  Maybe not then…  How are things in Chicago?

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is answering Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s political stunt with a political stunt of his own.

Abbott has bused about 500 illegal aliens from Texas to Chicago. After Mayor Lori Lightfoot expressed hysterical outrage about using illegals as a political stunt, she promptly sent several dozen illegals who had been bused to Chicago to the nearby suburb of Burr Ridge.

He also called out the National Guard for “logistical support.” Meanwhile, the governor whined about not being told the illegals were coming.

‘The governor of Texas is forcing on New York and D.C. and Chicago – and potentially other places – a needlessly last-minute and complex process that is a heartless display of politics over people,’ Pritzker said. “Why not give reasonable notice? Why send these folks only to blue cities or blue states? Why isn’t Abbott sending refugees to Mississippi, Oklahoma or Idaho? This is about politics for him.’

Uh, because Biden has been sending tens of thousands of illegals only to red states, so it’s the blue state’s turn?  I mean, fair is fair.  Let me see if I understand this: giving illegals free rides on chartered jets is kidnapping?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has asked the Department of Justice to look into whether sending migrants to other parts of the country constituted kidnapping or other federal crimes.

In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Newsom asked whether actions by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending illegal immigrants from their respective states to destinations such as New York City, Washington, D.C. Chicago, and Martha’s Vineyard were illegal.

I thought Martha’s Vineyard loved them some illegals?

Guess not:

The Chamber of Commerce of Martha’s Vineyard said the island was facing a ‘humanitarian crisis’ after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent planes carrying 50 illegal immigrants to the island Wednesday afternoon.

Fifty ‘people in Martha’s Vineyard is a ‘humanitarian crisis,’ but a record high number of over 2 million illegals trespassing in our country in 2022 alone is not a problem for Democrats. . .’ Florida Representative Matt Gaetz wrote.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said, ‘if 50 constitutes a humanitarian crisis in Martha’s Vineyard, what the hell is 4.2 MILLION?’ alluding to reports citing the number of illegal immigrants who have entered the U.S. since President Joe Biden took office.

That’s a good question.  This is not a good answer:

Actually, I’ve been to places ruled by D/S/Cs.  KJP is right. Sending anyone to them is cruel.  Being sent to Harvard is cruel too:

A Title IX training at Harvard University reportedly told students that failing to use a person’s preferred pronoun could be a violation of university policy.

The mandatory training contained multiple fictional scenarios explaining possible violations of the university’s Title IX policies, including one in which a student repeatedly uses the ‘wrong pronouns’ to address someone while making comments about gender identity, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The training said the behavior described in the scenario ‘contribute[s] to a climate of disrespect and may also violate Harvard’s policies.’ Violations of university Title IX policy on sexual harassment can be punished by ‘admonition” or even “termination, dismissal, [or] expulsion.’

And now a word from your friendly, local, Chinese secret police:

China has opened up its latest secret ‘overseas police service centers’ in Chinese restaurants and shops throughout the United Kingdom, the Telegraph reported Wednesday.

The Chinese Communist Party runs 54 police centers outside of China, 36 in Europe alone. One of the two in London claims to be a real estate company, while one in Glasgow operates in a Chinese restaurant.

The expansion of these overseas police stations comes as human rights activists warn that China is harassing political dissidents on foreign soil. Some political exiles say China is misusing Interpol to bring back dissidents, including foreign nationals, the Telegraph reported.

While the stations say they help Chinese travelers with paperwork, researchers have found that they are actually ‘hunting down and blackmailing Chinese citizens to force them to return home.’ According to the human rights organization Safeguard Defenders, the centers’ activity ‘is all taking place under the radar,’ unseen by police and the public.

One Chinese secret police center operates in New York City, the Safeguard Defenders report found.

What the hell?!  This is espionage.  How can this possibly be happening in America?

The stations are affiliated with the United Front Work Department, a Communist Party organization that has deep ties to the Biden administration. The think tank founded by Biden energy czar John Podesta, for example, has worked extensively with a United Front organization. The president’s son, Hunter Biden, helped a United Front Work Department group gain a foothold in the United States, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Oh.  But how about DC?  How is our capital city, a sanctuary city by the way, dealing with the influx of illegals?  Check out the dates:

The Air Force is critically short of pilots, but they have a solution.  This is from the Air Force’s head of recruiting in 2020.  They haven’t improved since:

We simply can no longer afford for significant segments of our society to be underrepresented in our U.S. Air Force or our newest branch, the U.S. Space Force.

To be clear, the Air and Space Forces are not setting quotas based on race or gender. We will, however, focus intensely and concentrate our efforts in traditionally underserved communities. It wouldn’t be legal or productive to hold recruiters accountable for bringing in a certain number of recruits from various demographic groups. But if we see that we’re not hitting recruiting targets that mirror the qualified population in those categories, we will adjust to concentrate on areas where we can get a more representative balance in our applicant pool. To use a fishing analogy, recruiters must not only cast a wide net but ensure we are spending time in the right fishing holes.

And by measuring those targets, we’ll employ the old management axiom that what gets measured gets done. And we’ll get it done.

While we are meeting or exceeding nearly all demographic targets in our enlisted ranks, inside our cockpits is where we have the greatest disparities and opportunities for improvement. In all, 86 percent of our aviators are white males. Less than 3 percent of our fighter pilots are females. This is why we established a detachment within Air Force recruiting two years ago charged with improving diversity for those who wear flight suits. The mission of Detachment 1 is to bring a singular focus to recruiting qualified women and minorities who have not always felt they belonged.

We absolutely need to ensure those highly qualified white men don’t get slots for which women and minorities are not qualified and don’t want.  OK, so they can’t actually fly planes, but they look like America! Republicans are worse than Hitler!

Who you gonna believe?  Me or your own lyin’ eyes and empty bank accounts?

I’m still anxiously waiting for video of a man giving birth.

I’m sure it will be along any day now.  What would any edition of TSTS be without Kamala Harris?  

Vice President Kamala Harris delivered another word salad on Tuesday as she incoherently explained where ‘community banks’ are located.

‘We invested an additional $12 billion into community banks because we know community banks are in the community, and understand the needs and desires of that community as well as the talent and capacity of community,’ Harris said.

No, this isn’t photoshopped.  Yes, this is a guy wearing cartoonish fake boobs.  And of course, he’s a teacher, better yet, a shop teacher:

This isn’t about liberation, or rights.  This is about a pervert using high school kids to get sexual kicks.  In all my years in education, I know of no school that would allow anyone—student or teacher—to display prominent nipples.  The school actually has a policy against students displaying nipples, but apparently not alleged teachers.  This is Canada.  Any bets, gentle readers, on how long it takes some idiot teacher in America to copycat, with even bigger boobs and more prominent nipples?  What’s next?  A female teacher pretending to be male with a three foot schlong?

What’s particularly stupid is those things are a safety hazard for a shop teacher.  It’s not hard to see those getting caught in a table saw, etc..

Too stupid to survive.