When running for reelection, Mr. Obama often claimed he was for developing all forms of energy, including coal and oil so American could be energy independent. Careful observers might recall that prior to the election, Mr. Obama stood before a section of pipeline to announce that he would not allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be built.  They might also recall that those hoping to build the pipeline—in Canada and America—have jumped through every bureaucratic hoop imaginable, including Mr. Obama’s latest delaying excuse regarding rerouting the pipeline to address the never-ending objections of environmentalists.

Photo Credit: solarstorms.com

Now comes Hot Air’s Erika Johnsen who reports: 

In a letter to the president, sent Friday, a group of 18 senators urged Obama to create thousands of jobs by approving the pipeline, which would transport oil from North Dakota and Montana through the United States for processing at refineries in Texas and Louisiana.

Setting politics aside: Nothing has changed about the thousands of jobs that Keystone XL will create,” the letter stated. “Nothing has changed about the energy security to be gained through an important addition to the existing pipeline network built with sound environmental stewardship and the best modern technology. Nothing has changed about the security to be gained from using more fuel produced at home and by a close and stable ally. And nothing has changed about the need for America to remain a place where businesses can still build things.’ …

‘The election is over, people want us to work together to create jobs, and one sure way we can create jobs right now is by moving forward with construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline,’ Baucus said in a statement Friday. ‘We’ve spent more than four years producing studies and addressing environmental and property concerns — there’s no excuse to keep Keystone jobs on hold any longer.

No excuse indeed, Senator Baucus.  Johnson asks:

Can the Obama administration really afford to let such an opportunity for jobs, economic growth, and energy security to pass them by? It’ll be amazing to see what kind of excuses they try to throw at us if they do.

There are two possibilities:

(1) Building the pipeline will not only create thousands of high-paying jobs, it will materially contribute to American energy independence and economic recovery while posing no real threat to the environment.  Any rational president facing looming economic oblivion should be delighted to have a project that is a winner—in every way and for everyone.

(2) Mr. Obama truly is a Marxist demagogue determined to cause the maximum damage to America.  As such, he absolutely will prevent the construction of the pipeline, which is a losing proposition in every way and for everyone, except enemies of capitalism, democracy and America.

Sadly, I don’t think Mr. Obama will waste a moment announcing his predetermined decision.  He may even decide to be photographed near pipes—yet again–while announcing it.  I fear under Barack Obama, America can’t win, and Mr. Obama absolutely can afford to throw away the opportunity for jobs, economic growth and energy security.  That’s the point, you see.

His decision on this issue will tell us precisely where we’re heading for the next four years.  I hope I’m wrong; I doubt I’m wrong.