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The good folks at Bearing Arms recently posted my article on the progressive media’s rush to support Dick Metcalf after his firing for seemingly supporting the anti-gun position on the Second Amendment.  Comments on that article suggested that I might explain my position on the Second Amendment.  As a first step in that process, Bearing Arms has just posted my article on the state of the law on the Second Amendment, particularly the Heller decision.

AR #2

This article is already provoking a bit of controversy with those who apparently believe there can be no regulations whatever on constitutional rights, particularly the Second Amendment.  I plan to post an article next week as a follow up relating to what changes in federal and state laws may be possible in the near and distant future.  It will be interesting to see where the commentary on that one goes as I believe current jurisprudence is too restrictive, and current regulations–for the most part–unnecessary.  I surely don’t think any additional restrictions are necessary, wise, or constitutional, everything Mr. Obama has tried to impose being only one example.

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