The media tend to go to some lengths to bury the great good Israel does in the world. Those willing to pay attention and dig for the truth know that Israeli hospitals routinely treat Palestinians—at no charge—even when those Palestinians are terrorists dedicated to destroying Israel and committing genocide against all Jews. These are the same Jews the UN continually libels, and the same Jews suffering casualties from UN schools and other facilities that allow terrorists to store and fire weapons into Israel. Here’s yet another story of the evil Jews, from the times of Israel:

Almost from the start of the bloody conflict raging in Syria, Israel has agreed to treat in its hospitals any wounded Syrians who reached its border seeking help.

But one five-year-old girl from the war-torn land has led doctors, as well as Israel’s security services, to take unprecedented steps to try to save her life.

The girl arrived at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa in recent weeks with very serious wounds that she received after finding herself caught in a firefight between rival militias, according to an exclusive report Wednesday night on Channel 10.

Some two weeks after she arrived at the hospital, after her wounds had nearly healed, Rambam doctors discovered the young girl had cancer.

What’s the point? Jews are supposed to be selfish and greedy, aren’t they? What’s the benefit to any individual Jew or to Israel for treating, at great cost, one Syrian child? There, is, of course, no political or financial benefit, but the personal benefits, and those of the spirit for all Israelies, define them.

They refused to release her, insisting that they could not let her cancer go untreated. The girl had grown used to the hospital, and had friends among the other children being treated there, they said.

Security officials agreed.

And so a search began for a bone marrow donor, a search that led to a relative living in a Middle Eastern country designated an ‘enemy state’ under Israeli law, a designation that prevented the relative from entering Israel.

It was at this point that Israel’s security services stepped in, mounting a secret operation in the enemy country that helped smuggle the relative out of that country and into Israel.

Let’s be certain we understand what all of this means. This would require the knowing participation and agreement of the highest levels of the Israeli government. The mere effort to identify and confirm potential familial donors might very well risk multiple Israeli lives, people who have no relationship to a little Syrian girl, people who will never know or meet her. Smuggling that donor out of an “enemy state” would likewise put at risk the lives of Israeli patriots in the intelligence and military services, yet they did it, willingly, for one little girl.



The relative arrived in Israel on Monday, Channel 10 reported. Both child and donor are now quarantined at the hospital, where the girl is expected to undergo a first round of treatment this month.

Nearly every detail about the girl’s identity and the operation to locate and retrieve her relative are classified.

Why must everything be classified? Because there are millions in the Muslim world that would kill this little girl and her marrow donor relative, because she has been treated by Jews.

Expending enormous resources to save a single life is the kind of thing few peoples in the world would so much as think of doing. Americans do it all the time; and so do Israelies.

Any American that does not wholeheartedly support Israel supports those that would kill this girl and those that saved her life. One cannot be against his kind of kindness without being for evil. Yet two of the five candidates currently seeking the nominations of their parties do not clearly support Israel, and one is, at best, lukewarm in his support.

Where, in this situation, does altruism and nobility lie? Where else is the line between good and evil so clear?