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Prior to the Trump Presidency, the pattern was often repeated.  Hamas, Hezbollah and other genocidal Islamists indiscriminately lob Iranian supplied rockets into Israel.  Israel responds, being careful to avoid civilian casualties, which is tricky as Islamists site their ammo dumps, launchers and headquarters in hospitals, schools, UN facilities and similar places, using civilians as human shields.  And as we’ve recently learned, media sources including the AP, share office space with the terrorists.

But before Israel could do serious damage to the monsters, let alone enough damage to keep them from killing innocent Israelis in the future, American presidents pressured Israel to unilaterally cease fire.  The terrorists don’t, or grudgingly do with the promise of additional millions in US “humanitarian aid,” which is funneled into terror tunnels, munitions and Swiss bank accounts for terrorist leaders.

Donald Trump ended that.  He made it more than clear the United States actually had Israel’s back, and as a result, the Abraham Accords were born—actual peace treaties between Israel and many of it’s traditional Arab enemies, all united against Iran, mankind’s real enemy.  And then D/S/Cs took control of the federal government, and someone’s administration—Gropin’ Joe Biden, Temporary President—with amazing speed, began to unravel it all.  It’s a lesson in just how weakly things can go bad when Americans “elect” people who do not have America’s, or the free world’s, best interests at heart.

So for today, let’s examine a number of different perspectives as yet another ceasefire has taken place.  As they say, take the links and read each article in full.  We begin with Michael Ruiz at Fox News:

The leading Black Lives Matter organization declared ‘solidarity with Palestinians’ Monday, a week after Hamas terrorists in Gaza began firing a relentless barrage of rockets into Israel, indiscriminately shelling civilian targets as well as dropping some missiles short and blowing up buildings within its territory.

‘Black Lives Matter stands in solidarity with Palestinians,’ the group tweeted. ‘We are a movement committed to ending settler colonialism in all forms and will continue to advocate for Palestinian liberation. (always have. And always will be). #freepalestine.’

Of course.  The terrorists are enemies of liberty and democracy, so BLM is all for them.  “The enemy of my enemy…” and all that.

The announcement prompted a ‘thank you’ tweet from the controversial Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, or BDS, which has for years called for an economic embargo of Israel.

‘Thank you for your solidarity,’ the left-wing group tweeted in response. ‘From Ferguson to Palestine, our struggles against racism, white supremacy and for a just world are united!’

The indispensable Caroline Glick, who lives in Israel, has perspective others lack:

These were supplies sent by Israel to the people trying to kill them…

Until Wednesday, President Joe Biden had maintained a fairly supportive posture towards Israel in the face of the Hamas terror regime in Gaza’s launch of its newest round of war against the Jewish state. In the first week of the new war, Biden’s administration blocked the UN Security Council from adopting anti-Israel statements and resolutions three times.

Until Wednesday afternoon Israel time, Biden avoided publicly calling on Israel to halt its counterstrikes against Hamas and expressed his support for Israel’s right to protect its citizens from Hamas’ missiles.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if some Israelis were flabbergasted when Biden told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday afternoon that he ‘expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire,’ effectively ordering Israel to stand down by day’s end.

But Biden’s week of professions of support for Israel were hardly the last word on his administration’s positions on Israel and the war. Indeed, they weren’t even its first word.

The equally indispensable Victor Davis Hanson asks “Why does the left seemingly hate Israel?”  I’d ask only “seemingly?!”

With more than 3,000 rockets having been fired into Israel by Hamas recently, the Democratic Party seems paralyzed over how to respond to the latest Middle East war.

It is not just that they fear that ‘The Squad,’ Black Lives Matter, the shock troops of antifa, and woke institutions such as academia and the media are now unapologetically anti-Israel. They are also terrified that anti-Israelism is becoming synonymous with rank anti-Semitism. And soon, the Democratic Party will end up as disdained as the British Labor Party under Jeremy Corbyn.

