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What a difference a week makes.

The Democrat Convention was a grim and dour affair, plagued with poor production values, little-known celebrities substituted for substance, virtually no policy revelations, the message that America is a horrible country that must be fundamentally transformed, largely because its people are all racists, and of course, orange man bad, bad, bad, bad on toast, so bad there wasn’t sufficient time to talk about just how bad he is.

Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds, among many others, noted how unpopular the DNC convention was with viewers.  New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio wasn’t even aware it was occurring: 

Most Americans don’t seem to have been much more interested than de Blasio, with the Democrats’ convention drawing a shockingly low TV audience — ‘America’s Got Talent’ drew more viewers than night two of the Democratic Convention.

Then again, ‘America’s Got Talent’ has talent.

There was more concrete talk of policy in the first hour of the Republican convention than in the four days of the Democrat.  The production values were exceptional, and the speeches almost uniformly good, some truly outstanding, with the real potential to change hearts and minds.  This is significant because the Democrat Convention focused on often poorly done videos, while the first night of the Republican Convention was primarily speeches, with professionally done and effective videos that complemented the theme and speeches.

In the meantime, in a softball interview with ABC News, Joe Biden with Kamala “Commala” Harris at his side—his handlers aren’t letting him speak without someone there to to catch flubs—promised to utterly destroy the economy, and not just with regulations and taxes:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said in a Friday interview with ABC News that he would agree to shut down the country again if scientists recommended doing so to fight the coronavirus crisis.

‘I would shut it down; I would listen to the scientists,’ Biden said, appearing alongside vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris in their first joint interview as the Democratic Party’s official nominees with ABC ‘World News Tonight’ Anchor David Muir in an interview set to air Sunday.

The convention began with a video that patriotically and unabashedly celebrated America by stating all lives matter, while embracing rugged individualism, American exceptionalism and love for America, and also focusing on President Trump’s many accomplishments, noting Democrats want to keep businesses closed while Trump is working to open them.   It celebrated America as “a land of promise.”

The video was followed by a prayer from Cardinal Timothy Dolan with the Statute of Liberty in the background.  He repeatedly invoked God, said “all lives must be protected and respected,” including the unborn, and closed with “in God we trust; amen.”  D/S/Cs must have been screaming with impotent rage.  This was immediately followed by an elderly veteran reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, ending with a salute.

Kimberly Klacik:  Kimberly is a young, lovely black woman running for Congress in Baltimore.  Her district is only 16% Republican and has never elected a Republican to Congress, so she has little chance, but she spoke because of an electrifying video she produced, pointing out the truth about the destruction 50+ years of D/S/C rule have wrought in Baltimore.  She said “Biden thinks the color of our skin dictates our political views.”  Her message was black people can vote for Republicans, and Republicans shouldn’t give up on the cities.  Her speech was brief, but very well delivered and effective.

This was followed by a brief video of D/S/C politicians who got Covid disastrously wrong.  It also pointed out how President Trump banned flights from China, declared a national emergency, and mobilized the government and civil sectors to deal with the pandemic.

In a brief video, President Trump spoke, in the White House, with seven people: a postal employee—a smart move—a trucker, a custodian, two nurses, and two police officers who contracted Covid and recovered.  The segment was a little stilted, probably because everyone was “social distancing,” but the honesty of the Americans, and Trump’s effusive thanks were engaging.

Jim Jordan:  His speech was brief but effective. Republicans and Trump are “the pro-America party.”  True, and D/S/Cs are not.  That ought to matter.

Hershel Walker:  The black Heisman Trophy winner is now 58, but looked in his 30s.  He spoke of a 37-year friendship with Trump, saying it was an insult to claim he was friends with a racist for 37 years.  He pointed out he lived in the deep South and knew what racism is, and it’s not Donald Trump.  He spoke well, and doubtless changed minds.  D/S/Cs often speak of “authentic” this and that.  It’s that kind of attitude reflected in Biden’s “if you don’t voted for me, you ain’t black” gaffe.  Walker is the real deal, and that destroys D/S/C racist narratives.

Natalie Harp:  I suspect she followed Walker in part because of the enormous physical contrast between them.  She is about as white as a white woman can get with long, white blonde hair, and a tall, lean frame.  She is a cancer survivor and spoke of how D/S/Cs wanted her to quietly die so as not to waste resources on her treatment.  But Trump allowed her to try experimental treatments that saved her life.  She nailed the cruel, socialist nature of government run health care.  She was very effective and also certainly changed minds.

Vernon Jones:  A black, Democrat state legislator from Georgia. His speech was brilliant.  He said when Trump “sought to earn the black vote, the Democratic Party leaders went crazy! Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer literally started wearing Kente cloth scarves around the Capitol!”  I was surprised they didn’t also eat watermelon and fried chicken on camera.  This was particularly good: “Isn’t it ironic that the Democrat politicians never leave home without security to protect them at all times? Why don’t they forgo their security and replace them with social workers, since that’s what they want for us?”  Rational black Americans, rational D/S/Cs of any color, are going to be convinced by people like Jones.

Andrew Pollack:  Pollack is the father of Meadow Pollack who was murdered in the Parkland, FL school attack.  While not dwelling on the ineffectiveness of gun control, he made it clear, in calm, yet emotion-inducing tones, his daughter died because of D/S/C policies forced on schools by the Obama Administration, policies, Mr. Trump rescinded.  He placed the blame squarely on leftists who refused to discipline dangerous students, and who refused to keep order.  In so doing, he spoke to actual school safety, not gun control and school security theater.  I’ll be updating my series on school safety in September.  He absolutely nailed Joe Biden when he said Biden claimed to have been vice president on February 14, 2018.  He observed Mike Pence was, “thank God.”  He was earnest, rational and by stating the facts, was absolutely compelling.

