As regular readers know, I’m a founding contributor at Wow Magazine, a collaboration of some of the most insightful writers on the Internet–or elsewhere, for that matter.  Here are some current articles at Wow I’m sure you’ll find interesting.  As I’ve often noted, Wow should be on your daily “to read” list (NOTE: I don’t link here to my own articles on WoW.  I post them on SMM the day after they appear on WoW, and the SMM articles are usually updated as new developments crop up):

America Is Finally Ending Payment Of  Palestine’s Blood Money

 The Beginning of the Quickening

Islam’s Veil Slips In California

Dunkirk review in Marie Claire: Fatally flawed gender identity assumptions

 Best visual commentary ever on transgenders in the military

1600 Daily: Everything White House for 8/4/17

Bank of America: Promotes 2 lesbians culturally appropriating an Asian girl

We do not want Jim Justice in Our Party, Mister President

The Muslim-American

Updates for my past posts about Disney princesses and Tesla

 The Jerusalem Temple Mount Crisis – Why it Erupted, How To Solve It


Into the Penalty Box for Subverting the Narrative?