The new core of the Democrats, as emblemized by Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, has in the past questioned the patriotism of American Jews who support Israel, and occasionally has had to apologize for puerile anti-Semitic rants.

At The American Thinker, Andrea Widberg notes: Netanyahu Blows Off Biden.  Well, at least temporarily:

In an unprecedented move in American-Israeli politics, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu openly refused to accommodate an American president’s request that Israel pull back from the fight.  Netanyahu’s willingness to continue the fight reveals a few things: first, Israel may finally have figured out that it needs a victory, not stalemates.  Second, Biden is too weak to matter.  And third, Biden’s allegiance is to the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel side of his party, so his demands are suspect and even dangerous.

The current war between Israel and the Arabs* occurred because Hamas, the genocidal terrorist organization that Gazans elected, began indiscriminately lobbing thousands of missiles at Israel’s population centers.  Perhaps ‘indiscriminately’ is the wrong word: although Hamas lacks the ability to hit specific geographic targets with accuracy, it wasn’t worried about accuracy.  Instead, every Israeli citizen was a target, so its random rockets were doing the job.  It’s only Israel’s Iron Dome defense system that has spared Israel thousands of causalities.

Here’s Widberg’s asterisk:

*You will no longer find the word ‘Palestinians’ in anything I wrote because that gives the Arabs in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank a historic legitimacy that has no basis in truth.  There has never been an independent, Arab- or Muslim-controlled ‘Palestine’ on that land.

All factually, and historically, accurate.

Finally, at The Gatestone Institute, Guy Milliere asks Is The Biden Administration an Enemy of Israel and the Free World?

*Biden made no distinction between a democratic ally of the United States and a terrorist organization he did not even name. He spoke as if he did not know that the calm was broken by a terrorist organization and by no one else, and that what prevents Palestinians from having freedom, prosperity and democracy is precisely that they are ruled by terrorists and people who supports terrorism.

*On April 7, a US Department of State press statement said that the Biden administration had decided to restore US financial ‘aid to Palestinians’, without requiring that American money not be used for terrorist purposes….

*The appointment to the post of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Israeli-Palestinian Affairs of Hady Amr, a man who has accused Israel of ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘apartheid’, and said that he was ‘inspired by intifada’, seemed to confirm that the Biden administration would not be particularly ‘pro-Israel’…. Amr met Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Muhammad Ishtayya in Ramallah to negotiate the use of US financial aid to the PA while Israel was under missile fire….

That the Biden/Harris/Whoever Administration would think such a person a fit diplomat definitively answers Milliere’s headline question.

*In a PBS interview on April 2, one of the American negotiators, Robert Malley, announced that he wants ‘to remove those sanctions that are inconsistent with the deal’, ‘so that Iran enjoys the benefits that it was supposed to enjoy’. Nothing shows that the Biden administration has changed that position.

That the Biden/Harris/Whoever Administration would think such a person a fit diplomat definitively answers Milliere’s headline question.

They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.  Golly.  One would almost think they didn’t actually want peace…

*There were no threats to stop the new funding he had promised the Palestinians until they stopped firing rockets. He did not threaten to withdraw his promise of an office in Washington DC for them.

That the Biden/Harris/Whoever Administration would give Iran, the foremost terrorist sponsoring state in the world, and a regime that would gleefully murder every Israeli and American a single penny definitively answers Milliere’s headline question.

*Most unsettling of all, while Iran’s proxy, Hamas, was raining nearly 4,000 rockets and missiles into a country the size of New Jersey, the US was engaged in talks in Vienna to discuss how much money the US was prepared to give Iran – to buy more weapons to batter Israel again?

There is much more in the article, but based on this excerpt alone, any rational person would have to say ‘yes.’  Of course, Joe Biden isn’t formulating any actual policy. He can’t even read a teleprompter properly.  So to be accurate, we’d have to say the unelected shadow government of the United States is an enemy of Israel, the Free World, and much of America.

But at least we don’t have mean tweets…