The McCloskeys:  The St. Louis couple that defended their home from hundreds of rioters and were arrested instead of the thugs.  They reinforced the Second Amendment lesson, noting Democrats don’t want to protect honest people from criminals, but want to protect criminals from honest citizens.  They pointed out that what happened to them can happen to anyone anywhere, and they’re right.  They also pointed out a black, female Marxist revolutionary in the mob with a bullhorn told them “you can’t stop the revolution.”  She’s now on her way to a seat in Congress.

Kimberly Guilfoyle:  Guilfoyle, late of Fox News, and currently dating Donald Trump Jr., which is probably in large part why she had a speaking slot, was consistently loud, strident, almost shouting.  She comes from a Hispanic immigrant family, and made good points, but her oddly intense delivery was very much out of tune with the rest of the speeches, and I found her annoying.

Maximo Alvarez:  A Cuban Immigrant, his speech is lauded as the most effective of the night.  I’m not sure I agree, but in warning from bitter experience against socialism/communism, he was effective indeed.

Steve Scalise:  Another solid speech from a man almost killed by a D/S/C thug.  If D/S/Cs have their way, he would have died; the police officers that saved his life wouldn’t have been there.  He noted President Trump “built the strongest economy the world has ever seen.  He did it before; he can do it again.”  Indeed, and Biden can’t and won’t.

President Trump then spoke again from the White House with six former hostages of hostile regimes he brought back to America.  I didn’t realize he had liberated some 50 Americans from 22 countries in less than four years.  They were, as one might imagine, grateful to Mr. Trump, and to America.  Their sincerity was surely like sunlight to D/S/C vampires.  Obama/Biden have no parallel tales to tell.

This segment was followed by a video of Bernie Sanders talking about how socialist Biden is going to be.  It also pointed out Biden promises to raise taxes, throw open the borders and give illegals free everything and destroy the fossil fuel industry and millions of jobs.  Hearing that from D/S/Cs own lips was particularly convincing.

Nikki Haley: The former UN ambassador, she seemed to have a mild falling out with Trump in the past, but has made it known she’s interested in an administration position.  She made a number of great points, and neutralized D/S/C race narratives by talking about her Indian background. She spoke effectively of the UN as a cesspool of tyrants and murderers who criticized America and immediately turned around and asked for money, which Mr. Trump, unlike Obama, did not provide.  Her most effective point was speaking about former UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick, who, like Haley, was a fierce defender of America in a corrupt UN.  Kirkpatrick said “Democrats always blame America first.”  Haley retorted Trump has put America first.  By then, D/S/Cs had probably destroyed their TVs by throwing anything handy at the screens.

Haley noted Trump and she did what Obama/Biden refused to do in the UN: stood up for America.  She said Obama sent a planeload of cash to Iran, but Trump tore up the Iran deal.  Haley’s role was obviously to contrast Obama/Biden and Trump foreign policies, and the contrast she truthfully drew was a gaping chasm.

She said Biden’s boss would be Pelosi, Sanders and “The Squad,” and observed socialism has failed everywhere.  She concluded by saying we are “blessed to live in America,” and it’s time to preserve that blessing for future generations.

Haley looks great before the cameras, was calm, charismatic and confident, and has a real political future, perhaps even a presidential future.

Donald Trump Jr.:  Interestingly, his gestures are very much like his father’s.  He began by speaking of the great pre-Covid economy, and observed President Trump “built the greatest economy the country has ever seen.” He had a number of great lines, my favorite being: “Joe Biden is the Loch Ness Monster of the swamp.”  This one was great as well: “In the past, both parties agreed on the goodness of America.  Now, they’re attacking America’s foundations.”

He closed with this: “unlike Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, our party is open to everyone.” Ouch.

His many public appearances have paid off.  His speech was focused, measured and well delivered.

Tim Scott: A black senator from South Carolina, he also utterly destroyed every D/S/C racist narrative.  He spoke of the opportunity zones he and Trump established, pouring $75 million dollars of private money into “distressed communities.”  A former congressman, he invoked Martin Luther King—ignored entirely by the DNC Convention—saying his district elected him not on the color of his skin, but because of the content of his character.

Scott ridiculed those that claim things aren’t better for Black Americans than they were in the 1860s and 1960s.  “I believe in the goodness of America, that all men and women are created equal.”

He spoke of the struggles of his single mother who encouraged him, and made him pay attention to his studies, and said President Trump cut the taxes of single parents like his mother by an average of 70%.

Many pundits believe his was the greatest speech of the night.  In changing minds, particularly minds of black voters, it was surely great.  If Mr. Trump manages to double his 8% of the black vote from 2016, it’s all over.

Final Thoughts:  I managed to watch only about half of the DNC Convention, so poor were the production values, and so hectoring and condescending were the speakers.  Watching dimwits denigrate the America I know to be very different than their slanders was infuriating.  The first night of the Republic Convention was a dramatic contrast, and I had no difficulty watching the entire thing.  Attacking America and Americans wears thin quickly for most people not rabid partisans.  It was refreshing to see so many articulate, sincere Americans, particularly the non-politicians, that genuinely love their country, and recognize that America truly is the one exceptional, indispensable nation.

More tomorrow.